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Ha! Actually, a copy/paste job from the Yiddish Slang Dictionary. I also love that you have a typo on the word typo
Oy vey! You mean slubby, right? If so, sounds cool.Schlub:a stupid, unattractive, clumsy personThis has the extra connotation of being uncultured and uneducated. It is akin to hick or yokel.
Wow, didn't know there were any Slovenians here! We are nearly neighbors, I can enter Slovenia to fill up my gas tank! Are you in/near Ljubljana?
There were only a few of us interested, actually. I have the feeling a number of EU based people lurk here but didn't speak up last time. I'd still be up for a trade circle inside Europe if anyone else is interested!
Great pictures and nice looking jackets! I read that there was a stabbing at Art Basel this year and that some witnesses were confused, thinking it was some sort of installation art?Oh, and did you happen to have a guest in your hotel room ( ) or do you do the same thing I do, use one bed to lounge around and eat and the other to sleep?
I think I'm getting caught up on PMs, but I apologize for the delay to everyone that has been waiting to hear back from me! A reminder: It's 100% okay to post your gifts/thanks in this thread, but there is also a dedicated thread you can post them as well: The 4th Annual Thrift Thread Gift Exchange Unveiling I'd love to have a bunch of posts in this thread so I can point new guys to it next year. A lot of first-timers are unsure of what to get/what is normal, so it...
Recent finds... NWOT Incotex. These went straight into my closet, they're awesome. Had to pay up a bit for this, still worthwhile. Since a number of people go to estate sales, you may run into one of these. If you'd like to list it for sale, it will be worthwhile to know that it works. You can have them serviced, but it won't be cheap. Often, people will leave flints in them which get stuck. You can see that the flint holder is cracked on this one, but...
If I were to guess, I'd say no later than 2007. They used those tags for quite a while. As far as size is concerned, a 98 is a German size, approximately an EU 48 long (if I remember correctly). 98-110 are the standard long sizes, 24-29 are the standard short sizes. The German-speaking world generally doesn't recognize long/short by letters as in Italian or English.Edit: Here's a chart from Suit Supply. You can ignore the actual measurements and just use the numbers for...
Love the Iris Apfel poster!
Happy to help for a great cause! Love this auction...I'll try to bid before I do the rest of my Christmas shopping in order to steal from my budget. Once I spend money on myself, I can decide who is important enough for a real gift and who is getting an air freshener from the car wash.
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