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Never used the site, so I'm sure I'm missing it somewhere. Google revealed a bunch of French sites that link to it and I'm always taken to the main page with Duchamp, ChloƩ, etc.
I just signed up for their site, but I don't see Marinella on the schedule. Am I missing it?
Something like this, maybe?
You're returning something to a store to collect on a value that you didn't pay?
Happy birthday! Which is it??
I apologize for not adding any finds, but there has been very little around here for the past few weeks. I was going to one of my regular spots and this was parked very close to my shop. Austrian Spoo around here? Doubtful, but there was a Ferrari parked in the same spot last week. Bentley (Supersports, I believe?)
As God intended for celebrations. And Tuesdays.Haha, that's great. It's always a quick decision between whether someone is being friendly or has ulterior motives. I was sitting near a fountain in my city a couple of summers ago and a guy was about to sit down near me. I said "look out, there's some bird shit." He said "What?" and I explained. He was an American teacher taking a summer tour. He was travelling solo and I had the afternoon off, so I asked if he was up for a...
I'm not Canadian, but that's a really interesting article!This reminds me...I was in Vienna last week and standing in line to buy a ticket for the underground. A group of men in front of me had purchased single tickets instead of the 24 hour tickets that they wanted and offered to sell me theirs. I also needed a 24 hour ticket, so I declined. A young guy with a rucksack got in line behind me and I asked him if he needed a single ticket or a 24 hour ticket. He looked at me...
That's a bit of a challenge. Your waist size is pretty standard, so I'd take a look at unhemmed pants. I believe the standard unhemmed length is around 36 inches, but that might be cutting it close for you. Some of the big retailers that offer unhemmed pants might be able to order something for you, so check places like Brooks Brothers.
That was my exact thought when I read the OP. You won't hear them suggested often, but I still use a couple of pairs that I've had forever when it's nasty outside. They're cheap enough, rubber soles and can hold a polish to pass inspection. I don't expect much more from them, but you get what you pay.
New Posts  All Forums: