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As said, it's the EU. In French: "Union européenne", Italian: "Unione europea." I'm sure there are other languages like this. Whenever I see EU or UE on a product, I assume they mean to say "Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc." No offense to those countries, but I know of companies here that manufacture in Slovenia and stamp products "Made in the EU." Again, it shouldn't necessarily make the product inferior.
How heavy is it? If it feels abnormally heavy, it could be horsehide.
A couple of non-clothing grabs. I glance at the glasses every time, but pass most of the time. Not that there isn't quality stuff in it, because there is, but I don't have patience to build a set when you find 1 or two glasses at once. I needed extra beer glasses for a BBQ, so I grabbed these for .40 each. I prefer plain pints, but these were cheap. Should anyone need glasses like that (often branded by Austrian/German beers) and be willing to pay shipping/risk breaking...
A few summer things that I have here that are available for trade (you don't want to do cost + shipping).Nice linen from a (now defunct) store:Measurements (taken in cm, approx. in given):Armpit to armpit: 57cm (22.4in)Sleeves: 68.5cm (~30in)Shoulders: 46cm (~18in)Length: 80cm (~31.5in) [[SPOILER]] RLPL navy linen for big guys (tagged size 18). This one has a few issues, but you could still get a summer out of it. It's been washed a few times, and you know that with dark...
Thanks for the info! I checked while I was there, but didn't see anything. There was a small, circular spot on each where it could have been removed. If they're still there, I'll grab them and let you know. Thanks again!
@ChetB, @impuntura: Saw two of these chairs and may grab them because I like them. Are they by NO Møller (sorry for the blurry photos)? Saw this and a few listings: http://www.danish-modern.co.uk/no-m%C3%B8ller-at-asbj%C3%B8rn-m%C3%B8bler/ Would you guys grab these at ~€35 each?
^ Great, following Kiton with hats that have holes in the front. Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to rain on your parade. Great finds Eazy, congrats on the house! Can't wait to see the wall you'll shoot your photos!
Very kind of you to say! Unfortunately, it wouldn't have qualified. However, the shoes (C&J) and sunglasses (tortoise B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers) were thrifted. The old lady at the thrift store recognized my shoes from a year (!) ago. She said "Hr. HansderHund! Those shoes, made in England, right?!"A few meager finds...NWT (!).. [[SPOILER]] Altea [[SPOILER]] Staple Barba [[SPOILER]]
Tomorrow is a national holiday, so it's a long weekend. As a result, I decided to wear something a bit bright. Started out sunny, ended up raining at the end and got caught in it. Picture is after 12 hours of wear, so not great. I never had the sleeves taken up on it, but it was passable. Should probably do it, but I wear this so infrequently that I can never seem to remember to get it done. Also, wonky tie knot.The thing is that a double-breasted, cream suit obviously...
You can always start paying for votes!
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