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Yeah, I won't cancel sales if someone offers more. I don't think it's right and if they were willing to spend that much, they should have gotten in when the item was available. I feel it creates pressure when I list something else they want.I don't do best offers, strictly buy it now. These are offers that people send me on buy it now items. If it's a fair price, I accept it, if it's a low-ball, I don't offer them something lower than buy it now, I just wait it out.
I had a new pair of shoes listed at around €325. An Italian offered me €200 for them, including shipping. I declined saying that while I appreciated his offer, he'd need to get a bit closer to my asking price. I didn't hear back. Three weeks later, I put them on sale for €250 and receive an offer from him for €150, including shipping. I sent a response that said "You already offered €200 with shipping." He sent back an immediate response that said "€200 with shipping." I...
Is this also called an "action back" or is that something different/something I made up?
These are awesome!
Whenever something like this is said, it always makes me curious and I will occasionally go back to a post from a year, two years, etc. ago and see what was happening. Of course a lot of the photos are gone, but it's sometimes funny to read. The most amazing part is the number of regular posters now. Pre-2010, sometimes there were only 2-3 posts/day.Spoilered, but here are some selected posts from this day in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008... [[SPOILER]]
Big shoutout to dolfan954 for sending me his extra Roomba and some cool accessories!!
I'm checking in again to say INCREDIBLE finds lately.Nat, you're on fire.txwoodworker: Congrats on the Lobbs, unreal!It's been slow here for quite some time.PRL Corneliani suit. Great fabric, flaw/cut threads right on the front. Picked it up anyway at an anything-but-cheap price. Should have left it due to the damage, but I make silly decisions when I haven't found anything in some time. [[SPOILER]] Jacket/parka by Fay. Not really sure, it's really long, but it's certainly...
I hadn't gotten any pocket squares in awhile, so I got this. I hadn't seen these colors before.
Question on eligibility from the judge....does this work or is there too much white?
The original post that the person made is gone (and I never read it), but I'll +1 to this ^. The overwhelming majority of my sales go to Germany, 10:1 in comparison to Austria. Germans are different from Brits and Asians and Americans, but there is a lot of common ground. Germans like clear, accurate descriptions and fair shipping. I field questions often about shipping prices and I'm considering adding a disclaimer for Germans only to my listings.At least once per week...
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