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I wear mine with mid/light grey trousers, white or blue shirt, white linen PS.I'll second/third/fourth motions that@eazye's posts are always full of amazing stuff and/or interesting
Yes and no. I list the sizes that the shoe/clothing lists, but my ebay makes me put a German/EU size in order to list. It's a pain, because I have to explicitly state that a conversion chart was used and that it is actually a UK XX or US YY. I had to take a return once from a rather unpleasant guy that decided his conversion was more accurate than the chart I used. I had included measurements of the insole as well, but that didn't matter to him. I also field questions...
Thanks! It's really nice. My photos don't do it any favors.
Some more stuff that @capnwes was generous enough to proxy. This post was sponsored by Hermès and Salvatore Ferragamo.Ferragamo loafersFerragamo bagHermès scarf pillowcaseHermès pillowcaseNew Hermès tie (a steal!)Ferragamo pocket squareFerragamo pocket squareA bonus from Wes. Can you guess the maker? [[SPOILER]]
No worries, perpetual neutrality over here!
I was always taught the trick of hanging everything in one direction. When you wear something, hang it in the opposite direction. After 6 months, a year, whatever, you're probably safe to donate anything that hasn't been worn. Of course you have to make allowances for seasonally appropriate things, black tie, etc. As far as condition goes, I agree with the others. I like @ter1413's mention of having a specific charity in mind. There are a few places that I like that help...
I didn't notice the price, but the woman working there thought it was funny that I was taking a picture of it. I considered grabbing the bird from this menagerie:...but they wanted €100. The guy that watches over this stuff (furniture, home stuff) is normally friendly and was standing nearby. I asked him whether they were new, just making chit-chat. I knew they were as it was the third time I'd been in this week. He goes "New? What do you mean new?" and I said: "New, did...
I thought about proxying this for you, @TheNeedMachine...
Wow, thanks for that! Really appreciate it!
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