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The problem is that if a friend/trusted person's account is hacked (or from phishing scams), you'll receive an email and click the link. It's best to simply log in to your account at the third party, i.e. PayPal, and go from there (if it's a promotion). If it's a stupid video/news article/picture from a friend or relative, google it quickly. It's never advisable to click on a link within an email if you can go through independent channels to find the same thing. At the...
Agree with this except don't click things within emails. Instead, mark it as junk/spam and let your filters do their thing. Clicking on links within emails, whether they're from known addresses or not, leads to disaster.
MOL, this is certainly a time that I agree with you 100%. Fred G., I can understand your frustration, but you can't expect much less in all respect. Information will always be mistakenly released or passed on to third parties...to think otherwise is ignorance in its purest form. At least this time it was a public address, but always think twice about giving out information you wouldn't want seven billion people to have access.
I did and can only assume that was what he was speaking of when he told me he was "saving up for something" a couple of months ago. I'll wait for more deets, but big congrats if he realized his dream.
The first and likely only quick indicator for me are metal zippers. I will scan them quickly and if I see a metal zipper, take a closer look. A lot of times they're vintage, but most (if not all) of the high-end stuff uses metal zippers rather than nylon.+1...you'd be surprised at the prices that I have to pay and quick math is an asset in this game whether it's for myself or to sell. A lot of times the shops have prices that rival ebay and I question whether I should buy...
Haha, that would be less than €0.01 today. A lot of the older people (grandparents, including mine) refer to euros as Schillings or Groschen, as in "Here, take these Schillings, you need it more than I do."Hang onto that one for luck
Do you have a budget in mind? Will you be attending more weddings in the near future? If your answers are no and yes, respectively, here is a suggestion: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13215010
Not only did I just find a similar Daks Signature jacket last weekend (all that I've found have the leather around the buttonholes), but this one in fact comes from Brühl und Söhne in Graz...which happens to be my city. It's a high-end store that still exists. VERY strange to see that all of the way there and my wife got quite the kick out of it!Keep an eye on my posts as I buy/post some of their house label stuff. It's really well made, though I don't know the makers,...
Is there any way to get around ebay's policy of only allowing 50 items/day to be put on sale? The reason I ask is that I've had huge amounts of trouble with it. You can't put items on sale if they've recently been listed (within the past 4 days) or if they'll end before the sale ends. The problem is that you create a sale listing, mark the items and then find out some don't qualify...but they're counted against your 50/day limit anyway. I created a sale to start in the...
I read "A Year in the Merde" a coupe of years ago...an easy read, though the author doesn't seem to be a pro. Keep it for a long flight, you'll chuckle at a few parts.
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