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Anyone interested in an alabaster chess set? Seemed like it was NOS and made in Italy. Bottom of the pieces were marked "C. A. & A. Made in Italy." Shipping will be murder because it's so heavy, but not sure whether it would still be worthwhile. They had t marked at €29. Let me know within the next hour and a half.
Thanks for the assist! It seemed a bit blousey, but that could just be the way it's cut.
I stepped out of a store today and saw their donation basked out front. I glanced and saw this: I asked with a smile and a "please" whether I could take a look and they let me. @Fueco Is this women's?
I've seen those tags before and I always pause for a moment. I'm not 100% sure to be honest, though the first tags look okay. This is the older tag I see more often:
Holy hell, @silverwarebandit, incredible haul! Oh, and PM sent!
That looks pretty good, what about the tag in the seam?
Making it's first StyleForum appearance since 2012! Can you shoot a jacket in front of the blinds next? Ha.
It's happened to me. It was like they just threw the tag in after the fact. I was a bit concerned and they seemed completely unbothered by it. Received the refund without problem.On another note, it looks like Yoox forgot how to pants.
Anyone else get a kick out of seeing suggested people to follow on Instagram and guessing who they are from here based on their photo setup/mannequin?
A few recent finds... Pretty recent P&S in a gorgeous color, has the Certilogo code on it. Got this for free, but the collar has some damage. Is this the "cool" VJC? @SpooPoker Cool PS Posted this awhile ago and just found it in storage. Anyone (or their wife/girlfriend) interested?
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