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I've never actually added one either, but mainly because, based on feedback, most of my buyers shop exclusively on ebay.de. You need to contact Brian for the blacklist, it's a google doc. To be honest, I've never actually looked in to how I edit it. Brian, care to weigh in or is his better suited to the dedicated blacklist thread?Anyway, I'm curious now as I have a couple of buyers (one US based, another Russian-based) that would qualify as they both buy on ebay com (as...
Do you guys add people to the blacklist for non-payment? Is that too small of an infraction to warrant being listed?
Made in France?
Oh, and a question...though I know we've discussed it before and there are quite a few opinions on the topic. Have you guys ever come across something listed on ebay that was a trade or a cost + shipping that you made?
I grabbed this today. Recent women's Moncler rain jacket.
Thanks! He's my pride and joy. A wonderful breed if you have time and patience for an intelligent dog with lots of energy and a strong independent way of thinking.You have a great memory! I think I inadvertently started the dog derailment last year when I added some photos from our holiday in Croatia (close with Italy). We've never figured it out, but Chinese and Japanese tour groups go crazy for him. It has happened in numerous cities. I joke that I must be in quite a few...
Cool find. Borsalino has made a couple of hats like this for Tracht, traditional clothing. I think they're pretty desired.Boom, roasted.+1...my first thought as well.GMMcL: Can't wait to hear more about this sale!!Big shout out to SpooPoker for sending me a box of awesome! My doorbell rang and I open it to see the postman with a USPS box which always has me quickly racking my brain trying to remember what I ordered. My dog was curious and trotted over to stick his head out...
I had this happen from here (Austria) to Germany on a cheap tie. They didn't open a case, just left my (only) negative feedback saying that I never sent it. I just responded to the feedback with "Delivered! Tracking #XXXX"I had even contacted them before I replied to the feedback asking if it had arrived or whether they confused me with someone else. No response from them.Now I'm just waiting for that feedback to drop off my list.
That's unfortunate! Someone here (I thought it may have been you?) was afraid they'd send out the wrong packages, but it can happen, especially when you're going higher volume. In the future, I would have had the person send the item back to me rather than have them send it to the person directly. It would cost more in shipping, but I would also be annoyed if someone wanted me to be responsible for shipping something to someone else.
Thanks for the link! The link works...but I signed up in Austria and it doesn't allow me to view the UK items, unfortunately. It must be a UK-only thing?
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