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Orgetorix hits it on the head and everyone else had great advice as well.Re: free shipping/buy it now/auction style listingsI played around with it for awhile and settled on most listings as buy-it-now. I almost always get the max out of them that way, but it can take some time. What I've recently started (and been very happy with) is having listings last 30 days and then turning them over to auctions. I'm more confident with it, especially items that had 5-10 watchers...
A few recent finds...Paul & Shark pants [[SPOILER]] Z Zegna suitL to R: Atkinsons Irish Poplin, Canali with a stain I didn't originally see, Zegna [[SPOILER]] A couple of firsts: Louis Vuitton, Barba seven fold, untipped PRL [[SPOILER]] Carrera ski goggles
If anyone is ordering still, is it possible to pick up a walnut in 8D?!?!?!
Are they lined? I've seen quite a few linen jackets that couldn't possibly be worn during the summer. I assume these are made for the shoulder seasons...late spring and early fall.
Yes, if you follow through with it. Obviously you aren't going to do it, but simply explain that you won't end auctions with bids and that once you start an auction, you don't end them early. If you're polite with it, maybe he'll just continue with the suit he bought. If he wants to back out of the sale now, let him. Get him to cancel the transaction, recoup your fees and re-list it. If things go sour, make sure you block him.
Frustrating, isn't it? I would love to offer shipping to every part of the world and I do sincerely make an attempt. However, I am really not up for risking feedback/seller status/out of pocket expenses to ship to places that are difficult. I toyed around with the idea of using a private carrier (FedEx, for example), but I think that's just asking for trouble as they collect on everything. Within a majority of the countries in the EU, I'm able to use Hermes Paket Service....
I know it's been mentioned here before about the difficulties shipping to Russia, but I still have questions. I've run into problems with things getting caught up in their customs for long periods of time. My wife's company just had a shipment returned that they had to pay a huge amount in return shipping for, and I'm afraid something like that will happen. Therefore, I've suspended shipments to Russia until I can find a workable solution. The problem is that I suddenly...
It wasI meant to say Airedale... as in an Airedale terrier print (the breed). Thanks for the info!
Dave- I'm on my phone and can't make out the details on all of those...is the front one various terriers? Is there another dog one in there? I think last fall Drakes did a wire fox terrier print. I'm looking for an airdale print or something close!
I believe they've gotten worse over the past five or so years. I'm not sure whether they're actually going missing or simply getting delayed for long periods of time. If the buyers are getting hit with customs fees, they're likely getting a slip in their box that tells them and it's possible that they're not claiming them because of that.No idea really, just going based on my experiences. I know that FedEx, UPS, etc. all collect duty on everything. I really don't order...
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