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Speaking of my tailor, maybe you guys could help, especially the aspiring tailors/designers here. The shop does full bespoke and they do anything complicated I have. For alterations, they aren't "cheap," but guarantee their work and always willingly invite me back if something isn't quite right. The father is great to work with...enthusiastic, knowledgable, personable. He's the type that just loves to talk about it, no pressure. He will grab books and show off fabrics and...
Two years ago, my tailor went to Peru to pick up some Vicuña. He showed me a couple of bolts he bought and it felt...heavenly. By spring, he joked that he had only made one overcoat but that he isn't giving up on it. I walked by his shop a few days ago and saw this. Thought you guys might be interested in seeing it, so I took a quick photo.
Yeah, did you find one? It's a black label with white writing.
Whenever someone uses GSP, this is what I see from an ebay.com search:They will calculate a shipping charge and then add in import duty. The problem is, this doesn't reflect realistic charges most of the time. Both the shipping and duty are normally higher than they would be with a normal carrier. The shipping charge, isn't my problem, it's the duty charge. When something is sent to me from the US using the USPS with any service and declared for the actual amount, I'm hit...
Except allowing them to return the item.I think it's perfectly fine for a seller to have a no-return policy. I think it makes sense with things like pre-owned clothing, especially when sellers provide accurate measurements. Like you said, there are a number of successful sellers that do not offer returns, so it's more than just possible to be successful and refuse returns.Having said that, I don't think you can offer a guarantee that "you will do anything to make them...
I wonder if Dutch auction fits in with the others...Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on this auction...
Correct!Here is my setup spoilered: [[SPOILER]]
Congrats to @SpooPoker and @ridethecliche for completely different things! Also, meant to say it yesterday, but Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends!
Thanks to all for the help in these! If you come across any, just let me know and I'll give you the address for a US PO box! I'm happy to compensate for time and postage!You guys are awesome!
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