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I was always taught the trick of hanging everything in one direction. When you wear something, hang it in the opposite direction. After 6 months, a year, whatever, you're probably safe to donate anything that hasn't been worn. Of course you have to make allowances for seasonally appropriate things, black tie, etc. As far as condition goes, I agree with the others. I like @ter1413's mention of having a specific charity in mind. There are a few places that I like that help...
I didn't notice the price, but the woman working there thought it was funny that I was taking a picture of it. I considered grabbing the bird from this menagerie:...but they wanted €100. The guy that watches over this stuff (furniture, home stuff) is normally friendly and was standing nearby. I asked him whether they were new, just making chit-chat. I knew they were as it was the third time I'd been in this week. He goes "New? What do you mean new?" and I said: "New, did...
I thought about proxying this for you, @TheNeedMachine...
Wow, thanks for that! Really appreciate it!
Mostly, I found the Hermès, PRL, and one of the Ferragamos locally. The rest were purchased in groups at a pretty good price. The cashmere Ferragamo is new with tags, but the prints were pretty meh condition-wise. Those are the beats, I suppose, so I don't really mind, but I'm happy I wasn't into them too much.
Nice! I bought this a couple of months ago:I've been very happy with it overall. I'd say it's pretty middle of the road in terms of coffee machines, but gets great marks for ease of use/cleanup. I'm currently drinking a Turkish coffee that I just made on the stove. Thanks! One of the few that came without stains. I bought all of the Ferragamos from a new seller on the extreme cheap. Turns out he can't describe any condition as most came with small stains. In fact, it was...
Here are some recent ties, most of which @capnwes was generous enough to proxy to me:Zegna: [[SPOILER]] Ferragamo: [[SPOILER]] Hermès:VersaceBurberryEtroFendiFerragamo (cashmere knit)PradaPRL
Thanks, eazy! I knew the vest to it existed, but it took about a week and a half before I finally found it. I recognized it before I even got to it on the rack.
Congratulations,@Snoogz! All the best!
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