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Haha, unfortunately not. Very small. I will dig up a picture.Edit:
What I think is strange about this thread is that the standards are constantly raised a bit. I remember when a Borrelli or Brioni shirt would be surprising, but it seems they're found on a daily basis with little fanfare. I posted a pair of Vass shoes a couple of months ago and I can't remember if anything was said. One category that seems to consistently get comments though, and it happens to be one of my favorite "categories" in this thread, are the vintage pieces....
Money with hand-rolled edges
Thanks for the help, guys! I thought the same, that it must have frayed at an edge and was repaired.Chet, that's definitely a restrained pattern, very nice. I bought mine from a flipper on the cheap. I have two others, but one was gratis as it has a giant stain in the middle. Not sure what I should do about that.Wow, nice find! Not to many Herm├ęs scarves make an appearance on this thread!
Can anyone verify this? Everything else looks right to me, but I've never seen one with the back so sloppy. Was it repaired or is it fake? Loop is present. [[SPOILER]]
Awesome, I'll try to make it!! Great look!
Yes, there are a few BBQ places that I crave on a regular basis.The one I always go for just says "Chick-Fil-A Sauce." It's some sort of tangy/creamy mustard. If you ever make it up there, you know you can expect something in return
I wouldn't call it northern Pennsylvania, I'd call it heaven.I bring home a bag full of Chick-Fil-A sauce every time I leave the US. I always ask the worker and offer to pay. One time, a manager was waiting on me and said "You only get here once a year?" and then said here, take a few more and gave me about 20 of them. Great people.
Well, from what I've learned here, a lot of these guys rely on feedback for their fees. Negative feedback results in higher fees or loss of status.If you read above, someone left me my first negative feedback that said "paid and never received the item." Immediately, my open orders, though they had just been shipped (day after payment) started emailing me about their package. I can assume they read the feedback and panicked. It resulted in a number of email exchanges and...
GMMcl - Nice haul! Waffle House: Not a huge fan, but my wife goes crazy for IHOP. If there's a hotel in the vicinity of an IHOP, that's where we stay. At the very least, the hotel has to provide a hot breakfast. My weakness? Chick-fil-a. I dream about it. When I'm visiting, I honestly check out the area of the country to see if they have them. If they don't, I'm disappointed and they had better have something else worthwhile such as STEAK N' SHAKE. Steakburgers are sent...
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