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Still catching up on stuff brought back from the US. About 50/50 here with finds from here vs. US. Nothing available, unfortunately.
Those are DDR (East German) border guard coats. I can't imagine they'd be worth anything, though maybe a collector (?) likes that type of stuff.Edit: Ha, late to the game. Window was open for awhile and finally read the posts.
Quite possibly, but these were in the sub $60 range.
Thanks! Expect a PM within the next couple of days! A few more pictures of stuff I brought back. Nothing here is available.I've looked for these shirts for years and have come up empty-handed each time. My wife walks up to me with this one...This fits, but what am I going to do with a silk shirt I'll ruin immediately? One piece collar, still on Mr. Porter's site. Again, my wife. She walked up to me and said "Give me a kiss...here" [[SPOILER]] I paid up for this, but it...
Congratulations on the construction, @capnwes! Also, great looking house, @SeaJen! Thrift/discount fit: Dog wanted to get in on the fun. He looks a bit scraggly as he's in need of a bath. His foot is fine, he cut it recently. This is from right after work, so everything's a bit wonky. Thanks for the tie, @SpooPoker Thrifted EGs.
Thanks! I didn't think it was based on the tags, but thought I'd ask. I've seen little difference between their Spanish-made and Italian-made trousers. Any idea whether they're contracted out or in house?Edit: Oh, and thrift fit RE: puffy Ferrari jacket.
Great pictures, keep them coming!
Is this something particularly special as it says store exclusive?
US pickups, part II (nothing available) Discount pickup for myself 2x Isaias. First is reversible. Fit great, unfortunately look like they're part of a double breasted suit whose jacket I couldn't find. I can't remember, does this mean they're Couture? Another pickup for myself. They were marked down three times at Marshals, but still weren't cheap. They fit great, no regrets. Guy left a bunch of pants at the cleaners, only grabbed these for myself for...
Ahh, of course. I think you've found most stuff out there, what's left on your short list?Mine is Caruso as well.
New Posts  All Forums: