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One more. I think it's real and from the '80s. That internal lining is throwing me though. It feels like the (really) cheap lining used in fake purses. Any input from the experts? @PLaydice, you find a lot of vintage Fendi, right? [[SPOILER]]
Couple of finds from today. Measurements in the spoilers, both are available....AWESOME Daks wool jacket. Wool lining as well, flawless. [[SPOILER]] Barbour 3/4 trench, size L. 75/25 cotton/PU [[SPOILER]]
Isn't it?! I didn't even pretend to myself that I was going to sell it...straight to the tie closet!
Are you located in Europe and want to trade stuff? @Doomsticks and I mentioned the idea together. If you are interested, shoot me a PM and I'll keep you updated!
Today's finds....Starting with my favorite. This thing is heavy and I wish it were my size. However, it's sized for a 3 year old (Maybe? No real idea on how big a 3 year old should be.). Keeper for sure! [[SPOILER]] Unassuming turtleneck, but the fabric felt great as my hand passed it, so I had to check. I'm glad I did. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] One of the best fall-colored ties I've found. It's my favorite fabric blend: 70/30 wool/silk. I love wool/silk scarves as well....
This thread...
Ahh, beat me by a second. You're right, it really doesn't have flip value as a brand. As with anything though, there are likely exceptions. I'm looking at a Lauren Ralph Lauren cardigan on ebay right now. Nearly always a pass, but it would be something I'd pick up if I had seen it. Instead, I'm on the other side of the transaction wondering whether I should pay that much for LRL.
Not really, it's from Marks & Spencer I believe. I normally pass it all, but this was heavy, wool, no holes, and a great color. I thought someone might want a nice cardigan just for the house/weekend home.
Forgot that I picked this up at a discount store. They had a few different types, but I really liked this one. If anyone's interested, I could proxy something similar (this was the last weird-looking dog). Beechwood stick, lucite horn: [[SPOILER]]
Recent finds...I don't know the brand and search results naturally show Royal Air Force links. Some of the quilting has come undone, but nothing terrible. Available. [[SPOILER]] Next two are awesome, but my wife claimed they smelled like an old man. I smell pipe tobacco. It's possible those two aren't mutually exclusive, either way, it would likely come out. Other than that, great condition. Both wool, both made in England. Available. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] ...
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