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Glad to help. It sounds like you have a good start to things. That said, the work to your pants doesn't sound too drastic and could be workable. You can always post fit pics here or in the tailors' thread for opinions.Make sure you browse the entire site, including the WAYW threads to get a good idea of fit and coherence.As far as ebay talk, many frown upon it though it's inevitable. There is a thread (see the link in my signature) that is exclusively ebay.Welcome to the...
^ This is great advice. I'll also say it's worthwhile to establish a good relationship with both a proper tailor AND a good alterationist.My tailor does bespoke work and I trust him and his son with tricky work or to get an opinion on how something should fit. They'll also advise me on everything from fabrics to how good/poor something looks. They're definitely more expensive.Since I don't hem my own pants even, I use an alterationist to do basic work on the cheap. I'll...
From a business (and moral, golden rule and all) point of view, yes. People are thrilled when you are honest and refund shipping costs...it goes a long way to cultivating relationships and repeat buyers. I do it when I can refund €1/$1 or more and 92% of the time I receive a reply thanking me. Of those I've refunded, 65% have purchased something again within 90 days.Those are my personal numbers, at least.
Great find on that tie!However, I think the scarf may be fake (someone else can chime in on that).
The following has nothing to do with clothing. I apologize, but I am going crazy trying to find the answers. If anyone has any experience, I'd be appreciative! [[SPOILER]]
EAZY That coat! Should I find myself in Chicago, watch out... I rarely use GIFs, but I can't resist using one that features a crafty raccoon stealing cat food.
+1, I really like 40/35/25 silk/linen/wool blends partially lined for the summer, with an open weave. I have 3 jackets with this composition and live in them during them summer.
I'm sure that's a great restaurant, but I think it's funny to go to San Francisco and eat Austrian food
Can't wait to see it! If it's your size, I should make a venture out that way during the winter so we can stroll around...Boardwalk Empire style.Good luck on the interview!
Agreed. I read that post early in the morning and was shocked when it was unspoilered. Then I kept reading thinking there would be an endless stream of GIFs. I suppose I should have said something as well.
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