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All good advice. Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers, only positive, so you don't have to worry about that. It's unfortunate that you ended up with something less than stellar on this, and I suppose paying the return shipping is the price of gambling on used items.I hope this doesn't discourage you from buying on ebay, there are a lot of great sellers out there who take care in their transactions. I'm assuming you meant a "dog in the fight," but your...
I offered my services to proxy things from Naples a little while ago. I'm sending out a PM to those that were interested (there will be two PM lists as I think you can only include 8/PM). If anyone else has interest in it, let me know!
That was an entertaining read. ^^^ I don't know whether it's an iPhone thing, a mobile platform thing or user error, but I have a problem. I will be scrolling through a thread and somehow end up automatically at the top. I know it has to do with images in some way, if I scroll too fast over the top of one it does it. I haven't pinpointed the exact problem in order to avoid it. Anyone have any advice? It happens on such a regular basis that it's terribly frustrating.
When I got my first and only negative feedback to date (knock on wood), I was horrified to see it on top. I continued to leave feedback for buyers as normal, and it was quickly pushed down and my percentage went back up. It's still an eyesore to me, but you're bound to either make a mistake and get called out for it (warranted or not) or someone will find some way to complain.
So sorry about that! I had that in mind when I wrote that, and then I reversed your names. Thank you for pointing it out. I actually received packages from you guys within about a 24 hour time span and you were both really generous with it. I also forgot to mention you for the tie I wore on Wednesday...I'm not sure if you recognized it or not!Thanks again to both of you, and Chet: sorry for the mix up!
I was struggling for a better word than making up my own, so I went with costumey I agree that context is key, as it is for most things. I'll wear flat caps with jeans and fedoras with suits. I wear Panamas with all things summer. Though I'm sure it's a novelty to an extent, I simply don't feel it's any more so a novelty than something like a pocket square.I go out of my way not to be too over the top in anything I do (most of the time...) whether it's color, tie knots,...
Saw that post and cracked up at it! Great job on the pose!Also, beautiful jacket!
Ouch. Do you think he was just trying to make a return out of buyer's remorse or do you think his measurements were off?You sounds like you're being entirely reasonable, so I have no idea what his problem might be. Why wouldn't you want to sell him something?!
Quoted in its entirety as I agree with everything in it. I wear hats to protect myself from the elements. I walk/use public transport to work (and I'm assuming Upr Crust does as well) and I need something to keep warm and dry. A stocking cap, to me, looks more ridiculous with a coat and tie than the most "costumey" of hats. Then again, I don't think a hat here is terribly rare, whether it's something traditional or a classic fedora.Personally, a hat is about as necessary...
These are the same trousers I wore on Wednesday. Different blue blazer, shirt, tie, etc. I am posting this as I was able to try out this hat. It's a bit (lot) much, I know, but it was a sunny spring afternoon today and I had the opportunity to have some fun. I love the hat, it's a Borsalino in a rare ivory color, but I don't know how often I'll wear it. Anyway, I also wanted to give a big thanks to ChetBakerSings for this tie. A big thanks to ChetBakerSings and Cotton...
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