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Thanks for the help!I knew I was being a bit too vague in my questions! I have a few pictures from the seller if they help:
Wow, some incredibly awesome stuff posted! Each Kiton I scrolled past was more staple than the prior. Quick question for watch guys: What do you think about a Breitling Premier Chronograph for $800? Seller says it works and keeps time well. Case is stamped stainless, and it appears to be on an alligator strap. How does the price sound?
@Brianpore can give you access if you request it from him. It's available via Google docs.
I've never done body measurements, but I assume you'd do it the way you've described. They will read everything you have to say, but the best advice is to be orderly and logical in your descriptions. Whenever I order, I assume they see instructions 100x/day and try to give it to them straight with a short list of bullet points. Therefore, you could say "Here are the exact body measurements:..." and then follow that with "Here are the measurements I request for the...
Thanks! As I said, I have no doubt that he's a decent guy and this is a one-off!
I think it should be noted that @FlorianQC never sent his gift exchange gift. I kept on him through January, but he never delivered on it. I am NOT his gift exchange partner, I received awesome stuff, but I thought it should be noted as he used to do a lot of trades on here. I've never had a problem with him and I'm sure he's a decent guy, but thought it would be relevant to the thread to know. If anyone has direct contact with him, let him know he can make it right and...
Really sorry to hear that! I think we've all been there, try your best to mentally chalk it up to business/life and move on. I tell myself to quit thinking about getting burned by something as soon as it's been completed. I.e., as soon as I refund a crazy return in PayPal, I say "well, that's done. It's out of my account and mind."Of course, and you should! However, ebay doesn't tell you what the end result is when you report someone and their feedback won't reflect any...
He's only been a buyer. Ebay hasn't allowed sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers for quite a few years now. Ahh, the good old days!
I've survived the first week with the baby at home. I thought the sleep thing wouldnt be huge problem, but it's terrible. Another surprising thing is the fact that I'm paranoid that a creepy voice will suddenly speak to me through the baby monitor. Anyway, trying to get caught up on odds and ends...Some glasses that @SpooPoker will approve: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Paloma Picasso [[SPOILER]] RB USA - Feel cheaper than all of the others I've had, but they were with a...
Quoting for posterity.Sorry @Purplelabel, it just made me laugh as I was scrolling down. The neckline, the sleeves, the bust...even your stance looks as though you're saying "I don't know, please help."
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