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I can't help you there, but those look like either 'gator or croc.
My pleasure! Short of using a GC-MS, it will be hard to certify something as "cashmere" without the label. If you're trying to find out for flipping, I've come to realize that a short explanation to your customers usually convinces them. I will tell someone "I can't be 100% certain that this is 100% cashmere, but based on the fact that I've felt hundreds of cashmere jackets, I'm fairly convinced that this is at least part cashmere."
I don't think this was exactly what I was looking for, but it will do: http://www.ditzyprints.com/dpburnchart.html
That snow is incredible!Re: cashmere vs blend, I know when there is some cashmere involved, but every once in a while I'm surprised to find that it's 10% or less. By feel alone, I can usually tell whether it's wool, camelhair, cashmere or a poly blend. However, I don't know of any definite test for it for listing/sales purposes. You can do a burn test, which is fairly accurate (unless you're dealing with a blend of less than 5% of a synthetic). I posted a link awhile ago...
Really a game-changer. I forgot to follow up on it, but I bought the app a few weeks ago and its great. I'm still learning about it and haven't figured a number of things out (do you just duplicate templates and delete them when they're no longer relevant?), but it's definitely cut my work down quite a bit. I need to use a different template though or change the dimensions in the coding, as mine requires the user to scroll left and right...not good.Overall, it's a great app!
I can't tell by that photo, but I remember your other photo and they looked like croc. Now, whether they're actually croc or not, I'll admit that I'm not an expert. I own a couple of pairs, but nothing in black.By the way, thank you for posting in a manner that makes it easy to quote/remove unnecessary information
That looks great!!
I know there is a fake/real thread, but anyone here have an eye for vintage Gucci? No content tag and the words on the red are "mirrored" and in German. Doesn't add up to me, but thought I'd ask... [[SPOILER]]
Wow, cool find! It's also nice to see someone else here from Europe...maybe you'll understand the prices that I face That's a standard price for the higher-end consignment stores around here as well. Most of the ties are recent (within the last two years or so) and somewhere between €20-40. Ebay.de/at has much better deals on recent ties.
No worries, I'm just out of my element with that type of stuff!
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