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Thanks! Tie was sent from Spoo, I think it's the first time I've worn it. I do like it, though it's a bit loud (not a problem for me).
^ I assume you're doing some sort of flat stitch? If you're rolling the hems, I must definitely be doing something wrong as it takes me a quite a bit longer to stitch them. Here are a few recent ones I've made: Cotton Linen
I'm sure you'd be a natural at it. I enjoy it and it's a good excuse to own tons of them. Doing a repetitive activity like that is actually rather relaxing. Though I don't make clothes, I really enjoy going to the fabric places and seeing what's on offer.
Thanks! The SC is Tagliatore, partially lined wool with a bit of cotton. Great spring weight. The PS is a homemade job using silk from Pierre Cardin. The silk was outrageously priced, so I bought just enough to make a couple of squares.
I guess this qualifies for this thread. Shirt was from a trade from someone whose name I can't recall, and tie was a trade (or something?) with Spoo. Midway through work. The spring weather went to my head today.
Midway through work. The spring weather went to my head today.
I have another odd hobby: collecting old photographs. I have thousands of them. Some of them are full family albums, portraits, etc. I have plans of eventually compiling some since they're fairly interesting. I bring home more each week/month, but I thought I'd share a couple of recent finds.Most of mine are unknown or local names. I saw this one, however, and knew he wasn't from the area:A young Giuseppe Anselmi. I do not think the signature is actually his. Possibly the...
Big thanks to Wes on helping me out on this one. What we thought would be a bulletproof, simple transaction has turned into a mess on his side. All of this at no gain for himself. Always a standup guy!
I've been pretty busy and can't possibly comment on all of the cool things I've read in the past few days, but I wanted to say great work on the bathroom remodel, @Towers! Looks brilliant! Also, @OliT, your property looks great. I'm still going to try to make it up your way this summer!
I believe that was @ATLnoob . He always finds neat stuff and I remember thinking that it was a cool find at the time.
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