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Funny you mention it! I had just started to write the post for this thread when I saw that one on the main page. May get into it this year, I haven't in previous years.For those interested, I'll be posting the info/rules/timeline for this years gift exchange in the next week or two!
Bonus tip for those that do BIN, though you may find this to be common knowledge: If you're currently doing good 'til cancelled, consider switching to 30 day format. I have always gotten 1-2 sales/month as the listing is about to end, presumably the reminder from ebay to watchers helps. Additionally, the buyer gets the pressure that the item may not be relisted. I get a quick blast of traffic to all of my listings/store visits due to relisting every month. Downside: You...
I don't do a lot of auctions, but I can tell you I get a lot more views/sales on Sundays between 7-10pm than any other 3 hour time period during the week.
Google translate says it may be hemp and polyester....but certainly can't guarantee that translation!
I never saw California Split, but it's on my list now!
^This is awesome.^This is awesome.I think that's the second Rounders quote in the last week or so...."I'm sorry John, I don't remember." Every time I see a sale/PayPal notification, John Malkovich speaks to me in my head.
Sorry to ask everyone again, but can anyone help me on these? I think/thought they were real, but I question it because it's the exact thing that would be fake.
Oh no, you're definitely right. I just meant that it doesn't seem to sell for quite as much as branded Cucinelli. Then again, that may just be eBay.de and not reflective of eBay.com.Nice looking watch!
I grabbed it thinking I'd just found some NWT almost-Cucinelli. Unfortunately, the market doesn't see it that way. The 3 Brioni orphans he has listed is also a good deal....though they're orphans.
Congrats on the grand opening!Yeah, that's all great stuff, but are you back in stock on Ossinne shirts yet? I've been dying for an XXXXL if you ever get them.
New Posts  All Forums: