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I thought I'd ask: I read about "No Shave November" last year, but didn't really understand it. Finally, I got some information sometime in October in my post box on the specifics. I am going to attempt to participate in it this year (started on 1 November) and I already had my first person ask me what the deal was with my disgustingly unshaved lip. If anyone else is participating, I'd love to know! If you'd like to get in on it, read up on prostate cancer awareness. If...
You definitely seem to be someone that knows about perfume/scent. Stick around, it's always interesting to see your finds!
Good points from both of you that I'll take into consideration! I'll take a look and maybe PM him still tonight!
Good question, and unfortunately I have no idea. I haven't run a BIN/auction in a couple of years. I can say for certain that if they win the item as an auction, there is no requirement for them to pay immediately. However, should they select the BIN option, I suppose it's possible. I'm leaning towards no though, simply because it's categorized more as an auction than BIN. Again, I'm not sure. I can't even seem to consistently get the BIN - pay immediately option to work...
I am not a photographer by nature (one of those guys that lets the camera do the work), but I have a question. Both my wife's camera and my own have broken. They're a bit older, so it's time to replace anyway. I have/had a Sony Alpha that I was pretty happy with and and she had a Nikon D60 (I'm pretty sure). She has a few lenses I'd like to use, so I think I'll go with a Nikon. If anyone out there can just point me in the right direction, I'd be thrilled. I've read and...
Strange. I think I had to upgrade my PayPal account years ago when I received a certain amount within a period of time. If you're selling, my guess would be that you'll be forced into upgrading anyway. If he decides to back out, which is frustrating but happens, then you can file an unpaid item case against them. Wait four days, close the case, and get your fees returned. It's all a part of this process.Since you mentioned not having the interest in the whole thing, it's...
If you're using buy-it-now, you can select the option that they must pay immediately. I have this selected using GarageSale, but some (many) slip through where they buy it and wait to pay. One person told me that they couldn't buy it without paying, so I think it may have corrected itself with my most recent update.
I went away for the long weekend so I'm just getting caught up on everything. Lots of great finds in here, but this is ridiculous...^^ Hahaha, though the "e" and "i" should be switched (and strange enough, this isn't common slang here), it's still hilarious!
Consider it done.Really sorry to hear about all of your troubles. I can't believe they suspended you. I hope you're able to get it sorted and back on track.
Entirely true. I had a customer send me a really nice email that the jacket he bought was exactly like the photos. He did joke that it looked better on the mannequin naturally, the mannequin has the ideal body shape.The same concept is used in selling a house. Get the potential buyer to imagine their stuff inside. Sure, their stuff won't look as great in real life as it does in their head, but that's not really the point.
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