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Thanks! I actually have no idea which (if any) I'm going to keep. I have a thing for Herm├ęs....they're really my weak spot. There are a few in there that I already have, so I'll be able to weed some out for sure.Welcome back, Barrel!If I owe you a PM, really sorry, I'll try to get caught up tonight!
Thanks!They're all ties, some were worn a few times, others not at all. I spoilered the photos as there are a lot. [[SPOILER]]
I actually don't have a policy in place as most have assumed that purchases can/will be combined to save money. I suppose I should write something in my listings.I would certainly combine the order and charge him the appropriate amount. He'll (rightly) feel screwed if he has to pay individual shipping prices when the total was less than half. It also means that you might have a repeat customer, something you want to foster.If someone buys something from me and I happen to...
Wow, great links, though I didn't look at all of them.That case isn't as good as it used to be. A few years ago, RLPL sunglasses were sent with a really nice leather case in the exact same style. The leather developed a great patina. The last glasses I ordered came with one of these. Same styling, but you're right....terrible leather. I can imagine they changed it due to costs, but these feel terrible.
Ahh, the name didn't start with and N, it is Kachinas.
I'll have to post better pictures later, but I thought I'd throw these up quickly. Today was my first day interning at Spoo's house. Kidding, these weren't thrift finds, but I feel I got a great price on all of them together. I can't quite remember one of the names for the pattern though...anyone familiar with the scarf ties? I have two that have a native themed print....and I think the pattern starts with an "N," but I honestly can't remember. I'll get pictures later.
Out of curiosity, what's the size on those?
Have fun and good luck!Smaller guys: I picked up a pair of new Incotex (no tags) that are a bit too snug on me. I'm going to list them, but thought I'd offer them to anyone here at cost + shipping. Definitely not super-cheap, but I don't see a lot of EU 46s on ebay here, so I thought I'd offer them. They're summer weight, 100% cotton and optical white.
Ken P and 330CK: AWESOME STUFF! The ties...that smoking jacket...all of it, great! Warning to others: PLEASE DON'T QUOTE 330CK's INCREDIBLE POST WITHOUT USING SPOILERS/EDITING. Thank you.
I asked about him a few weeks ago and then he popped in to say that he's been busy. It seems like a lot of regulars have been tied up recently.+1...I lost the nose pad to a pair of mine while I was on holiday in the US. I called customer service, explained that I was leaving in a couple of days and they overnighted me a pair for FREE. I was shocked. A really great company.
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