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A few things....I was thrilled to see this from quite a ways away. Good news: It's recent and has the cord where the tag once was. Bad news: It's a women's coat and I thought they did a lot better than they do. I paid quite a bit for it even though I knew there was some moth damage on the front, now I think that I may have pad waaay too much. [[SPOILER]] I believe this came from a clothing shop whose owner retired. Not NWT, but I don't think it's been worn. Double breasted...
I'll confirm what you thought and everyone else said...that is awesome!I read that last night and re-read my post. I couldn't figure out how I'd given the impression that I lived in Utah. I'm glad I saw your edit Looks like she's about to nail you with a snowball!+1, that thing looks really useful!I really want to buy a piece of jewelry from stitches, just for the experience. I also hope that piece of jewelry happens to be a pinky ring because I can't imagine trying to...
Wow, congrats! You have to be one of the best customers at that office, so Im'm glad both you and the staff stuck with it!Sure, there's nothing wrong with that. Just write something short and polite asking them that if they were satisfied with it, you'd appreciate positive feedback. Most probably don't leave feedback because they don't think about it, especially if they're new. People are always more likely to voice negative experiences rather than positive experiences.I'd...
Thanks!Looks awesome! I have to ask though, is that your hair at the top of the picture?! If so, how long did it take you to grow it out like that??Wow, unreal. I can't wait for spring and just seeing piles of snow like that is mildly depressing!+1
Cheers! I had a long 60= work week this week and my wife brought home a box of these. It's a big brewer in our region and we just happen to live 2 minutes away from their main brewery! Like I said, I could be completely wrong, I just haven't ever seen it before.Thanks! I'm not sure how receptive the big guys will be to it, but maybe I'll give it a shot. I want to talk about a few topics that I know well and then highlight things for both our European friends and the...
Do you need something cold? You know, for that nasty burn?
I'll be honest with you, for as much time as I've spent on the internet (since 1996!), I don't get a lot of today's things and am intimidated by them...tumblr being one of them. First question is, can you write as much as you want on tumblr?I just posted a lengthy entry yesterday that admittedly lacked real information (what blog doesn't), so is something like that allowed?
+1...I've never seen that label/placement, but I could be completely wrong.
1) Start picking up those Z Zegnas to flip2) Mine isn't 100% on thrifting, men's clothing in general. I'd love to see the link to yours!3) Different continent, same activity at the same time...4) I've been waiting to see that Etro.
I'm not sure, I've done fine with Zegna Sport. It was my understanding that it was made to in the same factories, but it was more casual. I've found a number of Zegna Sport polo shirts, shorts and vacation wear. The name alone seems to carry it for me and if I remember correctly, the quality was great.
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