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I'll have to post better pictures later, but I thought I'd throw these up quickly. Today was my first day interning at Spoo's house. Kidding, these weren't thrift finds, but I feel I got a great price on all of them together. I can't quite remember one of the names for the pattern though...anyone familiar with the scarf ties? I have two that have a native themed print....and I think the pattern starts with an "N," but I honestly can't remember. I'll get pictures later.
Out of curiosity, what's the size on those?
Have fun and good luck!Smaller guys: I picked up a pair of new Incotex (no tags) that are a bit too snug on me. I'm going to list them, but thought I'd offer them to anyone here at cost + shipping. Definitely not super-cheap, but I don't see a lot of EU 46s on ebay here, so I thought I'd offer them. They're summer weight, 100% cotton and optical white.
Ken P and 330CK: AWESOME STUFF! The ties...that smoking jacket...all of it, great! Warning to others: PLEASE DON'T QUOTE 330CK's INCREDIBLE POST WITHOUT USING SPOILERS/EDITING. Thank you.
I asked about him a few weeks ago and then he popped in to say that he's been busy. It seems like a lot of regulars have been tied up recently.+1...I lost the nose pad to a pair of mine while I was on holiday in the US. I called customer service, explained that I was leaving in a couple of days and they overnighted me a pair for FREE. I was shocked. A really great company.
Sure thing, I'll post them when I get them! I was surprised to receive a few PMs about it. I haven't decided whether I want to keep it and get it to the tailor or just turn it loose. Neat jacket, though I wish I knew from what it was made. It has a bit of elasticity to it, but I don't know what the other content would be.This one looks identical, but it's wool/cotton/silk: http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Tombolini-Herringbone-Flying-Jacket.html
No size (or fabric content) tag, unfortunately. I would say it's right around an EU 48, but I can provide measurements if needed.
A few things from today...Tombolini herringbone. I don't have a lot of experience with this brand, but thought it was interesting. I didn't realize until I brought it home that it likely has spandex/synthetics in it, but there's no content tag. [[SPOILER]] I had to pay a good amount for this. There are 16 pockets, not including places for your pens and keys. It even has a pocket for a hood...that doesn't exist, nor did it ever actually have. Made in China, but it's 100%...
I can't say that I am on your side with this one.[/quote]Wow, that's insane! It pays for itself, but I have to say that I'm really impressed with your schedule!I'm the same. I read the situation twice to better understand what's going on with it, but it seems he did send you what was pictured, regardless if it was supposed to be the UK/Netherlands/Poland. It seems you're upset that they're not what you wanted them to be, but I'm not sure who's to blame on that, possibly...
Wait, you have a "real" job?!??I had always assumed that ebay is your job. If that's true, you just BLEW MY MINDI wake up early, answer questions and then go to work, I'll answer questions throughout the day and take pictures all week. When the weekend hits, I'll create all of my listings.
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