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There were a total of 61. I just sent this to Fok towards the charity drive for The Ronald McDonald House. Thanks again, everyone!@LA Guy
If that were the only part of the conversation I had heard (à la sitcoms), I would be googling the number for the South Carolina authorities.
Great finds! I have a handful of lighters, including this Dunhill and S.T. Dupont. I really like Dunhills.DunhillS.T. Dupont
I have to hand it to Namdaemun for picking out some great stuff for you. Most would panic if your name was drawn, but he did a really great job! Happy to hear it will work for you and sorry to hear that you've had trouble sending your package!What's odd is that they say "Includes a £8 handling fee." Shouldn't it be "... an £8 handling fee"? Either way, happy it arrived!
One of my favorite things to point out is utterly pointless technology. The type of "upgrades" that aren't that great. Keyless start is one example. How is that really that much better than 10 years ago, compared to how much technology went into it?? Flat screen advertisements that rarely change their image is another. Wouldn't a poster be more appropriate?Either way, Back to the Future is one of the best trilogies in history, so I appreciate anything "advanced" and I'll...
This is the feeling I have whenever I check my bank account on my phone and it asks me for my fingerprint. I spend, on average, 2-3 minutes per day thinking about the god-like worship I'd receive if I were to hop into a time machine with my phone and go back to the 1920s.
Just a quick update to my post from a couple of months ago:Still incredibly happy with this printer and wanted to add a couple of more things I've used.You can print straight from an iPhone, no app needed. I open a document, attachment, etc. swipe up, select print, and that's it. Really useful.It also does double-sided prints and I had no idea. I put a couple of pages in the top feeder to copy, and it popped out as a double-sided print. I then learned that it's capable and...
My wife and I went to Dangerfield's once years ago and had a blast. It was Superbowl Sunday, so relatively dead inside. Spent nothing on the tickets and probably $50 on the drinks. Would do it again.Double-check that Bergdorf cashmere, good chance it was made by Cucinelli!
Great photo, when's your album drop? Seriously though, nice shot!
Must have missed that one! I actually have one Airedale tie, but it happens to be yellow, a tie color I would rarely choose.
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