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WA? Angora?
I'm really happy you liked them and they worked out for you! You're probably aware, but others may not, that "The Suit" was written by longtime SF member @Manton.Happy holidays!Glad to see you back and posting!
Looks real! We have a special place for these types of questions in the future... Fake or Real (Authentic, Genuine, etc.) -- Official Thread
Filson on the flannel?
What size are you? Are you looking to unload the second?
I've been avoiding mean-mugging it for that very reason.Still fairly common here on recent stuff. I don't hate them as they look great when you're standing...no flaring of the sides.Oh, and I'm glad the link I posted about military dating was helpful to some! I saw those posts when I was catching up on everything, but failed to quote them.
In for $450!
A few recent finds, some of which are from London. Oxfams were difficult...they knew their stuff and priced accordingly. I grabbed the Charvet below at one for £3.99 though, so it wasn't worthless. The other charity shops were far better on pricing, but I didn't see a huge amount of stuff that I wanted to pack and bring home. I grabbed some MMM pants on the cheap, I'll get photos later.The markets were fun. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Barbours. They weren't priced for...
Looks like it will be a great auction! @LA Guy: Do you have a link to donate directly to SF's charity drive?
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