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Wow, @GMMcL! I was going to quote my favorite thing, but I couldn't pick one out...amazing!
Would people here be interested in a group membership to an art/antique website that gives historical price data? So often I run a search only to find results that require a subscription for the useful bits of information. Beyond interest, is a group/shared membership ordinarily banned in subscription agreements/terms of service?
My pleasure. You'll see that date on a lot of Italian-made stuff if you look at the fine print. Again, that haul is insane!The Italian reference:Legge 883/73Testo della LEGGE 26 NOVEMBRE 1973, n° 883 “Disciplina della denominazione e della etichettatura dei prodotti tessili” coordinato con le integrazioni e le modifiche di cui alla legge 8 agosto 1977, N°632 e legge 4 ottobre 1976, N° 669.The law goes into detail, but the gist is that it declares that all garments must be...
Amazing haul @eazye ! That Caruso is modern...I'm on mobile, but I assume that date is 26.11.1973? If it is, it's in reference to Italian textile law, not a made date.
Thanks for that help, guys! Incredibly detailed information for me. Really appreciate it!
Anyone know from what years this label was used? @Jompso, you're all about Zegna, any ideas?
I agree with this 100% ^I think it makes sense to get straight to the real number. By offering a "best offer" option in ANY transaction, the seller is implying that the stated price is likely inflated and not they do not expect to receive it. However, by asking a seller what a better price is, the buyer is skipping an important step in their responsibility...showing interest by making an offer.If you're selling a car and want to get €10,000 for it, you may list it at...
Yes, I PMed your guy on the 28th and haven't heard back yet, but I'll let you know what I hear.
Not a lot on my list these days, bespoke Lobb was knocked off my list last year. I have a few tailors that I want to find though...the search continues!
Happy new year to everyone! Has anyone not received their gift from the exchange? I've been in contact with a couple of you, but I just want to be sure that everyone has everything worked out! Some of the international gifts have taken a bit longer, but that's not a huge problem and is almost expected this time of the year. If you are one of the two people that received a PM from me asking about the status of the gift you sent, please respond. I've already checked, and...
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