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^ Had to edit that twice in 30 seconds. For some weird reason, I had "Dior" in my head and thought of John Galliano. Somehow I recognized my mistake immediately and thought "Not Dior, Dior Homme" and wrote Hedi Slimane, again incorrect. I'm tired.
If the 2006 in the tag indicates the year (and I'm not sure whether it does), then it would be under Stefano Pilati. At some point a couple of years ago, I had made charts for the creative directors of various fashion houses.
My pleasure, you'll have a box in the mail on Monday!
Quite unfortunate, but I'm sure that's why it ended up where it did. I see a good number of rugs and the dealers do come through often, so I'm always skeptical of anything nice that's left. This one had just been put out and it looked/felt amazing. It's a bit disappointing to hear that it may not be able to be flipped due to the damage, I had hope that a dealer could buy it "cheap" from me, have it cleaned/repaired through his own store and then flip it himself. I could be...
A quick update on this: I haven't received a response since I sent them an email two days ago. I suppose I should follow-up with a phone call?
A quick follow up to this. I found this rug still for sale, retail price tag is €9,000. I have it on hold until tomorrow morning. After I unfolded it, it was clear that it was under someone's desk. There is a round spot dead center that is pretty worn from rolling around on it. The corner/side is pretty bad as well. The rest, however, is great. It feels amazing, lots of detail and the colors are great.I may put this in my office or flip it. Aren't there a few guys who know...
Can someone offer me some advice on this? Tag is from a furniture chain that has expensive area rugs. It's 100% silk hand knotted and 245x310cm. I haven't unfolded it, but there is some wear on one side. They're asking €200.
Literally hopping in the car right now to catch a couple of hours at the store to get scavenger hunt pictures. When I was a teenager, this is not how I predicted my life to be.
The short answer is "probably," but tell me more about these banana jackets....
@Pierson v Post: I'm pretty sure the corners of the Dior label should be tacked on, not a straight stitch up each side. I also doubt they'd mess up "made," but I've seen crazier things I suppose.
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