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I won't quote everyone again, but... Wes and suited: Wow, well done. It was fun scrolling through everything. Brian: Thanks, I knew it was something similar. A question though, how much of a difference is there between your left and right arms? All of those suits seem thrown off by that (though I know it's entirely correctable and normal). I agree with ChetBakerSings on the last suit for sure, it looks like you're swimming in it a bit and though a good tailor could bring...
Another +1.If you know what you want, what's the question? jrd617 gave you some great advice and took the time to answer your original question, I'd take it to heart. If you still feel that you know what you need, follow everyone's advice and head over to BB.
Greek brought up a good point...I'd be happy to see more questions like that. I had a question earlier in regards to identifying/labeling (can't remember at the moment), but I didn't know where to put it. This is an ideal place for all things ebay, whether you're trying to sell or buy. Someone brought up sleeper brands quite awhile ago, and I don't know if it was mentioned, but Pal Zileri is almost always easy to buy. Most of their stuff is quality and it goes cheap most...
My pleasure. I own a few, though I'm not brave enough to actually wear one.
I've watched from the beginning as posts roll in criticizing you guys. My recommendation is to avoid posting photos of mistakes that have been made (whether on the part of the buyer or you). That will only add fuel to the fire. It may keep your thread on page 1, but any marketing consultant would tell you to refrain from posting pictures of a suit that you messed up so bad that you had to offer them something new.Just my opinion, but think about it.
I believe that's a self-tying cravat/ascot.
I'm not sure. How well do they fit otherwise? I wear a W30 or W31, but I'd never be able to wear W33s. They're normally too big everywhere that I'd essentially have to have the pants recut. However, I'm not sure if there's as big of a difference proportionally between 33s and 35s. Basically, that's about the threshold of not being worth it/they'll look weird. If it were me, I'd keep an eye out on ebay for a pair that fits and then sell those.I would also bet that someone...
Looks good from here, but maybe someone else will also confirm.
Yes, it's called a split waistband. Incotex makes a lot of pants for Zegna and they normally have a split waistband.
You sure that was a thrift?Before:Two seconds and one of these:...and presto, it's open: Kidding, of course.
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