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You like the convenience of shopping nearby so you can talk to a salesperson, try on various sizes, and you probably don't want to wait for them to be processed/shipped to you. This is part of the price you're paying at the local place. The online store can save the money on all of these expensive and time consuming add-ons. It's perfectly acceptable to look only at price, but as soon as you start to ask for anything more than just the shoes (service, selection, location,...
2013 Thrift Thread Gift Exchange... I think everyone should have received a PM either from Wes or myself! Please note the timeline for sending out gifts. As we come closer to posting what we receive, I'll put an example of how the post should look. If you'd like to communicate with your person anonymously, you may do so through me or Wes. Check to see which one of us sent you the info as I have half of the names and Wes the other half. Let the games begin!
Thrift Thread Gift Excange 2013 Keep an eye on your inbox, you'll receive your name in the next 24 hours from either Wes or myself!
The pictures themselves are fine, I think. It does give it a sort of "prison" or "mental asylum" feel, but I'm not sure I would have noticed that had you not mentioned it.
Oh, and no one knows this one??
I really wanted to join in on the one day I was out since I've been back...but I forgot to print the list and a tag. Following along and like to see all of the entries!Wes: PM incoming!Gift exchange news: I'm really sorry I haven't sent you guys the names yet, I've been incredibly busy with work and just wrapped that up for the evening at 12:05am on a Sunday. I'll get them sent at the beginning of the week!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be working on gift exchange names later on this evening! I'll get PMs sent ASAP! Oh, and is this real? I hadn't seen this label...
Oh, and i love that jacket, I just think it gets a bit lost when you have 4 different patterns.
I'd much rather see it with a plain blue shirt rather than what you currently have. It's a but busy at the moment, but the colors do say fall. Give it a shot with blue and see what you think.
Ahh, I see. As for a shirt, why don't you just go to the nearest cheap place and buy a light blue shirt that fits well. Did you bring the suit? Tie? If you have the suit and shoes, find a nice looking tie. If any of your colleagues have one to spare, that could fill in for you. Other than that, try not to be terribly self-conscious, have a drink and have some fun.
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