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It’s that time of year again…It’s the Third Annual Thrift Thread Gift Exchange!This year’s event will run similarly to years past. There are several small changes to the plan, so please read through everything. I know there are a ton of SF members that lurk. The thrift thread happens to be a guilty pleasure of a lot of SF. Even if you're not a regular poster, I encourage you to join in on the exchange!Please read the post in its entirety and open all of the spoilers!...
Morning crew, Austrian edition.
Funny that it's mentioned as I planned on launching it soon (likely this weekend)! This will be the third annual TTGE (Thrift Thread Gift Exchange).Stay tuned for participation guidelines!
Like @sparrow said, they can be tricky. I've recently been through the process of authenticating 3 separate vintage LVs and they can really be hard. Looking good so far I believe, but take a look at the cut of the material. How many pieces are stitched together? How does the bottom look? Any parts of the print cut?
What do the side tabs look like? Inside tag?
[[SPOILER]] The Canali is old, does it look dated?Leave the Ike Behars.The Pringle has been produced within the last 10-12 years, it looks cool.The ties (except the Brioni) and polo probably aren't worth it.Nice find on the Brioni!
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time...
When I clicked, it said not available (presumably here). However, in my mind, I was rick rolled. Same impact.
Were you listing auctions or buy it now? If it were the latter (and 30 day listings) then they'd end after 1 November, so they probably wouldn't qualify.A silly new requirement by ebay, by the way.
Seriously, I'll take it at that price.He's my favorite architect and I've been buying furniture with his aesthetic in mind.
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