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In and subscribed! The Zanellas will be the hardest part for me, I think. Spoo: Thanks for getting this going!
Thanks! Tour of the south going well??
Finds from yesterday...Moncler jacket [[SPOILER]] Canali Exclusive Collection suit. Really nice with super 150s. [[SPOILER]] A couple of hats I couldn't pass. I know the store but not the brand. Nice quality and .50 each! [[SPOILER]] Interesting Ray-Ban Wayfarer IIs. Unfortunately, cracked on the bottom. [[SPOILER]] I grabbed this to see what it was. It was only .35, but I can't tell if it's A) Super old, B) fake, or C) a different Cartier (though the back logo looks...
There is no way you can turn something like that down. Take a camera and report back.
My wife and I are planning our trip to the US right now and when I saw that I sent her an SMS that said "I'm hungry for a double steakburger from Steak 'N Shake." She sent an angry smiley in response.Oh and if you haven't found an owner, get at me with that navy jacket (EU 46).
There was an article posted about ratting in NYC, but never a video. Thanks for the links!
^ Sorry for all of the typos, I'm on my phone and it doesn't correct English well.
I've never actually added one either, but mainly because, based on feedback, most of my buyers shop exclusively on ebay.de. You need to contact Brian for the blacklist, it's a google doc. To be honest, I've never actually looked in to how I edit it. Brian, care to weigh in or is his better suited to the dedicated blacklist thread?Anyway, I'm curious now as I have a couple of buyers (one US based, another Russian-based) that would qualify as they both buy on ebay com (as...
Do you guys add people to the blacklist for non-payment? Is that too small of an infraction to warrant being listed?
Made in France?
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