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English is native for me, so I speak with a "native" accent, though I suppose native is relative. Either way, I don't have a thick German/Austrian accent unless I'm mixing languages. If I'm speaking English, I'll occasionally slip and use a very German pronunciation and the same using German with an English pronunciation. Either way, this crowd knew I wasn't from the area and found it hysterical that I couldn't understand anything.I do add accents to people speaking as...
Looks pretty dated to me, especially with the contrast trim. It almost looks like something Professor Plum would have worn
While the southwest is nearly my favorite area, the southeast does have something about it. I remember the first time I drove through rural Mississippi. My wife needed to use a bathroom, so we stopped at a gas station on a back country road. I walked in and there was a buffet of delicious fried food in the middle (of a gas station). A couple of customers were standing around chatting to the employee. They looked at me and said something and my reply was simply "I'm sorry,...
Fit pic. Mainly posting this because I had an opportunity to wear my new hat. Admittedly probably not a look for everyone
That's an awesome shirt!If you ever get tired of any of those, send them my way! Funny article and I have to admit that I agree with them for the most part. I know they were just trying to be humorous, but people do pick up things that are almost worn out, out of style, etc.
I have a similar one in green but I like that one much more.
I'll echo what most said on here, but thought I'd add a couple of things.If you're listing nice/popular things with accurate descriptions and good, clear photos, your feedback probably won't factor into many people's decision. Ebay has enough buyer protection these days that unless something is being sent directly from China from a seller with 0 feedback, a lot of buyer confidence exists.Your format will depend on what you'll list. Niche items/brands/sizes are better off...
This is NOT what this thread is about, I'm afraid. Take a look at the quick question thread or the should I buy it thread.
I've seen those fake cashmeres on ebay numerous times. I once sent a message to a seller to let them know, thinking they didn't realize they were selling a fake. I got a response in a mix of terrible German and English directing me towards a web site for bulk orders.
On the topic of PMs, a message used to pop up within the browser when I received PMs. It hasn't done that for the past couple of days. Any ideas or is anyone else experiencing this? Browser: Chrome in OSX
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