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Picked up a few things at lunch. Photo quality is terrible, had to use my iPhone...An awesome vintage Harrods double breasted tuxedo. I can't find a year, but I'd guess '50s-'60s. I also have no idea the resale on these, but the quality is so great, I didn't want to leave it. No moth holes. I'll post better pictures later, but a bunch of buttonholes on both the jacket and pants, all handsewn. Anyone have ANY clue as to the makers of these? No tags or country of origin. I'd...
That's weird, I've never heard of someone so insistant on feedback. Did they have a low number and wanted more to lift restrictions possibly?Does anyone else add words to their title as an auction goes? I know most probably use the max anyway, but sometimes I like to add words midway through the auction and chart the views, check to see if certain magical words related to an item make a jump in traffic.
Whoa! Well done!
Interesting. I assumed it was only seasonal stuff, but our shops are so much smaller they don't have the space. During the colder months, I'll see 10 or so polos and during the warmer months 2-3 sweaters.Will do!
Feel better!Some people fall off of ladders, some are hurt by machinery. You, on the other hand, were injured by a box of fine menswear. Either way, I hope for a speedy recovery!
A few more stills....
For those of you that live in 4 season climates, when do you guys start to see spring stuff on the racks? February? March? I ask because I've started to see more polos and shorts in the shops. All of the winter stuff is on clearance or disappearing, presumably until next year. All of the scarves are in €1 bins. My wife and I are longing for some sunshine and, as a result, I'm pushing my ebay stuff in order to pay for a vacation to America in the near future. Side note, I...
I've been thinking about spring and summer even though there is a pile of snow outside, so I thought I'd bump this thread and add to it. When I think of spring and summer, I imagine a Dickie Greenleafesque (The Talented Mr. Ripley) look... Anyone else have any spring/summer movie wardrobe inspiration?
ChetBakerSings takes far better photos than I, but thought I'd throw a couple up here as well. Thanks again to Wes for the overcoat! Shoes are nothing great, something to walk through snow/slush.
New Posts  All Forums: