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I did and embarrassingly haven't set it up yet. I've always dreamt of a Back to the Future** house. If you remember it, there are quite a few things in it that are now available. It's a good time to be alive.**It's my favorite trilogy and I jump whenever someone posts a Marty McFly vest. Seriously, anyone ever gets me in the gift exchange, THAT is what I want.Then again, I get a huge kick out of the fact that my phone tells me where I parked my car without even asking.
For many things that are fashion and/or trendy, it's honestly a healthy dose of "Je ne sais quoi" or, borrowing from Justice Sewart. you know it when you see it. It's a delicate thing that many miss. What makes this shade of blue perfect for a job interview and this blue too flashy? It's also why label-hunters in any particular field will always be limited. If I don't care enough to enjoy and learn about vintage kitchen plates, I'll inevitably play the guessing game or...
This conversation is probably best for the thread that I linked above, a place where sellers tend to hang out and where selling is discussed. This thread is primarily related to showing off stuff that has been found.That said, consignors will have their own policies as far as pricing and commission and it is best to discuss it with them personally. The majority (those that I linked, at least) have an address to which you send your things. Hope that helps!
If you're going at it alone, you can start reading here:Buying & Selling on eBay: Tips, Tricks, Problems, and QuestionsIf you'd like to take an easier route, there are a number of professional and successful members in this thread that take consignment. Here's a start:@SpooPoker@Brianpore@Snoogz@GMMcLIf I forgot a few people, sorry! Just put up the first few names I could remember off the top of my head!
Congrats on that haul, Nat! That's a dream-pile of clothing!
Great to know! I'll run them by and update the thread with the experience/price. Appreciate the advice, I didn't want to look like an idiot walking in and asking, though I would have still gone through with that. One of my unique talents is the ability to make someone else feel stupid, even if I'm the idiot in a given situation.I'm not SpooPoker, but I'm willing to say real, depending on tags available. When I say "real," I mean the silk at least has a solid chance. It...
Just a few quick finds, down and dirty... This one "feels" NWOT... One side of the Etro scarf is unrolled, but I couldn't leave it for .50. B&L Ray-Ban. Paid €1, but they're missing the pin that holds the frame together for that lens. They were previously glued. Any ideas on a cheap repair? Can a place that sells glasses do this? I love listening to Pavarotti, Sinatra was also new. Hadn't heard Rusted Root for, what, 20 years? Why not.
I just blasted through 300+ posts, and was shocked when no one jumped on this:@SpooPoker:Probably already decided on it, but I'd go for it. If I can't get killed by something and afford to tie up the investment, I love the thrill of a "risk." It's relatively low risk in this game, but it's like playing poker for a few bucks. Not a lot to win necessarily (thought could certainly treat you right on a larger volume), but it's nice to have something at stake.Note: Not exactly...
I'll co-sign this. ^ All of the Piacenza I've had, I've mentally guessed Loro Piana before checking the tag. Found this one a couple of months ago, 100% cashmere cable-knit:
That was honestly my first thought when I saw it. I said that to my wife and she reminded me that he could have just thrown it away and sent the shoes, and that brought me back to reality. I was going to try to carefully remove the tape, but the box will certainly be destroyed, should I attempt that.
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