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I own far too many gaudy ties, I'm afraid. While I won't be entering this week, I can say the surest and quickest way to owning a "bold" tie is to either accept one as a gift (from a woman) or take advice on tie buying (from a woman).
I'll give my bit on it. To be completely honest, I'm not crazy about the pocket square. Those are difficult colors with which to work. Is it iridescent? If I had to pull a color out of it, I'd try to utilize the darker blue (?) in the second photo. You don't have to match it exactly and I'd encourage going a shade or two darker. Finally, is it a daytime wedding? If so, I'd skip the black suit and wear the dove grey suit you are using in your example.
Wow! What is that, Duchamp?Edit: From a distance, you can't tell how much is going on in it!
What you knowin’ about wearing a fur fox skin Nice! Caruso?I've been busy with work so I've been skimming the thread, but I don't think it's been mentioned...terrible to see James Gandolfini die. Jersey guys (Brian, et al), is the state in mourning? A really talented actor.
Yeah, most are beat to hell that you find out there. I honestly like Tod's a lot, but I wouldn't really buy them used (for myself). These are for kids (size 28). I'd never seen them before and they were cheap enough to grab.
Just a few recent finds...Tricker's [[SPOILER]] Vintage Carrera shades [[SPOILER]] Battistoni tie. Not stained, just the lighting. [[SPOILER]] A first for me, DSquared2 [[SPOILER]] Junior Tod's [[SPOILER]]
True. I do think that a lot of the members that have already been mentioned, whether they have the model/mannequin physique or not, have paid such close attention to fit that most of their wardrobe flatters them. Not that you can magically transform a body shape, but those bad fits that you can't quite put a finger on are the result of accentuating the wrong areas or not accentuating the proper areas to achieve a good shape.
I just took a look at the threads started by Fisher Shard (Banned) and ClarkKent. Shall we compare? Fisher Shard: What do you do for your hair to make them look right? How terrible does social life after college become? (worried 20 year old sheltered as a teenager) Excerpt from first post: - The university is a commuter school, no sense of campus life, not that easy to find people my age group, this is my 5th semester here BUT I AM TRANSFERRING next semester to a...
Check on user ClarkKent? This was my exact thought in reading his recent thread:That was user Fisher Shard and they certainly post along the same lines.
A word that doesn't come up in conversation enough I suppose I was thinking of The Sopranos and the way they often say it. It's nearly identical to the way we say hair (Haar) in dialect. Hoor.
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