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I know the feeling. My biggest fear is grabbing the wrong end (is there really a right end?) or a needle or something in a mess like that.
I have a few stores that do this. There will be 200+ ties in a giant box/basket. I will grab a basket (one store even gives me a stool) and quickly sort through them. I will only spend time on ties with a decent feel/pattern. Yes, I look like a crazy person and one store sincerely believed I was mentally challenged/crazy for a couple of months. They would talk to me slowly, as if I were a child. It caught them off guard when I said "well, there must be a better way to sell...
NWT Belvest jacket. Size EU 50 in 100% linen. Price €300 €270 with free shipping in the EU. Measurements: Buttons: 3/2 Vents: 2 Armpit to armpit: 54.5cm Sleeves: 63.5cm Shoulders: 47.5cm Length from bottom of collar: 77cm
Oh, and in regard to all of the Burberry talk: great idea @SpooPoker. Burberry is one of those brands that I can rarely authenticate, at least newer stuff. Their quality for a lot of current stuff isn't great and it's so often faked. That said, yours looks good but I have NO idea.
Tlapa is a clothing store in Vienna. They carry a number of brands, though nothing I would willingly buy at retail (Boss, Joop!, etc.). They also have a lot of traditional clothing. You have a jacket in traditional styling. You'll see it worn at festivals and weddings, but it's also acceptable to wear to work at many places. While I don't admire the look, many men (especially 40+) will throw this on with jeans for the day. You can also find it with matching pants to be...
Here are 810 posts that will get you started... http://www.styleforum.net/t/79751/stuff-styleforvm-overrates/0_30
For some reason, the scene from "The Talented Mr. Ripley" popped into my head. The one where Dickie catches Tom trying on his clothes/dancing.
@SpooPoker: Amazing. I already PMed you, but that stuff is brilliant...all of it. I normally scroll through posts, glancing at things quickly, twice if it is extra interesting. For those photos, I admired each one, particularly that Escada gown. I'd love to see more photos of it! Well done all around!
Weird, I was just going to text you a this suggestion. I wasn't sure a wagon would veer too close to an uncool suggestion. We have a Opel wagon as a beater car to transport the dog, and it's been a champ. I'm looking at Audis and VWs for my next purchase.
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