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My condolences for your loss.
That's a hard hit for some of you guys and I do feel for you. In order to make you feel better: Shipping is largely a losing proposition for me. Most of the packages I send go to Germany and cheap options are limited. I charge a flat fee and still lose a bit on it in the best case once fees are removed, boxes, etc. Ebay.at is a part of ebay.de. Therefore, I don't get the discounts offered to my German counterparts. On top of that, there isn't a helpline located in...
I've always been interested in trying Saphir and just found that I can get it from Germany for about €11 shipped. I may try it out once I get a bit low. If you have trouble finding Burgol, let me know and I can proxy some (Netherlands, right?).
Great points from both of you. I really didn't want to castrate him and I've felt good about that decision. I have experienced a bit of aggression, but it has been manageable. He will stare other dogs down when we're walking and give a bark or two to the first 9. With the tenth dog, he'll pull and "lose it." We're getting better with it, I can get him under control faster now than before. He will heel/sit/lay after a few seconds, but it can be intimidating to others.We...
Yes, they do some production in Turkey, Romania (I believe), Mexico and Spain.Yes, if you check the content tag, you're likely to see "M.D." on these. I think I've found a couple that were Drake's but didn't mention it, though they could have used one of the other makers in England.
^This. My grandfather, still very healthy at 95, did this. He dressed well his entire and gave away anything that anyone wanted. By the time he died, he had handled most of it and had few things. He gave specific instructions on what to do with it (basically take anything you like, donate the rest to the following charities...). He even specified which auction house should take care of the remaining things in his house. We still talk about how easy it was and how much we...
Congrats, Matt! Great looking dog!Is this advice only for ACDs or in general? I've had the conversation a number of times with our vet and had opted on leaving our Airedale intact. He's almost 3 now and I've been satisfied with the decision. However, he goes to a dog sitter right now that I'm not sure is completely competent. We may be changing soon, or hopefully have him finally ready to stay alone. The sitter has a bitch that goes into heat and drives our dog crazy. He...
Unfortunately, I've never tried Saphir so I can't compare them. However, I love Burgol. It's sold at the leather shop I visit and I've been thrilled with it.
Wow, I've had a lot to read. Lots of stuff posted that I won't multi-quote, but.... @OliT, congratulations! I really want to find the time to make it up your way!
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