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Tlapa is a clothing store in Vienna. They carry a number of brands, though nothing I would willingly buy at retail (Boss, Joop!, etc.). They also have a lot of traditional clothing. You have a jacket in traditional styling. You'll see it worn at festivals and weddings, but it's also acceptable to wear to work at many places. While I don't admire the look, many men (especially 40+) will throw this on with jeans for the day. You can also find it with matching pants to be...
Here are 810 posts that will get you started... http://www.styleforum.net/t/79751/stuff-styleforvm-overrates/0_30
For some reason, the scene from "The Talented Mr. Ripley" popped into my head. The one where Dickie catches Tom trying on his clothes/dancing.
@SpooPoker: Amazing. I already PMed you, but that stuff is brilliant...all of it. I normally scroll through posts, glancing at things quickly, twice if it is extra interesting. For those photos, I admired each one, particularly that Escada gown. I'd love to see more photos of it! Well done all around!
Weird, I was just going to text you a this suggestion. I wasn't sure a wagon would veer too close to an uncool suggestion. We have a Opel wagon as a beater car to transport the dog, and it's been a champ. I'm looking at Audis and VWs for my next purchase.
Aren't they just made by Barrie, or am I thinking of a different English company?
This will require a bit of reading, which I'm not terribly sure you enjoy.I thought everyone else may be interested in it anyway. [[SPOILER]]
I lost my place trying to catch up on everything so I won't quote it, @GMMcL: Nice find on that Austrian piece! I don't know the brand, though I don't know many of them. A lot of them are smaller labels and often made in Austria (usually Tyrol or Salzburg). It's pretty pricey stuff when it's new. The shop in unfamiliar to me, not even sure it still exists, but the area is rather famous for a palace. It can be worn with Lederhosen or you will find the same style in a suit....
This will erupt into a week-long debate between 20+ people in here, so I'm going to quickly jump in and offer some advice.Do your research. This isn't the place to ask these questions, especially on your first 1-2 posts. Everyone will offer pieces of advice, but it's no one's job to offer you a guide to making money/compete. This is a thread that has the primary purpose of bragging about stuff that is found.Having said that, you'll find plenty of information on ebay and...
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