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I liked that one so much that "pipe smoking boy" is now my avatar.
A few finds. Nothing available at the moment. [[SPOILER]] Gloverall, my size (!)Caruso [[SPOILER]] The next things are from a flea market in my town. Strange, I was walking by on Friday afternoon on my way to a meeting. One woman had a table and I recognized the top shirt on the stack (shirts below). Weird to see in such a small town at a flea market. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] As I've mentioned, I have a collection of old photos. I will get hooked looking through a box of...
@jdrizzy asked me to post my photo setup a couple of weeks ago. First, I’d like to say that I’m NOT a photographer. There are plenty of real photographers that frequent this thread that I wouldn’t want to insult them by saying I know what I’m doing. Because I don’t. Anyway, I had space about 39cm deep and 96cm wide between a wall and chimney in my office. I chose to make due with this for photos rather than eat up a different corner. My area is multi-purpose. This means...
Good morning, gentlemen.
Thrift fit. Just after work, so it really looks like a mess. Crease fell out of pants (tweed trousers taken out of storage today), wrinkles, bunched jacket...what can I say, I've been wearing these clothes for 12 hours. Jacket (wool/cashmere house brand from a local shop) thrifted, wool/silk scarf thrifted, pocket square thrifted, shirt traded, shoes thrifted, tie thrifted, pants retail. My wife, as she took this, said "I forgot how arrogant you can look." I'm still...
What's funny is that when I wake up and have my first cup of coffee, I catch the end of the chatter from the night before. For my mid-morning coffee, I get to watch @spoopoker and @barrelntrigger exchange greetings.
...and a couple of clothing related buys. Please ignore the orange/peach colored wall in the closet, I haven't gotten to painting it yet.I've passed up literally dozens of different versions of valets and presses. I grabbed this one because it was so cheap (€5) and came with a guarantee. It's the Corby 7700.Bought at retail, but both my wife and I have fallen in love with it. If you don't have a steam iron, go out and buy one NOW. This one is quiet, holds 1.5L and can do...
Thanks! He's my buddy...we go everywhere together.
Woolrich reversible down vest [[SPOILER]] Three piece [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Went to a lake near my town this afternoon, thought I'd share. Spoilered as many (understandably) don't care. Thrift posts to follow, stand by. [[SPOILER]]
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