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Compiled the posts thus far to continue it. Also, @SpooPoker, I fixed your original post.
Every so often I like to take a look back at what was posted a year, three years, or five years ago. This was close to 2 years ago and an incredible find. Since it's a new thread, I thought I'd post it here. Lots of photos spoilered, but great haul @Nataku! Fun to revisit! If anyone would like to see the original post (and part 2), click here. Since our original thread is locked, you can no longer quote it directly, but have to copy/paste image URLs. If there's an easier...
Weird! Synergy, right? This one is tagged a US 42 (weird that it is US sizing). I didn't do much better on the photography though, that's for sure. My skills leave a lot to the imagination.
GREAT looking kitchen eazy! Oh, and I have those exact shoes, but mine need a resole by now. Any idea on places that recraft Church's these days since Prada certainly won't?
Nice to have a new playground! Nothing crazy to post, but wanted to jump in on the 181 posts in the new thread. Loved this pattern. Well-made house-label tie. Cotton PRL jacket Mint Z Zegna suit
Buy dead men's clothesPost photos of old clothingMake money, buy more, die
Can we just make it a policy that all posts must be written in Haiku?
Haha You caught it before my edit! Whenever I physically type "ß," it automatically submits. I forget this and have to quickly edit before anyone quotes. Looks like I caught the high traffic point!
Funny story: I was in Vienna and walking next to a really well-dressed man. His jacket was great, and I had to ask him about it. This was our conversation: Me: Weird question, but I have to ask, where did you get your jacket? Him: Thanks! A place on Kärntner Straße, but I ordered it online. Me: Is it Canali? Him: [opens the jacket to check] Me: Yeah, that's Canali. Wool, linen, silk? Him: Looks like it! Impressive! Me: Thanks I really wanted to tell him I'd buy...
LV got their start with trunks. Interesting read, you should check out their history, humble beginnings compared to what we think of it today!^ If he were alive today, Dr. Freud would like to have a conversation with both of you.
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