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I'll be sending a PM to you in the near future to get some details of this place! Awesome!
Sorry, no answer for you. I just wanted to say that it appears as though you're subtly giving us the finger.
Thanks everyone! Getting excited as I've found something Dior every month for the past three months. Prior to that, nothing.I'm not sure, a quick completed search yields quite a few results. I also found this fairly recent classified ad that says they're 1940's-1960's. However, I have no experience with LL Bean.http://www.styleforum.net/t/328356/vintage-1960s-ll-bean-12-hunting-boots-mens-size-10-excellent-condition/0_30
A few pickups from this week. As always, terrible photos. Are they compressed significantly when they're uploaded? Am I an idiot? They look absolutely terrible.Though I've never found Dior jeans, I think these are real. Can anyone confirm that? I'd love to learn how to read the serial numbers to come up with the date! [[SPOILER]] Zegna jacket. Great texture, 50/30/20 wool/camel/silkBreuer shirt.Incotex pants [[SPOILER]] PRL, made in Italy [[SPOILER]] I think someone...
I thought I'd pass along some seemingly good deals from ebay. 1. Sz 40 Seersucker jacket by PRL - Italy, presumably Corneliani $30 or best offer 2. RL crepe soles, 8D - opening bid of $20 3. PRL Ivory linen trousers, Corneliani 36R with 27in inseam, supposedly 2 inches to let out. I'd love these if they were my size. $38.40 buy it now. As always, no affiliation with the sellers.
Info sent this morning re: secret PMs If your real initials are MZ, please let me know your SF username, I didn't get it in PayPal. Second round will be sent out tonight (my time), so anyone that recently PMed me, it will be forwarded on later. I stayed up answering PMs last night as late as I could, but I woke up to a number of people that had written while I was asleep. Thanks again everyone!
A HUGE thanks to everyone that sent me a PM. I've been in my inbox since I posted that as every time I sent out a PM, I got a new one. I'll send out info soon. However, a person with the initials RM is involved and I don't have your SF username from previous PMs/secret santa. I have an idea, but if your real initials are RM, would you mind PMing me to confirm your username? Thanks!
I look forward to hearing how you do!
Thrift thread regulars: I started a PM chain on Friday and within an hour or two, I'll be taking care of it. If anyone else would like to get in on it, please PM me immediately. For those that aren't in the loop, feel free to PM me for details. Sorry for being so cryptic Thanks!
I suppose a bit too dressed up to be at a used clothing store Wow, I just watched a mint pair of those go for something like €400. Well done!Most shoes I find are in the €15-30 range, so it's not often that I buy them. There were €6 for some odd reason.Wow, nice find!
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