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Oh I plan on doing something, I'm just trying to figure out what that is. I'm sort of using this as an excuse for something new.Wow, thanks for the idea. As often as it's thrown around on SF, I've never taken a look at their site. I'm not sure why, I've admired a few things I've seen on people. Anyway, those prices are shockingly low and quite a few interesting things available. At under €375, I won't feel terrible ruining something. Thanks again!
I have no problem with anything that you mentioned and I like the idea of using all of the above, including linen, as possible separates. I'd probably avoid patchwork this time around, simply because I like the other options on the table. Any leads on these options? I really appreciate the ideas!
I'm not sure if it needs to be said again, but WOW @jgill79, well done!I really would love to find one, I've been on the hunt for one that I like for the past couple of days. I haven't found anything that I love, so if you know of a store selling one, I'd love to see it. I really thought about buying that white suit that Typhoid Jones has in his Etsy shop...I'm just afraid I'd ruin such a pristine piece after one event.Any other suggestions from anyone? I'll call out...
I've had a rough few weeks (months) at work, so I've been following along, but haven't posted in some time. Anyway, no thrift finds at the moment, but I need some retail therapy. I have several events and weddings coming up in June, so I'm considering buying a few things. One wedding in particular is one of those that you have to go to....not because you want to, but you still need to kill the day/night there. I thought I'd see what you guys think I should go for, so any...
I'm having a hell of a time searching for a brand...the tag simply says "sHiRt". You can imagine why I'm having trouble. Does anyone know anything about it?
^ That was an incredibly misleading post when I quickly read the "Last Post" from my subscriptions.
I grabbed a few things....First of all, I almost always leave Hugo Boss. I see it often, it's nearly always overpriced and it doesn't move well. I grabbed this (cheap) thinking someone here would like it. I would love to wear it if it fit better. It's 80/20 wool silk, single vent, tagged EU 48. If you'd like it and have something to trade, please get at me. [[SPOILER]] Hugo Boss loafersThis is a great blazer by Daks. Unfortunately, I didn't see the damage until I brought...
Cheers! You've been killing it lately...how's the leg doing by now? I thought you were supposed to be out of commission, but you seem to be cleaning up! Especially that Lubiam from yesterday!
I took a few pictures of pocket squares I've made recently. I have a stack of fabric in wool, silk, linen, and cotton that I have to cut and make. These are all cotton:
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