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I finally picked up a new Panama: Though I'm happy with it, I think I may get a Borsalino this summer. I really liked one that had a taupe band.
He ties a mean tie, that's for sure.+1
Out of curiosity, do you feel you learn more from those that do things right, or from the mistakes people make?
My pleasure!I've had 3-4 Blasi jackets and I'd agree. It's nice stuff, I especially like the shoulders.
Vox has/had it nailed as far as fit is concerned. I find my original picks more inspiring, though I certainly understand why we're still mentioning him.
I don't think either are appropriate for a conservative business environment and I wouldn't wear a trench when it isn't raining. Having said that, I know the look you're going for, so I'll try to come up with suggestions. Are you committed to a double breasted jacket? If you want to try the look out without spending Burberry money, here's something from Zara: http://www.zara.com/at/en/man/jackets/trench-coat-with-detachable-lining-c358050p1193048.html If you buy it and...
I'm sure you're going for a more fashionable look, but those (especially on the left) won't function well in the rain. They're both too short and will leave your pants wet if, in fact, your purpose is to buy something that prevents rain from soaking you. What are you looking for in a coat like this? Do you want it to serve a purpose or would you rather have something that looks like Burberry's website? (No snark intended whatsoever, genuinely trying to get what you want)
This has been done before, but there have been some reincarnations of previous posters (new SF usernames) and some strong newcomers in the past year or so. - Whose fits do you regularly admire? Why? - To whom do you aspire? - Who provides inspiration or creativity? I'll say that on a near constant basis, NOBD, TTO and Butler win me over. I like them for different reasons, NOBD for his simplicity and his look of ease/comfort. TTO for his use of patterns and creativity....
I picked this breast wallet up on the cheap a few weeks ago. I hadn't opened it until now, but I'm more than pleased.
New Posts  All Forums: