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Though I know the Miami Heat, I'm lost on this joke I have no problem with anyone dressing for the sole purpose of how it makes them feel, regardless of whether I like it/approve or not.I am against the concept of dressing with the idea of “I’m far too attractive/brilliant/_________ to be grouped together with everyone else.” Maybe, then, I take issue with an attitude prevalent in society rather than clothing.I'm not telling people how to dress (though I agree to a good...
Just a quick check: @SpooPoker, @Brianpore, @capnwes, et al^ Have you guys had any success selling used clothes? I don't think anyone would really want them, but I heard that some people have tried?
It's also important to note that the shoes that you described in your OP (square toe) are, from a fashion sense, also out of style. These trends have a pretty short shelf-life and I'm reasonably confident that they're out as far as "modern/trendy" is concerned. As others mentioned, there are plenty of options out there that are high quality and sleek/elegant.
4-1, the Spanish look sloppy out there!
Whoa, been awhile...welcome back and nice pickups.
I wear mine with mid/light grey trousers, white or blue shirt, white linen PS.I'll second/third/fourth motions that@eazye's posts are always full of amazing stuff and/or interesting
Yes and no. I list the sizes that the shoe/clothing lists, but my ebay makes me put a German/EU size in order to list. It's a pain, because I have to explicitly state that a conversion chart was used and that it is actually a UK XX or US YY. I had to take a return once from a rather unpleasant guy that decided his conversion was more accurate than the chart I used. I had included measurements of the insole as well, but that didn't matter to him. I also field questions...
Thanks! It's really nice. My photos don't do it any favors.
Some more stuff that @capnwes was generous enough to proxy. This post was sponsored by Hermès and Salvatore Ferragamo.Ferragamo loafersFerragamo bagHermès scarf pillowcaseHermès pillowcaseNew Hermès tie (a steal!)Ferragamo pocket squareFerragamo pocket squareA bonus from Wes. Can you guess the maker? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: