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You can still keep my thumb on that...didn't know it existed either.For those that want to know more about Dior licensing: [[SPOILER]]
Why not something in school colors?
Silver or silver plated?
I've gotten similar letters. Normally, they will send me a certified letter from customs if they think something is over OR undervalued. I have the option of emailing them the PayPal or ebay receipt, if available. For true gifts, they've released it and delivered within 24 hours. If I owe, I pay the given amount to pick it up. It sounds like they don't believe the marked value and want you to prove it. You may, however, still end up paying duty on the declared...
Recent finds...Cool Bogner pocket square. [[SPOILER]] PT01 pantsMint Burberrys' trench [[SPOILER]] Wouldn't normally pick this up, but it was super cheap and Gore Tex: Daniel Hechter spring parka.
Someone may be able to correct me as that program isn't available here as far as I know, but I think it does when it's categorized as such. However, don't necessarily let that stop you if the item truly was not as described. Defects, while hated by a good number of sellers, do hold us accountable for our own products.One of the US based sellers can come in and clarify/correct me.
I've posted this before, but I always get looks when I wear this guy, and I wear it often in the winter...
Saw that a few days ago and thought about buying it. Once I was sober, I realized it was probably for the best that I had used a bit of self-control.
Somehow, they are. I've had a bunch of interest in them, though no one has pulled the trigger.
+1...I have offered in the past, but I think the mods have quite a bit on their plate.
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