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NWT Turtleneck by Luigi Borrelli Vintage. Size EU 50 and 80/20 wool/cashmere. Great navy color. Price includes shipping within the EU, other countries PM me for a quote. Price: €165 €150 Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 53cm Sleeves: 65cm Shouldesr: 43cm Length from bottom of collar: 64cm
Cucinelli 100% cashmere zip cardigan. It's NWT and a size 58. Price includes shipping within the EU, PM me for other countries. Price: €360 €325 €300 SOLD Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 57.5cm Sleeves: 66cm Shoulders: 46cm Length from bottom of collar: 73cm
NWT, size 56. It's 80/20 wool/cashmere. Measurements are as follow: Armpit to armpit: 61.5cm Shoulders: 49.5cm Sleeves: 66cm Length from bottom of collar: 71cm Free shipping within the EU, other locations should contact me first. Price: €160 €140 €125 with FREE shipping worldwide! SOLD
New with box suede Borrelli boots. Size 42.5. Box is a bit beaten, but shoes are unworn and come with bags as well. Free shipping within the EU, prices vary to other locations. Price: €350 €325 €300 €250 €225 €199 Now €150! Worldwide shipping is €16.50 (€5.00 inside Austria).
I completely forgot about the SULKA ROBE....UNREAL!
These are all incredible finds. I was actually going to post FDR's speech since it is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but I thought that it might be in bad taste connecting awesome thrift-store finds to an act of war. I will, however, say that these are all awesome and I may or may not be sending PMs about it (them).
Here are the completed listings: http://www.ebay.com/sch/Suits-Blazers-/63865/i.html?_from=R40&LH_ItemCondition=1000&_nkw=armani&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc 103/847 NWT listings sold Take a look and compare them to yours. Realistically, you're looking at a sale price of $100-125. If it were my listing, I'd just try to get my money back by listing it at $99.99 and hoping I hit a bid. Good luck with the listing!
I say this with the best intentions. I sincerely don't mean to offend you (and others), as I would hate to scare you off.thefastlife: Really, take the advice you've received. You ask plenty of questions in all of the threads that you post, but you don't seem to do the research. All of the big sellers have learned through their own initiative, I'm sure. They (and I) have taken their (our) bad beats, but have learned something from it. You're asking questions that have been...
I just wanted to add this.
It's 100% wool with silk lining. It's a size 50, presumably EU. It was made in Italy.Looks like a bit of damage. You can have it repaired at a (significant cost) or leave it as-is.
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