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I just had a case opened against me from a French guy that bought something. I sent it with a tracking number and the last entry says that they attempted to deliver it and he wasn't home. He has the tracking number and can see this as well. In the dialogue within PayPal, he writes in French (he wrote English to me before he bought it) that they attempted to deliver the package and he wasn't home and that they didn't leave him a slip. Since he didn't message me first to...
Sorry, I must have missed this!If you're looking for some sort of database that would apply to all European brands like Union tags, it would be hard to find something similar. If you're looking for how to identify quality, you'll have to get to know your better local tailors and look at things like zippers and snaps for brands. The vintage stuff is great and (generally) of high quality.The thing I always look out for is polyester. When polyester became popular, it was...
I hadn't noticed that until I saw the picture. Next time I wear that jacket, I'll take a look as I had always thought the shoulders fit. Either I wasn't paying attention or the photo was a bit off due to my arms. Possibly both.They're ivory, but I do have white pants I wear in the summer Thanks! Those trousers fit me well and it's silly that I only wear them 3-4 times per year I mostly throw them up there for the fun of it, but I always welcome critique. It's the best way...
I haven't done it in awhile, so a quick fit pic. I may have made some alternate choices this morning, but I was running late, so I just went with what I had. [[SPOILER]]
I wish I knew the maker. The patter lines up really well and it's decently made. Unfortunately, I believe Austrian law requires clothes to have tags in German and therefore most of everything (every major brand) has the same generic maker tag as far as content and size go. It's terribly frustrating as very few Italian and English makers have their original tags in German and therefore replace them with these generics.
...and especially so if you happen to thrift a couple of dead pheasants
Honestly, I have no idea, but Dig posted this earlier and I now have it saved. I don't really know whether it applies to this find:http://www.styleforum.net/t/253735/an-unpinned-thread-digmenows-journey-toward-sartorial-self-improvement/0_30#post_5899753
Here I thought that those Borrelli's would be the attention-grabber! I almost left that one off thinking there would be no interest Cesar: Great fit!Eazy: Wonderful looking bike!
Oh, and ATLjon: I know you were looking for German maps, but I wasn't sure which region. I passed a map of Frankfurt, though it wasn't terribly old (maybe 1930s?). Which area were you looking for again?
I wrote that down, but remind me next fall. If I haven't worn it by then, it's yours!I actually found it on a women's rack. The woman working was watching as I tried it on and must have thought I was buying a purple women's jacket.
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