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You're right. Is the length (or sleeve length) off, though? It seems like it's longer than it states.
I actually saw that about a month ago. By the time I decided to buy, it had been taken down. Good to see it back up again, it's a great price.
Thrift Thread Gift Exchange Update I hope everyone enjoyed this year's gift exchange! I know I received 2-3 PMs right before Christmas from guys that said they were a bit late to send out their gifts. I just wanted to check in and see if everyone received something? I know not everyone posted photos of their gift, so please let me know if you had trouble/didn't receive something. I'll do my best to get into contact with your partner if that were the case. I'll give it...
I felt that way as well and Fok offered a fair explanation to it. I'm not sure of their agreements, but it sounds like he (they) are going to attempt to remind the affiliate vendors that they should keep their ads within their own threads.
Very interesting to hear, @Shirtmaven & @Len. Out of curiosity, does your job entail research into periods in which you haven't lived? For example, is it normal for one in your profession to know about shirtmaking in 1920, or is this an area in which you have expertise? Really neat hearing the other side of it! Thanks for sharing!
Return policies here generally don't work in such an easy fashion and my wife was paranoid. I told her "Fine, I'll just be honest when I return it." I walked up to customer service, said I wanted to make a return and he goes "Is it defective?" I said "No, I bought it in New York because I needed one and I was told to just return it when I was finished, as long as it was within 30 days." Without skipping a beat he goes "No problem, I'll just need the original card that you...
If you're referring to the vest, it's 93% cotton, 7% cashmere outer and 100% cotton lining.
A pair of NWT, 100% cotton Loro Piana pants. Navy blue and tagged an EU 46, but check the measurements below. Price of €160 €145 includes shipping with the EU, other countries please PM me. Waist: 38.5cm Inseam: 91cm Total Length: 115cm Leg Opening: 20cm
Funny story about Woodbury Commons that I think I already told. My wife and I went on vacation to the US late summer this year. We were going to stay most of the time in California and drive Route 1. I could get more time away from work, so she told me to go a week early. I was to fly into NYC and drive to the midwest. I booked a car and would drive up to Woodbury commons and then west, meeting a few people along the way. I arrived and none of my bank cards worked. I...
A pair of new with tags, 100% cotton Loro Piana khaki pants. They're tagged EU48, but measurements are below. Price of €160 €145SOLD includes shipping within the EU, other countries please PM me. Waist: 40.5cm Inseam: 92cm Total Length: 119cm Leg Opening: 21cm
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