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Thanks to all for the help in these! If you come across any, just let me know and I'll give you the address for a US PO box! I'm happy to compensate for time and postage!You guys are awesome!
A bit of help needed: Here's a fact: I love Chick-Fil-A. Really. I'm visiting the US at Christmas this year and just looked up gift cards on ebay, but there isn't much success. I did, however, read this listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chick-Fil-A-gift-card-for-five-complimentary-chicken-sandwich-meals-/161522127787?pt=US_Gift_Certificates&hash=item259b7813ab Apparently, these coupons are listed in newspapers. I'll be in the midwest and southeast, so if you come across...
Yes. Though here, it's sort of the small pond theory and that someone would come across it.
I agree. I've always been happy enough with Altea's quality, but the wools they have are especially nice. I also liked the cashmere that is available.
Everyone here likely shops on Sierra Trading Post, but I just grabbed some nice stuff with one of their 35% off coupons. Didn't know that Sierra Trading Post was purchased by TJX a couple of years ago! A lot of nice Altea scarves, pocket squares, and ties. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/altea~b~221/ I picked these two up: They're both wool. The pocket square was $25 and change and the tie $38. Not super deals, but not terrible when I think of them in €€€ Also...
Whoops, phone in the kitchen and on silent.
Thanks! That hat I've since sold, but I have a good 20 or so that I wear all winter. Is your hat size rare?I find them every so often, but this particular coat I ordered...from Canada, ironically enough. It was also made in Canada. Aquascutum made most of their fur coats in Canada until the 1980s. This one is cashmere/wool with a beaver collar/lapel. I do have this one around, though no tagged size. It was supposed to go to Capnwes, but somehow got packed in our move this...
Ha, well, it's an admittedly old photo, but here you go. It's something I wear once a week in winter.She got them from J. Crew as well, but I don't know the model. They're great. Still have the strong smell of leather that I love. She grabbed them when they had a site-wide 30% off sale which really makes them worthwhile. I'd recommend them to anyone, "real" boots.This is what Fok posted in the charity auction thread:
Is it anything like this? I bought this a couple of years ago after having looked for one for a couple of years. I love it and wear it often. I occasionally get looks, but I don't really care.I wanted to post these when I actually got them, but never got around to it. A birthday gift from my wife. I absolutely love them and have worn them like crazy. Not a thrift, obviously, but she did say that she got 30% off. After shipping from the US, it probably was close to full...
Found this on a 15 minute break. 100% cashmere and not available. Take a look at that pattern matching in the spoiler on the pocket flaps! [[SPOILER]]
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