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Some recent & meager finds... Can someone double-check on that Dunhill tie? Oh, and is the "A" monogrammed on the Acne for Acne, or the original owner's initial?
That blanket is AWESOME, but what condition is that purse in, good? I assume it's mediocre, but could you clarify?
Well, only a couple of finds to post after the previous avalanche of awesome stuff... Ludwig Reiters, though ugly Norwegers... Vintage Jil Sander sunglasses...
Holy shit, what has been happening in here lately?!
Sorry, I missed this! It could be, but it doesn't quite look it....wish I could be of more help! I showed this picture to 4 other people and we couldn't confirm My pleasure, glad you guys had fun!
Congratulations to @eazye on winning the thrift thread fit contest! He's won a free pocket square of his choice (I'll PM you with details, eazy)! There was a lot of interest in it, so if anyone else would like to sponsor another one, have at it! It always makes it fun with a prize at the end of it, so suggestions include ties, shirts, books, etc.
I grabbed this one last year and (still) love it:The info on it that I sent another member:Note: Model numbers may differ between the countries, double check it before you buy.
Ooooh, size? Available?
17 minutes and no updates?! Are you going to post full pics or only teasers?!
Well done!
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