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#Thriftishfit, it's just this side of "tweed weather" this morning.
Oh, and since there are a good number of Mac users, quick question: About half the time I restart my computer, I suddenly have to double-click everything. If I open a browser (Chrome), I don't get the little "hand" over a link, but the normal arrow, which I then have to double-click. Closing Chrome and re-opening it tends to clear it, but it's annoying. Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it something simple that I'm doing?
Also, if you go through with it, Hong Kong addresses can be confusing. I have to google them every time (as I only send something there every few months) to see which line/number is which.
Agnona did men's stuff for a little while as well, though I believe they stopped. I've had at least one overcoat in cashmere, and it was awesome. Also found a couple of women's cashmere sweaters that were great.
Sorry to hear that! A printer is a boring purchase and really, you just want it to work. I order toner in a 4 pack from an online company. Another thing I learned from another Brother laser printer I have is that they can easily be reset when they refuse to print due to low toner. It's a Nintendo-style button code, but I can get another 500-1,000 prints out of a cartridge without noticeable degradation after the printer refuses to print further due to an internal print...
I'll co-sign this, I bought about 75 of them over the summer. I still prefer a proper, wide hanger, but I was able to convert a bunch of IKEA hangers I already owned, which was nice.
^ Someone can correct me, but those are Edward Green, I believe. Nice looking!
Ironically, glasses are non porous and therefore easy to sterilize. If you're really a germaphobe though, it probably doesn't matter as it's more on of an OCD condition
Thanks for the helpful info! I didn't think it was much, but it was only €3 and worth the gamble. If any of your buddies are an XL, I can get it to you.
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