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Hahahaha, I would be the poor son of a bitch rooting through the box for 15 minutes thinking there must be some sort of Ferragamo scarf in the bottom of the box. It literally happens to me at least twice a week as I dig through baskets full of old-lady-perfume-stained polyester scarves that were picked up on holiday in Greece in 1986.
Remember a couple of years ago when you posted a picture from the field with a cart full of Versace/silk-looking shirts? Then we had to wait to find out that they weren't Versace nor were they silk. I still remember that.
Haute Couture Dior by the man himself?
My most recent order came in today... Left to right: Blue denim slubby chambray, classic blue oxford, Albini: end on end sky blue I had hoped the blue denim and blue oxford were a bit more saturated/blue. The real star was the Albini end on end. It's a brilliant fabric and I would consider getting two or three more. My pictures don't capture it well enough.
Every time I see a fur or shearling hat, I assume it's either made in Sweden or Finland before I pick it up. Most of the vintage stuff that I find (fur/shearling, that is) was made in one of those two countries.
Good question! Another reminder that you're more than welcome to post photos/thanks here, but there is also a dedicated thread:4th Annual Thrift Thread Gift Exchange UnveilingIf you do post here, I'd ask that you cross post to the other thread as well. It will make it easier next year for anyone that joins the exchange for the first time and would like to see examples of gifts that have been sent. Thanks!
^ That was going to be my one-word response when I read the question! I have a Rowenta 8960 which is their "Silent Steam" version. Not sure if it's available in the US or if it is, it is possibly under a different model number. Not cheap, but really like it and have had it for a year or year and a half.
Ha! Actually, a copy/paste job from the Yiddish Slang Dictionary. I also love that you have a typo on the word typo
Oy vey! You mean slubby, right? If so, sounds cool.Schlub:a stupid, unattractive, clumsy personThis has the extra connotation of being uncultured and uneducated. It is akin to hick or yokel.
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