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I had an issue with ebay limits. Specifically, limiting the posts of certain branded items. I originally called ebay and explained that I'd been a member awhile and would love to get the limits raised. The customer service agent said that since I had a private account, it would be difficult. However, if I changed to a business account, I wouldn't have problems. I read about it, changed and still had the same limits. I called ebay again and explained that I now have a...
Thanks for the link! My wife put it on our AppleTV, but I wasn't sure where she sourced it. It's about 50% Zambian economy, 50% used clothing trade. Interesting to see...kids wearing Euro Disney shirts and NBA stuff. At the least, it gives you something to bring up at the office tomorrow!
I've been incredibly busy with work, but I've been following the thread (just not posting). Great finds here, especially by some of the newcomers! Also, I've seen a lot of great fit pics, so well done to all of you guys that have posted. My wife and I saw a documentary last night that I thought might be relevant here. It was called T-Shirt Travels. It was about the situation in Zambia (though filmed 10+ years ago) and it talks about American and European thrift donations...
You've probably seen these, but:Here's a listing:http://www.ebay.at/itm/NEW-WT-CARSTARPHEN-V-NECK-SWEATER-SIZE-XL-100-SEA-ISLAND-COTTON-OFF-WHITE-/160927413334?pt=US_CSA_MC_Sweaters&hash=item2578057456#ht_831wt_1061Their site:http://www.carstarphen.com/Content/44.htmLooks nice!!
I remember reading about it, but I'm fairly certain I was still lurking at the time. Do you have a link to when the saga began so I could read up on it? Sorry to bring up bad memories...
Yes, and it would be spelled "Le Collezioni," not "Lecollezioni." The newer stuff, I believe, is simply "Collezioni."
I wish I would have taken a picture, but I saw a ridiculous "Versage" shirt the other day. Shiny satin and horrible construction, not to mention that it was VERSAGE, not VERSACE.
Yep, fake!
Somehow I messed my multi quote up and it won't let me....@Klobber: Love that suit, you can certainly pull it off. I can't add anything more to the tailoring thoughts that hasn't already been said. Post a pic if you decide to have some work done on it! @Mzhammer: Great look! Well done!@GMMcL: Awesome looks all around!
EddieV: Sorry to hear about your brother's troubles. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of it through the info everyone's posted here and get your money back!Edited to add: I have no idea why the photos are so terrible. They looked fine here until I saw the uploaded versions I have to say that I've kept up with the thread all week, I've just been too busy to sit down a post. I found a few things this week, though nothing earth shattering.Recent Canali jacket. Nice...
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