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Well worth it though!This is the Broke and Bespoke button down collar. From the spreadsheet:"BD Collar by Broke and Bespoke 7921"I'll admit that it can "swallow" the neck, but I got it to wear open on these shirts most of the time. I'm going to do it again for that purpose. Possibly important to note was that I moved the first button down a couple of centimeters to allow it to be open without showing a crazy amount of chest. I can get button measurements on request.
No problem. Thanks for answering all of these. Happy to help out whenever I get a chance. It would be nice to get others involved in the answering process, it takes quite a bit to gather all of the questions into one spot and getting responses. I check in, but I'm 7+ hours behind and you're quick to the draw!
2 minutes apart, but...jinx, buy me a coke.
Just out of curiosity, what made you go for the glen plaid as opposed to the navy blazer? If you don't currently have a navy blazer, it's the most versatile jacket you can possibly own.As to your specific questions, glen plaid is something that hasn't ever really been out of fashion. You've seen the fabric used in every decade and can expect to see it for the foreseeable future. I wouldn't worry about that.You can wear the jacket as you see fit. I have a couple of jackets...
Ahh, I see you've played knifey-spooney before.
Did I thrift that? If not, why not?!Size/maker on the Panama on the bottom left?
No worries! I was going to include that info in the original post as I always wonder when I see photos, until someone actually asks. This is the Broke and Bespoke button down collar. From the spreadsheet:"BD Collar by Broke and Bespoke 7921"My wife was excited to see my order. I pulled that out first and she said "Oh!...another blue striped shirt...great!" I replied, "it's indigo."I have quite a few blue striped shirts as well, something I can't tire of. Anyway, here is...
Nice, right? I will probably go in for the other "blue"/white linen dress stripe. Here it is in action:
Linen sale order came in...L to R: linen: blue chambray, linen: indigo white dress stripes, blue micro-gingham linen, cool white linen/cottonCream twill chinos [[SPOILER]]
Isn't that Jomspo?
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