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Wow! What is that, Duchamp?Edit: From a distance, you can't tell how much is going on in it!
What you knowin’ about wearing a fur fox skin Nice! Caruso?I've been busy with work so I've been skimming the thread, but I don't think it's been mentioned...terrible to see James Gandolfini die. Jersey guys (Brian, et al), is the state in mourning? A really talented actor.
Yeah, most are beat to hell that you find out there. I honestly like Tod's a lot, but I wouldn't really buy them used (for myself). These are for kids (size 28). I'd never seen them before and they were cheap enough to grab.
Just a few recent finds...Tricker's [[SPOILER]] Vintage Carrera shades [[SPOILER]] Battistoni tie. Not stained, just the lighting. [[SPOILER]] A first for me, DSquared2 [[SPOILER]] Junior Tod's [[SPOILER]]
True. I do think that a lot of the members that have already been mentioned, whether they have the model/mannequin physique or not, have paid such close attention to fit that most of their wardrobe flatters them. Not that you can magically transform a body shape, but those bad fits that you can't quite put a finger on are the result of accentuating the wrong areas or not accentuating the proper areas to achieve a good shape.
I just took a look at the threads started by Fisher Shard (Banned) and ClarkKent. Shall we compare? Fisher Shard: What do you do for your hair to make them look right? How terrible does social life after college become? (worried 20 year old sheltered as a teenager) Excerpt from first post: - The university is a commuter school, no sense of campus life, not that easy to find people my age group, this is my 5th semester here BUT I AM TRANSFERRING next semester to a...
Check on user ClarkKent? This was my exact thought in reading his recent thread:That was user Fisher Shard and they certainly post along the same lines.
A word that doesn't come up in conversation enough I suppose I was thinking of The Sopranos and the way they often say it. It's nearly identical to the way we say hair (Haar) in dialect. Hoor.
English is native for me, so I speak with a "native" accent, though I suppose native is relative. Either way, I don't have a thick German/Austrian accent unless I'm mixing languages. If I'm speaking English, I'll occasionally slip and use a very German pronunciation and the same using German with an English pronunciation. Either way, this crowd knew I wasn't from the area and found it hysterical that I couldn't understand anything.I do add accents to people speaking as...
Looks pretty dated to me, especially with the contrast trim. It almost looks like something Professor Plum would have worn
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