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Here is a short list of cool stuff. Thought I'd offer it up here as most of it is priced at personal use rather than flip pricing. They're all BIN, so no one's spot is being blown up. It's probably obvious, but read the listings because I probably only glanced at it. I don't know any of the sellers. Awesome Solmare...
Somehow, even though they have nearly 18% of the world's population, I've never been asked to ship to India. Has anyone here ever shipped to India and can share experiences?
Google translate says: @Luxeswap In the star account, I noticed that they sold these clothes a few months ago, and when I contacted them, I received a reply saying that they had stock. I received a vvv and it looks like 2014 winter product. I am glad and I am very happy when I get shaken. If I get well, I get a good result. I feel like this is what I have done. I feel that the feeling is subtle. I don't think that helps you, though.
That's incredible, that's exactly the outfit I was trying to mimic! Unbelieveable, gold star!
No, but that would have been a good one to do!
It's Faschinsdienstag/Carnival and some people dress up. I spent about 30 seconds attempting to come up with a costume that could be worn to work. I asked my wife to guess who I was and she said "Duke something or someone." Anyway, your guesses? Hint: classic book/film but from the film and it was a rather short scene.
Didn't mean to blow it! Then again, I certainly hope there aren't any barbarians that read this thread starting from the most recent post and scrolling up.
When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn't know I'd be buying a pair of blue velvet slippers. Thanks, Spoo.
That's completely bizarre that that jacket was purchased originally, used, donated, purchased by @SpooPoker (or someone else), donated, sent to Central America, and purchased by @JohnAAG.
You didn't happen to find those MMM pants in an unlocked garage in Utah, did you? I found a couple of pairs there a few months ago and was hoping to find the rest. Sorry, @ChetB, I kid but felt your pain when you shared that story.
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