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Ahh, that would really make sense. It was never really a problem, I would just occasionally think about it when I was on the front page and comparing the subbed threads.
Well done, they look nice. I was honestly surprised they lasted that long!
This is how it looks...
Didn't read the description close, but they're cheap, staple pants: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GIANLUCA-ISAIA-SIZE-36-X-31-GRAY-FLAT-FRONT-WOOL-DRESS-PANTS-/350985931126?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item51b8644976 Edit: I didn't buy them (not my size)/not my auction, obviously
They're bold when they have unread posts, but some are blue, but others are grey. All of them show up on my subscriptions list, so I have no idea?!
I can't really tell anything from the angle of those photos. Can you take some from a distance? Furthermore, that looks like a black striped suit jacket rather than a blazer. Is this the actual jacket you are considering? If that's the case, I'd go a much different direction.
Am I the only one that attempts to flag something as spam and inadvertently likes it? Also, can anyone explain why some of my subscriptions are highlighted and others not? Is there some sort of setting I'm overlooking? It's not a huge deal, just curious.
There are a few words that could describe this... Blödmann, Depp, Vulldoudl (local dialect)@hbkshin If your girlfriend is German, call her "blöde Nudel"
+1, I would have guessed that it was "Canali Exclusive"
There should be a calculator to figure out the cost comparison of having a store vs listing without it. I'd look it up if you're not listing much at any given time. As far as followers, I'm not sure.
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