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Interesting thread, I suppose.
Not sure if you live near an IKEA, but we bought 90% of our moving boxes from them. They held up really well and were sturdy, especially compared to those we bought at the home improvement store for roughly the same price (€2-3 for a package of two, I believe).
I don't think anyone answered you on this, but the label is Nicola Blasi, not Nicola Blair. He (and his father, if I remember correctly) were/are Neopolitan tailors. They did Bespoke and RTW and the quality and materials are great. It's no surprise it was in a high-end shop next to Brioni and Kiton, Blasi is right up there with those makers from a few pieces that I've seen.Great find that I haven't seen here often!
Certainly still true on some parts.In flip flops?!I agree 100%Thanks!Not crazy about that buttoning either, I'm realizing. The Kitons are great though.It looks like you're doing pretty well!!Have fun!
Yes. I won't speculate, but there were a couple of "groups" that had issues with one another last fall. Could have just been something random? Not sure, but I saw a couple of them in glass windows.
Here is a quick write-up of Naples. Some pictures are of the shops, others not. I used a spoiler so those that are strictly interested in thrift finds can easily bypass it. [[SPOILER]]
Here is the bulk of what I picked up in Naples. A lot of it is for me, in all honesty I went a bit nuts (at least more than I expected) and it got to the point where my wife stopped asking how much something was when she saw me with new bags. The rest of it is for a few buddies, SF members, and colleagues that had specific requests. I did the best to accommodate, but it was easiest with my local friends/colleagues. One of my friends asked me to keep an eye out for Boglioli...
I read that this morning with a cup of coffee sitting in front of me, untouched. I'm a bit slow in the morning and read that as some sort of vulgar prison lingo before I understood.
Wow, someone recognized it!My wife speaks fluent Italian and of course I asked her if this is actually used. She said she doesn't hear it, but she has more contact with northern Italians (where she learned Italian) than southern Italians and that the dialect is very different.The first time I heard it used there (someone else's conversation), I cracked up. Finally, I heard it a couple more times, including being called it once or twice. I loved it.
Back from holiday (and back to the real world)! I caught up on the thread, but didn't want to do a page-long multi-post, so a few general comments: - Thanks for avoiding spoilers in the short side-conversation about TV shows. I'm way behind the times and I'm just starting Boardwalk Empire. My wife is watching The Sopranos for the first time (just got through season 3) and she recognized this before I did: - I'd be interested in a sort of thrift thread swap! PM me...
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