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My goal was to upload all of my photos into one long post, but unfortunately I've been incredibly busy at home and work so I haven't had the time to get caught up. I have a ton of stuff at the moment, so it will take some time!Warning: Lots of photos!Someone tell me this isn't incredible... [[SPOILER]] Whoa, morning dress! But wait, who made it?? [[SPOILER]] Ahh, but what about a fit pic? [[SPOILER]] On to shoes... [[SPOILER]] Henry Maxwell/Foster & Son Bespoke [[SPOILER]]...
Haha, I actually overslept this morning. I meant to be up by 5:00. I normally catch the end of the conversations after I wake up and before you guys get to bed.
For the record, I attempted to flag the post about that terrible clothing brand up there as spam, but instead gave it a thumb. Not the first time I've done that, but just wanted to be clear that I'm not endorsing it
I'd just let it get buried under more recent feedback. It doesn't hit your scores and there won't be too many potential buyers that will see it and even of those that do, few will be turned off by it.
Guys with small feet, these are sitting at $16. I wore them ONE TIME for about 4 hours. GET ON IT! A couple of things I bought at Barney's and didn't even remove the tags: Size 30 black leather belt, made in Italy. Still at $12.50: Size M linen cap, made in Italy. Still at $10.49.
Big thanks to everyone for the comments and thumbs. I was thrilled to hit the jackpot...it's sincerely rare in my part of the world. Many of my stores have 10 or so jackets hanging at any given time, so to find a boatload like that never really happens. It's even a bit sweeter since I can pick and choose what I'd like to keep out of it.@capnwes: I should have thought about my name choice, it's not the easiest thing to remember/spell/say.
Follow-up on this: I went to another store to track down more of this donation and was fairly successful. I was amazed at the quality, lack of use, and variety of this person's wardrobe. I finally found a bespoke suit (I'd eventually find about 10 more) and saw his name. He's well known locally...and owned a men's store that sells everyone's favorite brands (think Kiton, Brioni, et al). I believe he would pull one suit in his size from anything he liked, have the lining...
Great song...
You always think about those witty responses on your way out."Yeah? Well, the jerk store called and they're running out of you!"
Incredibly true.I thought about that later, that maybe she has the right idea!I can't tell you how many Swedish and Finnish fur hats I've seen. I do love them and own one myself. I, too, bought it at a flea market. It was freezing cold, so I put it on. Within 5 minutes one person had offered to buy it from me and another stopped and gave me a thumbs up with a "nice hat!" My wife hates it.
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