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Thank you! I was talking to my brother and I believe I pronounced it "loo loo lemòn" and he though it was a riot.
I can empathize with both of those sentiments. My wife will go along with me, but she dislikes the lack of organization. She does, however, like vintage/antique furniture, lamps, clothes, etc. She's done a complete 180 on that from when we first met.@div25sec9 My wife is the same. She will iron and run out of hangers. She'll have no understanding as to why I have so many "brown" shoes. However, she has started using the word "beautiful" to refer to certain fabrics/colors...
Really sorry to hear about that. Like in all sales, there is a small minority that won't play fair. It sounds like you have one on your hands, assuming that the shoes are as you describe. I recently had a similar experience with an international buyer. They claimed that a sweater I sold them was stretched. It wasn't. My photos were accurate, my measurements were accurate. They're a seller, so I'm fairly certain it was a case of not knowing they were buying a women's...
Saw @mreister's bid come in and congratulate him on his win. I thought I had it at a bargain. In lieu of my purchase, I intend on making a donation to a couple of my favorite charities right after Christmas including SOS Kinderdorf (Austria) and the Ronald McDonald House. A huge thanks to the sponsors of these auctions and to both Fok and unbelragazzo for their time and effort!
NWT yellow Moncler Gui Gillet. Only color/size I have in this vest currently. It's a newer model selling at all of the big stores currently. Price is €300, €280 €250 SOLD but that includes shipping worldwide. I have a couple of other Moncler items available for the time being, PM me if you're after something specific. Includes Certilogo!
Quite few things to address in one thread! I'm waiting to see a couple of the usual suspects chime in...Anyway,Yes, but I'll add "wifey" to the mix. While I'm on the topic, I don't fully understand others' spouses'/partners' objections to buying clothes, new or used. I read it fairly often that someone's girlfriend/wife must give permission to something. My wife has her hobbies, I have mine. Neither of us goes overboard in spending, so I don't feel the need to get her...
In for $600!
Again, my apologies for being absent as of late. I have been reading along and kept thinking "Oh, I need to quote that!," but I've been busy in December. Some great finds all around. Big thanks (not sure if I ever properly thanked him) to Capnwes for not only doing a proxy, but also loading me up on Chick-fil-A sauce. Seriously, this stuff is a gift from the gods. My wife even tried to hide one of the big containers so I would ration it, but I found it. It's great with...
NWT Loro Piana burgundy jeans. They're a size W31. Price includes shipping within the EU, other countries PM me for a quote. Measurements: Waist: 39.5cm Inseam: 89.5cm Total Length: 114cm Leg Opening: 19cm
NWT Fray plaid shirt in pink and brown. Size M, see measurements. Price includes shipping within the EU, other countries please contact me for quote. Price: €90 €75 Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 59.5cm Sleeves: 67cm Shoulders: 48cm Length from bottom of collar: 83,5cm
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