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Also, do a quick search in this thread. There are a number of guys that have shown off their setup but aren't likely to post it again. In order to run a search, just go to the top of the thread and you should see a link that says "search this thread." Enter something along the lines of "light setup" and you should get a few hits.Here's mine, for what it's worth: [[SPOILER]]
Ha! That's even a bit hard to find here...it's from western Austria, near Switzerland. Our local breweries are Gösser und Puntigam, so you often see them on special. The one above is Stiegl from Salzburg, not my normal beer.Also, you were in Austria last year? You should have sent me a message!
Oh, and I took this because it's that time of year again... beer advent calendars! I love them and you know what they say: "a beer a day keeps the doctor away." Realistically though, you bust them open and have 4-5 days at a time. Maybe that's just my house.
Some recent finds...Chester Barrie. Missing pants [[SPOILER]] Chester Barrie [[SPOILER]] Great Savile Row piece. Sullivan & Woolley overcoat, pre-Poole (?) [[SPOILER]] Cashmere overcoat. Local store's (recent) house label. [[SPOILER]] Fjäll Räven hunting pants [[SPOILER]] Super Regent riding boots that I may have previously posted months ago, I'm behind. [[SPOILER]] Ugly Jil Sander loafers [[SPOILER]]
Absolutely. I left that out simply because I did not want to appear xenophobic. Though we have strong regional differences in language and, to an extent culture, it is nothing compared to other countries. If you were to pull two families out of Austria at random, the odds are highly favorable that they'd share a language, religion, basic morals and values, etc. This is often cited when the US is discussed, it's rather hard for an Austrian to grasp such differences.
I won't really wade into any sort of debate, but for those that are curious, I thought I'd offer an overview of our system. We have social healthcare. Everyone must be insured by law and nearly everyone has social insurance. Lose your job? You still have insurance. Can't afford to pay it? You still have insurance. There are no committees that decide whether you should live or die. You're sick, you get treatment. It's possible to fall through the cracks and somehow find...
I assume it does as I've seen others refer to a variety of colors as "seersucker," so I assume it's in reference to the fabric rather than colors/patterns.It should also work with Kafka loving co-eds that took first year German.
zom zom zom zom zom zom zom zom.....Prooooooooost!
You beat me while I tried to post my response.In German, you say "zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke" which is the equivalent of "great minds think alike." However, the German translation comes out as "two idiots share the same thought," while the English version makes it sound like two brilliant people have the same idea. I like them both.
Those are nice!If you mean "seersucker," that's the best description I've ever heard. Nice finds! If I wore camouflage, I'd be hitting you up on that Etro!
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