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Let's not leap to conclusions and assume it's some idiot, it could actually be a brilliant cat.
Don't worry, everyone is looking through our closets to find something for you.Really though, you posted the same thing twice. Never mind that it's something that everyone is after (charcoal/navy suit) in an incredibly popular size (38).
Horn sounds fine, but I'd say a plain dark navy would work as well.
Fit pic...
Most of the couriers collect as part of their policy. It means that if you order something from the US that is sent via (FedEx, UPS, etc.) that they'll collect, and presumably turn in, duty on the amount declared, however small.
It also varies here in Europe. Some countries, such as the UK, will get hit more often than mine. I will ALWAYS pay VAT on goods sent via FedEx or UPS. They always collect. When it comes to USPS, I'll pay less than 10% of the time. This is usually on higher value items. If it's a gift, I can still pay. I paid on Christmas gifts. If it's sent as merchandise, I'll sometimes pay. I never ask a seller to mark something as a gift, but sometimes I legitimately receive gifts.
I accidentally hit the thumbs up, but this might be a veiled attempt at spam....I flagged it as such, based on the photo caption. http://www.styleforum.net/t/337078/what-do-you-think-of-this-watch/0_30
Happy to do it! I have to say that so many people here (both within this thread and SF on the whole) have been great to deal with that I'm happy to offer anything in return. It's really amazing the attitude around here and I was just on the receiving end of a very generous offer. I went ahead and "paid it forward" in the hopes that it continues.^^I'd assume that the person that offered me the deal and the one on the receiving end knows what I'm talking about
PSA... I mentioned to a few people in PMs, but my wife and I are planning a late spring/early summer holiday in (hopefully) Naples. As it's a sartorial paradise, I'm going to try to hit the big spots to shop. I am also going to head to the outlets that are around the city. While nothing is definite (my wife wants a cheaper holiday destination), I'm happy to do some proxies. It certainly won't be thrift prices, but it will be the type of thing you can't get at home, I...
New Posts  All Forums: