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^This. My grandfather, still very healthy at 95, did this. He dressed well his entire and gave away anything that anyone wanted. By the time he died, he had handled most of it and had few things. He gave specific instructions on what to do with it (basically take anything you like, donate the rest to the following charities...). He even specified which auction house should take care of the remaining things in his house. We still talk about how easy it was and how much we...
Congrats, Matt! Great looking dog!Is this advice only for ACDs or in general? I've had the conversation a number of times with our vet and had opted on leaving our Airedale intact. He's almost 3 now and I've been satisfied with the decision. However, he goes to a dog sitter right now that I'm not sure is completely competent. We may be changing soon, or hopefully have him finally ready to stay alone. The sitter has a bitch that goes into heat and drives our dog crazy. He...
Unfortunately, I've never tried Saphir so I can't compare them. However, I love Burgol. It's sold at the leather shop I visit and I've been thrilled with it.
Wow, I've had a lot to read. Lots of stuff posted that I won't multi-quote, but.... @OliT, congratulations! I really want to find the time to make it up your way!
Thanks, it's not easy money, that's for sure.Shit, I'll ninja edit. Thanks!
The recent situations that @ridethecliche and @thefastlife have faced have highlighted a few things. First of all, to ridethecliche and thefastlife, I’m sorry to hear about the problems. It’s not fun dealing with things like that. It should be said that sales are not easy and, in fact, can be stressful. Whether you sell 3 items or 300, it can be difficult from start to finish. Part of this is that ebay isn’t really (anymore, at least) geared towards the small seller...
I'm assuming that you mean that the trousers should be visibly darker than the jacket?Great idea. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to participate, but I look forward to seeing the entries!
Caruso makes a lot of their stuff, so I'd be willing to bet it's the same story with overcoats. That thing is great, love the color. Is it wool or wool/cashmere?
No worries. I wasn't attempting to be facetious with my instructions, I've found that a lot of people don't realize the search function exists.
New Posts  All Forums: