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On cotton khakis? Pleats do/have worked for years...with the proper fit. In many cases, they look better than flat fronts in considering drape/comfort at rest. They are not out of style though, it just depends on how they're worn.I completely understand. The waist would be huge in that case, but I really liked the color and the perceived texture. Still a cool suit to find!
I won't declare myself the definitive answer on the jacket(s)...Polo II, the fit, can be either. I personally wouldn't buy a jacket in that fabric as an odd jacket. Should you want to sell it, I'm sure someone would buy it as a jacket.For the Zanellas, and everything else, I want to stress that I mean no personal offense to you, just offering up what I think is the best opinion.I have a few pairs of pants that are pleated, single, never double. They work for me and I don't...
Perfectly fine if it's not available at thrift prices, but I will buy this from you if it's my size at ebay pricing.
You seem like a nice guy, and I DO like seeing what you find. However, you've been so full of questions leading up to your 500th post, I really just ask that you research things. It's not an attempt to be an ass, but every post has attached questions to which you could answer on your own. Do you want to flip? Perfectly fine with me personally, but figure things out beforehand. I'd love to trade/buy your stuff (sometimes) but really, if you have an interest in menswear,...
Polo II, so it could be suit or jacket. I'm leaning towards suit (orphan). Basically, I wouldn't buy/wear it apart from a suit.Re: Zanellas. I'm not sure. Some wear pleats, some don't. They do flatter some builds. If you're asking about sale price, and I suspect you are, they'll probably sell for less. If that's the case, you could have taken a look at ebay to find the answer.
Was ist Vv?
All of your PRL is Corneliani, not Cantarelli. Great grab on the grey flannel pants, they're a staple and hard(er) to find in decent condition. This should help you in future:HOF: Labels, Heels and Nail Patterns - Secrets to ID the Maker - Ignore the Made in Italy for Dunhill tag...it's incorrect but hasn't been updated. That's a Caruso label.
Recently grabbed this. I liked the "marbling" (for lack of a better word), but it is truly tissue thin. [[SPOILER]]
Crazy, right?!I think someone else sent me a PM about that once. It's not something with which I'm directly familiar, but I remember looking it up and I think it was actually a place in New York City that sold them (not 100% on that).
Agree with ChetB, in all likelihood, it's real. Thrifting is the same here...small shops with limited selection but quiet. I grabbed a Harris Tweed cap the other day and one of the ladies commented that I always grab the quality stuff.Side note about one of the stores I'm in often: I was checking out and they asked me if I'd be back before the holiday. I said it wasn't likely, but that I have a few weeks off at Christmas, so I'd be in soon after Christmas. She said "Well,...
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