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Thanks! I will take a look as soon as I get a chance. You're right, @TheNeedMachine, I had the problem of not being able to go back more than 60 days.
Silly question time: How does one see all of their sales in one simple, easy place on ebay?
I think you answered your own question. Not sure how ridiculous it looks, but you're going to feel pretty aware & self-conscious about it. I'd say sell it and use the money to find something that fits a bit better. Beyond that, I personally hate black with tan/khaki. On the plus side, it's a cool cord jacket that someone will definitely want.
Huge shoutout to @rhz5001 for these shoes! I only ask about 1-2 things/year on this board, and I was quick to the draw on these. Incredibly fast shipping and he cut me a great deal, including a couple of bonus ties. Thanks again!
I'm not sure what kind of critique you'd like, but it's a bit hard to see with the photos. Fit of the suit looks okay from what I can see. It looks like you're going for a '60s salaryman look which is fine if that's what you like. If that's your goal, the shirt and tie look pretty incongruent. Not only do they look very spring-like colors, but the shirt looks more like a sport shirt rather than something I'd wear with a tie. If I'm right about the look you'd like to...
Everyone okay in your part of the world?Those are great. If you continue with it, I'd love to see any other projects you make!Very kind words. I appreciate your posts and fit pics. I enjoy keeping up with this thread quite a bit. When other people tell me their hobbies in real life, I'm interested. They tell me about archery, rock climbing, windsurfing and a variety of others. I haven't quite yet figured out a way to describe what I enjoy...digging through old stuff,...
I received a nice surprise this year...Additionally, I received a very nice pen engraved with my name.
Hahaha, well, doesn't that make for a nice audition for the entire rest of our lives? We started taking over the primary hosting duties and those with parents and in-laws can possibly attest that it's a big deal. Christmas is now cleaning the house, loading firewood, cooking, etc. Youth is wasted on the wrong people.
Today's the last shopping day to get things organized. I was listening to a charity drive on the radio and people that had benefited from the charity told stories of sudden hardships that they had faced. It's easy to forget that all of us can hit rough spots or a series of events could lead to difficulties we hadn't planned to face. If you have hit some unexpected expenses this year and are having trouble stretching your paycheck to get the things everyone wanted and...
To our Christian members and others that celebrate: Merry Christmas! To our Jewish friends: Enjoy empty movie theaters and great Chinese food! To many others: Happy winter solstice! To our atheist friends: Enjoy another day of the year where you feel confident that you can live a fulfilled life following an accepted set of norms and values that reflect modern society!
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