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True story. I'm amazed on a regular basis the retail prices on some of these brands. Aside from their availability, there's little reason to buy them. The same amount can get you pretty close to nice stuff. I went to a men's store this afternoon that I'd never visited. I'd walked by a number of times, but hadn't actually gone inside. The owner was a nice guy and carried many of my favorite Italian names. Etro scarves (yes, I like them), Incotex, Barba, etc. He was having a...
Yeah, I battle piles of stuff that was overpriced to begin with and not worth thrift prices. Lot of H&M (thanks Oli ), Tom Tailor, Jack & Jones, etc.
Did you just get an Airedale? If that's the case...Here are a few shots of mine:
Is it a tailor or alterations person? I have two reliable people. One is cheap and does simple jobs like hemming trousers. I will take the measurements/pin things and bring them to her. She does the work pretty cheap. Anything more than that and I go to a proper tailor. They charge quite a bit, but they (especially the father) knows proper fit. He'll allow me to override, but I trust him enough to talk me out of some things.If you're using a tailor and they're answering...
Admittedly I know only what you've mentioned about your dissertation, but you may be able to ask better questions to support your hypothesis. Currently, your questions/survey give plenty of information on a potential customer base but little information on the rise of menswear. Your pool of respondents are obviously biased (it's a menswear forum after all, so you won't get a representation of the average male's feeling toward style/menswear). You may consider asking...
In fact, I was tempted to tag someone of them in that post
I believe they had all members approve all trades before they were made. I think they also had all potential joining members prove their value before they were added to the list. I suppose we should see if there is really interest before we get to that point.Let's see if some of our British/Dutch/German/French/Italian members want to join in on it.
I read back a page to find it, I should have done that before asking the question! I like the tie cloud and its convenience, but I almost feel like it would be hard if you want something for someone but they don't want anything of yours.I'd go along with any group consensus, but I'd lean towards a new tie box.
I'd be in for it. What was the idea for the tie cloud?
Maybe in Russia, lots of stars = bad and 0 stars = good. Kidding, I have no idea. I have had issues getting things through their customs. I'd love to open it back up to Russia and am always looking into ways to do it. I'm considering allowing it with private couriers and warning about import charges that they'll face. However, it just sounds like a setup for problems.
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