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Thrift Thread Gift Exchange update... The sign up period closes tomorrow! Please let me know before if you'd like to join! As of right now, we have 46 members representing 18 states + Washington, D.C. and 6 countries! I will publish a list of participants' usernames soon to give everyone a chance to confirm that they're involved. I have tried not to miss any PMs and have double-checked things, but I don't want to leave anyone out! I have sent a few of you confirmations...
Quick Gift Exchange update... We have 41 members participating! Cut off for sign-ups is on October 1st! If you'd like to join in, please get in touch with me. I know a few guys were trying to get their post count high enough to participate, but I haven't received a PM from you with the relevant information. For instructions, please see my announcement post (or, if you're feeling a bit lazy, just PM me).
Looks awesome! Great fall colors!I believe this blue one is fake.Thanks and thank you for the info about the Oxxfords. I didn't see any reference to a jacket or drop, but I thought the color was fine standalone. Thanks again!I know it's been mentioned before, but please use the spoiler function when you quote someone. A nice picture was posted recently to demonstrate it, but you basically highlight the text that you'd like to hide and then click the small bubble in the...
That Leica! I'm not really into photography, but would still love to find one of those!Eazy: Great score on those boots! Absolutely beautiful. I know you're incredibly busy, but really miss your fit pics!PM sent!
Looks brilliant! Love the swagger that those pants give you.Real!
Thanks, everyone!Does this sum it up?Thanks! I was just afraid the lining was a bad knock-off, but things like the buttonholes looked completely normal. Appreciate the reassurance! I thought it was men's at first, until I brought it back. It's a size 50, which sounded fine, but it's cut like a woman's blouse. I assume it's an Italian woman's 50 which is about an EU 46.
I think a few economic principles are being mixed together. Clothes, like any product, will have a significant spread in price. You have to take into account a number of issues including age, condition, and size, to name only a few. The overwhelming majority of secondhand clothes depreciate over time, the exceptions being pieces that are valued for their age, designer, or material. However, across all of this, you can come to an average price for what a piece sells.Since...
I got a few shots of some of the stuff I brought home. Photography is terrible, but you get the idea.Disclaimer: Due to the extreme costs of checking extra luggage + shipping from Austria, I'm not really able to make anything available at anywhere near an attractive price. Really sorry about that, as I wanted to post things while I was still in the US. Please hold back on PMs if there is actually anything here for which you have interest.I'll start with one of my favorite...
Ha, yes, "Hans the dog" is a bit lost in my name.Agree completely. I've never quite understood the logic of basing my price on someone else's cost. I feel the same way when someone balks at the price of a mass-produced object and says "€300 for a pair of glasses?! It probably only cost them €XXX to make!" I always ask "Oh, what's it cost you to make a pair of glasses?"+1!
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