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There have been a number of lines by Zegna including: Soft, Sport, and Z Zegna. There is also "Gritti by Ermenegildo Zegna" which is also made in their factories. However, yours caught my eye just scrolling because the font was wonky. I then saw it was "Ermenegildo Zegna Paris," which doesn't exist.A big thing for Asian manufacturers is to mention Paris. I've seen a number of fake Hermès ties that say "Made in Paris." I've seen a few fake Zegnas that had your tags, but...
I'm afraid to say that Zegna that is NWT is fake. Zegna is Italian, not French.
I've been on a blanket quest and considered ordering one from this mill. I found this one NWT and €5, so I grabbed it.A couple of the belts I found from a few weeks ago. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Are those Austrian?
Wow, just getting caught up on this thread. "These things gotta happen every 5 years, or so, 10 years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood."
Does no one want this? I had expected PMs. It's a size EU 52, measurements below. Minor wear inside pocket flap, but a staple for winter. The store's house-label stuff is made by Isaia, though this likely isn't. I'd love to see a trade on it if you have anything!Measurements:Armpit to armpit: 63cmSleeves: 67,5cmShoulders: 51cmTotal length (from bottom of collar): 115cm
No worries! I would have felt bad had you been relatively close and I hadn't taken the opportunity to show you around. Too bad on leaving empty handed (so to speak), but if you're willing to move to Austria, I'm sure I could find a decent Austrian woman for you. They can be stubborn, but they're wonderful women that know how to make a great torte.^ The above statement was endorsed by my wife, an Austrian woman.Finally, someone buy the boots in my signature. I've dropped...
Also, do a quick search in this thread. There are a number of guys that have shown off their setup but aren't likely to post it again. In order to run a search, just go to the top of the thread and you should see a link that says "search this thread." Enter something along the lines of "light setup" and you should get a few hits.Here's mine, for what it's worth: [[SPOILER]]
Ha! That's even a bit hard to find here...it's from western Austria, near Switzerland. Our local breweries are Gösser und Puntigam, so you often see them on special. The one above is Stiegl from Salzburg, not my normal beer.Also, you were in Austria last year? You should have sent me a message!
Oh, and I took this because it's that time of year again... beer advent calendars! I love them and you know what they say: "a beer a day keeps the doctor away." Realistically though, you bust them open and have 4-5 days at a time. Maybe that's just my house.
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