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Good to hear. Did you give them a handful of tweed on the way out the door?
Chet- INSANE haul! Awesome! Cotton Dockers: Well done on that Kiton! Your size, too? Bonus! Eazy - Coot fit!
I'll take the dark horse and say "Auto Repair for Dummies" and "Betting on Horse Racing for Dummies." Dr. Holdfast, please enlighten us.
I didn't know this thread existed either, but here it is:http://www.styleforum.net/t/272980/the-terrible-fashion-blog-thread/150_30Specifically, it begins at this post:http://www.styleforum.net/t/272980/the-terrible-fashion-blog-thread/150_30#post_6086232
Agreed, hope all is well. Good thing you noticed it and are getting it checked.
While I personally can't wear a hard 3 button suit, I appreciate the look of it on you. Well done, upr_crust!
I quickly checked my post to see if I had made a typo when I wrote "super bowl." I was relieved to find that I hadn't. It's on TV here, though I have no idea how many people are watching it. My brother-in-law is because he loves American football.That's the worst. You can always spot Germans in holiday locales with their socks and sandals. I like it when they pair them with a bag around the waist and a vest that has 82 (empty) pockets, as if they're going to do some quick...
It occurred to me that Sundays are slow on this thread. Is it because most of us are tied up doing ebay related stuff or is it because the Super Bowl happens to be tonight?
I don't know the show, but congrats, Dig! That's pretty exciting!Thanks, it was the find of the year for me personally this year. A big thanks for that helpful info! I'm struggling trying to dig up some answers and you really helped me out a bunch! Can't wait to see what you took back from Italy!
Das ist schade.
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