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I know it's been mentioned here before about the difficulties shipping to Russia, but I still have questions. I've run into problems with things getting caught up in their customs for long periods of time. My wife's company just had a shipment returned that they had to pay a huge amount in return shipping for, and I'm afraid something like that will happen. Therefore, I've suspended shipments to Russia until I can find a workable solution. The problem is that I suddenly...
It wasI meant to say Airedale... as in an Airedale terrier print (the breed). Thanks for the info!
Dave- I'm on my phone and can't make out the details on all of those...is the front one various terriers? Is there another dog one in there? I think last fall Drakes did a wire fox terrier print. I'm looking for an airdale print or something close!
I believe they've gotten worse over the past five or so years. I'm not sure whether they're actually going missing or simply getting delayed for long periods of time. If the buyers are getting hit with customs fees, they're likely getting a slip in their box that tells them and it's possible that they're not claiming them because of that.No idea really, just going based on my experiences. I know that FedEx, UPS, etc. all collect duty on everything. I really don't order...
I've been following along but have been pretty busy to post lately. Also, I have only found a single tie in the past week or two. It's been unbelievably empty around here!Not well from my experience, but I really like the cuts for myself. I believe Boglioli has made for them in the past.
I can't get a good look at that North Face, but it may be fake. Anyone else suspicious?Congrats!
The morning radio show I listen to does a variety of prank calls. Why they still do it over the whole thing that happened at the hospital in London is beyond me, but they can be creative. Anyway, the other day, they called the American embassy in Vienna. The host explained to the woman that answered that he'd somehow lost all of the pictures from his daughter's wedding and he had heard that they can recover them. The woman was confused and asked what he was talking about....
Nice finds all around, but I really like that one! Wool?
I'm pretty sure that's older Caruso for Baldessarini, I've seen it only a few times.Good to know! I wasn't aware that there was part of New Jersey that wasn't like that Then again, when we drove through on our way to NYC, I said "aside from the roads, I can't believe the most important city in the world is XXX miles away!" It just looked so...normal
I don't know if I'd term it "scam," but it's certainly the abuse of the "new, without tags" listing. It's pretty common. I think to a lot of less-than-great sellers, new, without tags sounds so much better and list it as such. Continue to call them out on it, and as far as I'm concerned, leave feedback that reflects the purchase. I sell things that I literally bought and removed the tags and it obviously hurts that image.
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