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Thanks to all for the support and advice! My wife asked me to read it out and she was laughing it up. Still in the early stages, so I may be in it for the long haul. I can add my own piece of advice for anyone that is taking notes...when she asks you to leave the room, leave the room and don't feel guilty about it. They at least have a free coffee machine which helps since I've gotten only a couple of hours of sleep in the last day or so.
Wow, congrats @330CK! That's awesome! @SpooPoker: Great looking Windows, you definitely have the eye for it! Currently at the hospital with my wife and the baby's arrival will be between 5 and 24 hours. This waiting process is terrible, I'm utterly useless. I may as well be a potted plant in the corner. Any last minute advice from those that have been through this? Other than the obvious of "stay at the head end of your wife" as I've been advised by staff.
For what it's worth, I see a huge number of Africans at the flea markets here doing the same thing. They will be at the flea markets every weekend (as I am) and will buy shoes by the blue-IKEA-bag full. They tend to target individuals selling stuff rather than the sellers that do it every weekend. The funniest part is watching the interaction, because Austrians generally don't like to negotiate a lot and a lot of the Nigerians expect to heavily negotiate. It goes like...
A few recent finds...Aforementioned Sartorio. It's an EU 56, 100% linen and has a litany of issues. I don't mind making it available at my proposed ebay price, but I can almost guarantee you'll be disappointed by its condition. [[SPOILER]] The best Ocean's Eleven suit (pants not pictured) you could find. Really, this is the type of suit you could wear to Monaco or Vegas. 51/49 Silk/Super 180s. Jacket is an EU 54, pants an EU 52....and the rest of my photos failed to load
Some of the damage...
Here's a hint...
I bought something today that's torn up...and I didn't even consider not buying it. Any guesses on which brand?
Smart thing I should do! When I buy something that's a sort of nothing-brand, I do make a big deal of it. Oh, and the old lady that volunteers trots something out every time and says "Oh, Hr. HansderHund, this would look great!" I buy one of her suggestions every couple of weeks and then redonate it a couple of months later.
Here's a new request I've never had: A guy wants me to trace my foot on a piece of paper and email it to him so he can determine whether he would fit a pair of shoes. Sounds incredibly strange and I'm definitely not doing it, but I think he's serious about this plan.
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