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Thanks so much for the response. It is an automatic and it was in drive.I was coming in slow, foot on the brake and about to come to a full stop when it took over. It does have cruise control.I think I will have it towed tomorrow as I really wouldn't feel safe driving it until someone can take a look. I really appreciate your help! I just caught a small rock in the windshield as well (which just turned into a crack), so I may just have to dump this car I'm afraid.If it...
Hi guys, need some help ASAP if anyone happens to check this thread daily. Pulled into a parking spot this morning and, with my foot on the brake, my car jumped forward. When I say jumped forward, I mean onto the sidewalk and nearly into a building. I obviously braked hard when it happened and didn't smash into the building. An aluminum rail in front of the building took my license plate off. Anyway, that's obviously a huge problem that could come from a number of things....
I was going to say Hugo Boss, but since it's already been guess, I'll guess Burberry. The beige neck loop would match a beige Burberry label.
If someone called you right as they were getting onto a really great roller coaster and then described the trip.The downside is that it confirms a stereotype that I assumed must be false, that New Yorkers and LAers can just walk into a shop and start grabbing piles of clothing as if it's some sort of timed game show.Still, fun to go along for the ride.
Wow, that's a pile of stuff. That Ballantyne sweater is insane.
Love that:
Yeah, strange, right? This is the third pair I've picked up and all have been a bit wacky. The others went to Spoo where they did pretty well. People seem to like the changeable lenses.
I like their stuff, and they've been carried in high-end stores in both Europe and the US. Their newer stuff is modern-looking. Relatively high price-point, but I'm not 100% sure where it's manufactured today. I'd grab a NWT duffle any day of the week though, nice find!
Made in Austria Made in Austria Made in Austria Made in Austria Made in Austria Made in Austria Made in Switzerland Anyone know which Oakley models these are? The first one looks similar to the Why, but I'm not too sure. This is probably a keeper. 100% Camelhair. Thick, 100% silk. Gauzey Shetland wool. Probably for women, but I'm going to try it. 100% Camelhair cardigan.
I'm just going to go ahead and assume you're not wearing pants.
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