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The artist is Walter Goß Winningen and the cover says "Our Beautiful Fassenheim," Fassenheim being the city, "at the foot of the Eifel." It's in western Germany. Below the title, it says "12 prints from the original drawings of Walter Goß Winningen."The first picture is the chapel at the hospital. The second picture is a castle building. The third picture is a church. The last picture is an old tree on a road.That said, I have no idea on value, sorry!
Do you have another shirt you can wear? Personally, since that jacket is so busy, adding a stripe to it doesn't help, though I don't dislike the red with it necessarily. I assume you're going relatively casual? If you have an indigo-colored chambray or oxford shirt, that may make it more cohesive, but you'd want to experiment.
Grabbed these on a whim. Anyone have any experience? A couple of listings pop up, but not sure how realistic their expectations are.
I was the only adult without a child with me that was admiring it. I walked the entire thing and took a few photos. My favorite part wasn't shown...one of the upright cats had a pet cat that looked like a normal cat.A small mall here in Austria.
I stopped by a mall today and was crossing the food court and saw their giant holiday display.I like to imagine the meeting going like this:Manager: Okay ladies and gentlemen, it's July and we need to get a concrete plan together for our holiday theme and display. Let's brainstorm this.Marco: Classic nativity?Manager: Too boring, get it together, Marco.Bettina: Christmas in the Alps?Manager: Too expected, Bettina. We need something that's more now. Come on, guys!Frank:...
That's what she said.
Great looking jacket and really cool find. I had something similar happen. A few months ago, I came across several Brioni suits at a decent price. I knew they were M2M or bespoke, but didn't think to check the name for a number of weeks. They turned out to be for Francesco Pesci, former CEO of Brioni.
Yeah, you'd better give me the insurance, because I'm going to beat the hell out of this car.
Quick request: Does anyone have any NWT Burberry? Novacheck tie would be great, but that's a stretch, I know. My accountant saved me a boatload of money and he happens to be the godfather to my son, so I'd like to get him something nice. I'd be happy to pay (ebay price - fees) + shipping/handling. He loves Burberry and would be interested in something like Filson. Again, it has to be NWT and relatively soon as it would be for Christmas. I'd also like to get something...
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