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To repeat what has been said, yes, they're likely going to be cheaply/poorly made. Going from Gucci loafers to Stacy Adams is a pretty big jump and there is plenty in between. Carmina is a good start and Loake is also a great value (price:quality) option. You can also go with a US maker such as Allen Edmonds, which is often recommended across the board. If you can narrow your budget down a bit to a number you'd be comfortable spending, we can point you in the right...
Sounds like a brilliant idea to me!The entrants I have are spoilered below. If I missed your photo, just let me know! [[SPOILER]] Here are some of the possible choices you have for a pocket square. Note: I haven't done them in awhile, so yours may not be quite as pretty. Furthermore, I never learned how to finish corners. Either I'll learn before the winner's is completed or they will not look great. Consider it part of the fun!Edit: First fabric not available.CottonLinen
I've been working for hours today under quite a bit of stress without much relief coming in the next couple of months. I had the bright idea of checking in on the thrift thread. I then read the chaos that it has been over the last 24 hours. In order to spur some actual photos in here, I'm starting a contest. The best "thrift fit" wins. The prize: I'll make a hand-rolled pocket square for you, your choice of fabric (depending on what I have available). The rules: Photo...
They should email you a prepaid label to attach to the package along with a scheduled pickup date. If they haven't, you can email them about it with a reference to your order number. Attach the label to the package and mark the package as "SAMPLE" on the outside. The label will have multiple pages that the carrier will need including the value, contents, etc.I am able to leave the package outside and DHL picks it up. If the documentation isn't in order, it is held until I...
Ahh, gotcha...still interested, available?
Netjets cashmere? Available?
+1..."Christian Dior Japan."+1...definitely one of the best threads overall, especially since some of the [very] knowledgable guys took off from SF.
You can still keep my thumb on that...didn't know it existed either.For those that want to know more about Dior licensing: [[SPOILER]]
Why not something in school colors?
Silver or silver plated?
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