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None taken! I just wanted to address a couple of points.
Sometimes I would have liked to have seen the original owner of things in thrift stores, just to get an idea of who buys some of that stuff. This pair of shoes is one of those situations:Dolce & Gabbana (possibly Couture?) python loafers. [[SPOILER]] Tod's in great condition: [[SPOILER]] Recent (I think) Versace tie: [[SPOILER]] Dolce & Gabbana tie: [[SPOILER]] Corneliani suit. Not too hold, but it is a hard 3 button. Photos are terrible, way overexposed. [[SPOILER]]
That might explain (in part) why I'm sending fewer things to some countries, but Austria has been a bright spot in the whole recession. We've had the lowest unemployment rates for over a year, beating most of the world (hovering at 4.5%). Manufacturing has increased within the country and export rates have gone up as well. The German economy has also been one of the strongest in the EU and, considering its size, should be a considerable market. About 90% of orders go...
I'm with you guys on that one. There are certain things that I'm almost done listing...such as shirts. I generally list with the expectation that I won't make anything substantial, but that it helps increase traffic to my other listings. More than once, auctions end and I'll sell a shirt + something else. However, the past two weeks they have just ended at the opening bid without other purchases.My market is considerably different than what you guys have, so it's a bit...
I think I remember him saying last year or two years ago that it was the first time in recent memory that he hadn't had auctions running during a holiday.
That one is 100% virgin wool exterior (Reine Schurwolle) and the lining is cupro (synthetic). I can't come up with NE and O at the moment.Here's the guide I cite:http://reviews.ebay.com/TEXTILE-FIBERS-INTERNATIONAL-CODES-amp-TRANSLATION-CHART?ugid=10000000004399884
I'll guess Angora goat, but it's really just a guess. I've seen Angora rabbit fur on smaller items for sure. I think I even have a pair of pants that I bought retail that have Angora rabbit fur in them and I even asked the salesperson about them. Is there a blue tag somewhere that says it was made for PRL EU? It should have a Swiss or UK address as well.
Possibly...I've had PRL Angora rabbit and goat. How does it feel? Super soft?
Looks perfectly fine to me if you're going for that professor/academic look. I really like the tie more than anything.Having said that, if you're not comfortable in it, everyone else will be able to tell.
Cheers to that...when you make it home, I'd love to see some more pics of those Lobbs. I'd also like to see DanMs and hope neither are close to my size.Edited to add: Good to see you in this thread again, you've been sparse here for the past week or so
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