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Is it anything like this? I bought this a couple of years ago after having looked for one for a couple of years. I love it and wear it often. I occasionally get looks, but I don't really care.I wanted to post these when I actually got them, but never got around to it. A birthday gift from my wife. I absolutely love them and have worn them like crazy. Not a thrift, obviously, but she did say that she got 30% off. After shipping from the US, it probably was close to full...
Found this on a 15 minute break. 100% cashmere and not available. Take a look at that pattern matching in the spoiler on the pocket flaps! [[SPOILER]]
This was the total from our gift exchange collection. A total of $280 was just sent to Fok to help SF beat last year's goal. Thanks to everyone for sending in a donation. A special thanks to those that did (far) more than the minimum! If you'd like to participate in the charity auctions, take a look at the official thread. There is some awesome stuff again this year! STYLEFORUM 2014 HOLIDAY CHARITY AUCTIONS - 100% OF PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE...
WA? Angora?
I'm really happy you liked them and they worked out for you! You're probably aware, but others may not, that "The Suit" was written by longtime SF member @Manton.Happy holidays!Glad to see you back and posting!
Looks real! We have a special place for these types of questions in the future... Fake or Real (Authentic, Genuine, etc.) -- Official Thread
Filson on the flannel?
What size are you? Are you looking to unload the second?
I've been avoiding mean-mugging it for that very reason.Still fairly common here on recent stuff. I don't hate them as they look great when you're standing...no flaring of the sides.Oh, and I'm glad the link I posted about military dating was helpful to some! I saw those posts when I was catching up on everything, but failed to quote them.
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