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Congrats to RDiaz! Everything else aside, he did a bang up job and, if I remember correctly, he recently purchased/started wearing hats. That's an impressive feat, as hats are often said to be "too much," but clearly he can make it look relaxed/natural. Can't wait to see the next challenge, though I'd love to see another hat contest in the colder months. I liked the idea of the flag challenge that was mentioned a while back.
If you enjoyed them in the other threads, maybe you could make one for this thread? It would be a great contribution to the thread and to others as well.^ No sarcasm/snark, just thought it might be a way to repay the help you've received.
Do you only like the style/fit of them? Since you're having trouble working them into your current wardrobe, maybe you could either return them or sell them? Grey is a difficult shoe color to work with and it's silly to buy a bunch of clothes to only work with these rather than cut your losses and look for something more versatile.
I've never seen Allen Edmonds here (big surprise, they're American ), so that will be quite the challenge. I've also never seen an ebay printout, though I know of a couple of shops that use ebay as a guide. Oh well, it will be fun anyway!
Congrats to Wes and the other qualifiers! I'd love to participate this round, so I'll give it a shot. Another big thanks to Spoo for getting this going, it's been a lot of fun watching it!
He is, and a proud part of our family.
Agreed. I'd never thought of that until this morning when I saw his post in the Luxire thread where se said he gets them for that purpose. I have dropped my glasses a number of times and that seems to be the cure.
I've been following along, but I haven't found a lot lately. I did find a recent Fay parka/jacket thing, pictures soon. Fueco: You were incredibly close to me, if you didn't come through! Ljubljana is a great city, we have visited it often as it's pretty close. Older Slovenians speak Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian. The younger crowd speaks English, and a lot of the population learned some German at some point. The English is really great and many attribute it to TV being...
I rarely take pictures, but since I got these (not so great) photos for the Friday challenge, I thought I'd x post. Color of the jacket is better in the spoiler. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks all. He is interested in it when he thinks we're doing something. You can tell by his beard that he'd recently had a drink. Is that how your beard looks after a drink of water, Stitch? +1
New Posts  All Forums: