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Thanks all. He is interested in it when he thinks we're doing something. You can tell by his beard that he'd recently had a drink. Is that how your beard looks after a drink of water, Stitch? +1
Competition looks great here, but since I was wearing a hat anyway, I thought I'd post. Pictures aren't great. End of the day, a bit sweaty, and my photographer was only willing to get a couple of photos quickly. [[SPOILER]]
Incredibly true words in bold. It's easy to get caught up in the thought process of "I won't let them take advantage of me!" and fight something that isn't worthwhile. Whether it's negotiating the price of an item, giving in to the occasional free shipping, or taking a return. Sometimes it's far easier to just go with it...it will all balance out with enough transactions if you keep a close eye on your numbers. Well, it has for me anyway.I offer returns due to a...
If they're for yourself, no worries. They're almost certainly Incotex for Zegna and they're cool pants. I'd say forget it unless you're trying to flip...I which case I'd say you should have read the description/buyer's problem
^ Completely. Nice find!
Oh, and eazy, can't wait to see what that suit looks like. In other news, my wife and I are going to be travelling to the US at the end of August through September. I'm going to PM some of you guys whose area I'll be visiting. I'm not sure what kind of time/where I'll exactly be as I don't want to make my wife go along while I nerd out with clothing people. Understandable, no? However, when I get an idea on where I'll be, I'll post some details. I actually have more time...
I have to check in to say that everyone has been doing AMAZING. It's really fun to check new posts on here as it's always something crazy! cpmac7 & Nat: Congrats on the Lobbs! Unbelievable finds and to see them pop up so close together! silverwarebandit: Everything was great! Congrats to all that had posted huge finds recently, I didn't want to go back and do a huge multi-quote.
Not only what in stitches said, but also that it appears that you're wearing low rise trouser (could be the photo angle) and you already have a long torso. Switch them out to normal-rise pants/trousers and you may look more proportional.
I'm not sure about the US, but I've been happy with German ebay customer service. I'd say you'd have to wait it out, since it's your first sale. Ring them up and ask about it. If you really need the money, ask to speak to a higher-up. If you can wait, your restrictions will be lifted within a month. I've gotten my limits upped to a tolerable level after demonstrating responsibility and calling them every month.
Are these by Thurston? I bought a pair of black braces for formalwear and they have the same content tag.
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