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Close, a lion. Stare at the middle and let your eyes go blurry. See it??
Best guess? Late '70s, early '80s, likely the latter part of that. A really cool find!
Haha, my wife also went through a couple of books last time. We agreed that I'd get her to an interesting area/shopping/TJ Maxx and then I can fly solo at the thrifts. She prefers when I choose our route as I do 100% of the driving, but I've always wanted to do Route 1. Route 66 was #1 on my list and we did that one for our honeymoon a few years ago. It was great. It looks like we'll try to hit the coast and a couple of national parks. We have the National Park Passport...
That sounds like a disaster...for my wife. She goes along with it like a champ, but meekly asked if "we" could spend less time at thrift stores this time. We agreed on a compromise that I'd drive her somewhere more interesting.Either way, I remember you came back with some stuff but said that you'd expected "the land of milk and honey." The same is true here. I hit half of my stores today and saved the other half for tomorrow and I used public transportation. Insane.We're...
I've already posted my thrift finds today, so I'll take a shot at realigning the thread...My wife and I had planned on going to the US in May, but due to my work schedule, we've pushed it back until August. We are currently choosing a 7-10 day vacation in May and I think we're going to Napoli, a Sartorial heaven. Anyone want anything proxied? I'm even thinking of contacting a couple of tailors there to get something made up.When we go to the US, we're going to hit up...
Do you have any other pictures of this one? It's a beaut!
I had to turn "JFC" over in my head for a few seconds to figure out what it meant! I know someone here is a 14...I remember their interest in some other larger shoes, so I'm sure they'll chime in on this pair.
Boom, roasted.
Would the answer then be to have one with the white background for search results and the rest with some sort of backdrop? I know most people likely go by keywords in a title, a quick glance at the thumbnail and a check on the price before they click the auction. Once they're on the auction, the goal is to get them to stay with tons of photos.
Also, it doesn't help that Wes has a look on his face that says "I love you, and that's why I have to kill you."
New Posts  All Forums: