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I'm pretty sure. I haven't posted all of the pics yet but will do so tonight.
Thift fit contest ends tonight! Get your submissions in before 10:30pm (my time)!Here are some fabric choices for the winner:Cotton: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Linen: [[SPOILER]]
When did you buy the shoes? The PayPal window for making a claim is pretty generous, so unless it was several months ago that you bought them, you should be able to open a case.
Looking great. Still have until Wednesday to enter!
This is the info from the spreadsheet about the collar:"collar is lightly lined and unfused, and the collar band has an extra-light fused lining"Full disclosure: This was my first order of shirts from Luxire. I'd read all of the details about collars here, but hadn't paid close attention. In the end, I sent a shirt for replication and went through the spreadsheet to look at collars. Once I looked at all of them, I picked the one I wanted to try. In the end, it worked out,...
I'll also throw in for the Herring Charlton. Not sure what "big money" might be, but I have these and like them at their price point (available in other leathers):
...and then promptly donated them.
Well worth it though!This is the Broke and Bespoke button down collar. From the spreadsheet:"BD Collar by Broke and Bespoke 7921"I'll admit that it can "swallow" the neck, but I got it to wear open on these shirts most of the time. I'm going to do it again for that purpose. Possibly important to note was that I moved the first button down a couple of centimeters to allow it to be open without showing a crazy amount of chest. I can get button measurements on request.
No problem. Thanks for answering all of these. Happy to help out whenever I get a chance. It would be nice to get others involved in the answering process, it takes quite a bit to gather all of the questions into one spot and getting responses. I check in, but I'm 7+ hours behind and you're quick to the draw!
2 minutes apart, but...jinx, buy me a coke.
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