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Wow, you edited it after I quoted and I didn't realize it until mine posted. Well done, I've been bested.
Google translate failed me on this one, I always call it a "Kommode" whether in German or English. Google said "chest of drawers," but I knew that wasn't right. I believe "sideboard" would be more accurate.I would hate to dissuade you if you like it and sew. You're right though, if they know how to market it, they might know it's not worth it. Like I said, I'm happy to buy furniture that lacks value but is well made/interesting, but if it's for a flip, be wary.
Honestly hard to tell from the photo. I see/pass a number of stuff as pictured. There were a number of makers that utilized veneer in this manner between the late 1940s and early 1960s. A lot of it is interesting, but worthless. I have a Kommode (help with the English) that is great and I won't part with, but is likely worth nothing. Similar pattern of the blonde veneer that was very common at the time.On the other hand, it could be worth thousands. I have no clue.
If something is flagged more than once, does it appear in your list again? I flag everything that I see, but often I wonder whether someone else has flagged it and it then becomes redundant for mods.Side note, with the update, I've been meaning to say thanks for removing the "level" of importance option when flagging something. I mentioned months ago that I was always torn between the various levels until I found out that it made no difference
I've never seen/found one, nor do I think they're sold here, but from what I've learned in this thread, these should make you an insane amount of money.No offense intended, but there are much better examples of "being loud" in this thread without the use of such shirt:http://www.styleforum.net/t/309785/waywrn-peacock-edition/0_30Again, no offense, do what you enjoy!
I'm sorry I can't offer any real advice, but please keep updating this situation. It really makes me cringe just reading about it.
It's uncanny, I asked my wife whether we had a steamer to do a couple of ties. She responded by laughing, so I take that to mean I need to get one. You did a great job with them!
Wow, beautiful!You're correct on the fabric content, here's the site I use:http://reviews.ebay.com/TEXTILE-FIBERS-INTERNATIONAL-CODES-amp-TRANSLATION-CHART?ugid=10000000004399884
I'm really sorry that you've got a crazy on your hands, but that quote is hilarious. I'd personally agree with these two:I've had a rough week on ebay. I was going to get a few items out later than I have listed on my handling time, so I let them know. No responses until the end of the week when they all ask: "Where is my package?!"One guy didn't send me a message and instead just left negative feedback, my first ever. It simply says "paid and never got the item." I...
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