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I want to thank everyone for chiming in on a decidedly non-thrifting/clothing related topic. At the very least, it sounds as though I'm not crazy in feeling like it's a bit invasive. That's reassuring. I really enjoyed the stories of dealing with parents-in-law, it's good to know I'm not alone. I agree that I think it's rude that it's being pushed like this. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of those cases where I feel like the only sane person in a crazy house, because...
Now write that down.
Yes, it's certainly not something unattainable here either. I think it's just that he wants me to tell him.Thank you for your candid reply. There is a lot that runs through my head, but self-control often gets the better of me. In this case, I would love to make a point about this, but I'm not sure I will make a point. In the end, I'm likely to be seen as being difficult (at least). I would really expect him to speak up if I mentioned that I was transferring money to a...
Frustrating, right? We're on the same page, but since it's her family, she feels a bit torn (understandably so). The family, when they get together, will discuss these things often. However, my father-in-law has never mentioned the cost of several of his last big purchases to me (cars, construction, etc.). I don't think he'd voluntarily share his salary either, but he had no problem asking my wife in front of several people. She told him that wasn't something she'd...
Thanks for your input! I felt the same...if I can take a hard line now, then we'll come to an understanding. However, he can hold a grudge like no one's business. If he's sour about it now, he will continue to be for quite awhile.My wife is with me on this, but we don't want to create giant problems for everyone.
The recent discussions of houses/mortgages brings up a question I have. Spoilered as it's non-thrift related. [[SPOILER]]
I know the feeling. My biggest fear is grabbing the wrong end (is there really a right end?) or a needle or something in a mess like that.
I have a few stores that do this. There will be 200+ ties in a giant box/basket. I will grab a basket (one store even gives me a stool) and quickly sort through them. I will only spend time on ties with a decent feel/pattern. Yes, I look like a crazy person and one store sincerely believed I was mentally challenged/crazy for a couple of months. They would talk to me slowly, as if I were a child. It caught them off guard when I said "well, there must be a better way to sell...
NWT Belvest jacket. Size EU 50 in 100% linen. Price €300 €270 with free shipping in the EU. Measurements: Buttons: 3/2 Vents: 2 Armpit to armpit: 54.5cm Sleeves: 63.5cm Shoulders: 47.5cm Length from bottom of collar: 77cm
Oh, and in regard to all of the Burberry talk: great idea @SpooPoker. Burberry is one of those brands that I can rarely authenticate, at least newer stuff. Their quality for a lot of current stuff isn't great and it's so often faked. That said, yours looks good but I have NO idea.
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