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^ No, looks real to me.
It's an awesome fabric and gets better with time. Mine is the BD collar on their preview page, I think.
Recent finds...The guy was putting shoes on the shelf as I walked into the store. I grabbed the first pair, Tod's. Then the next. And the next. They were obviously the same donor, and the guy looked a bit annoyed. I saw that he had a cart of shoes and told him I'd just take them from him and put the rest on the shelf. Most of the Tod's were pretty beat up, but cheap.I'v found a lot of things on my "list" including Savile Row, bespoke John Lobb, Edward Green, etc. One thing...
I immediately gravitated toward this gaggle of chairs as I walked into the store. There aren't many times I'm surprised by price tags, but just over €1,000 for some non-descript white chairs made me do a double-take. Total of 6 Arper Catfia 53 chairs. Left them, but they were neat.
We had such a great time when we were out your way, we still talk about it. We'll definitely have to meet up again sometime, I want to repay your generosity by showing you around here!
Hey ATL guys, just saw this: If you don't want to click, Marshalls has Aldens for $299. For that matter, anyone that has a nice Marshalls nearby should check.
The big question is where in the hell are you going to find the space to store all 10 of those pieces?!
[[SPOILER]] Oh my God, it actually made it. I've had a great experience with DHL across Europe and to Asia, but they really dropped the ball on that one. I hope you enjoy it, though I'm sure that box must have been beaten to hell and back. If that shirt had fit, I'd have been tempted to keep it. You can pull it off much better, I'm sure.For the record, ChetB is the most patient guy around while I tried to sort it out with DHL, who, by the way, had NO idea where it was...
I've had the undershirt (size S) for some time now and can say that it has held up well! I normally wear somewhere around EU 46 in jackets, to give you an idea on size. Color works well under light shirts and the scoop neck, while strange at first, is appropriate to wear when you're not wearing a tie. It hasn't misshapen and still feels like new. The "non-seam seams" are still intact. It has never seen a dryer, nor have my other shirts, and that is probably for the...
Just one quick grab. TK Maxx has some great sales going on at the moment. I bought a bunch of nice socks at dirt cheap prices. I only found a couple of pairs of these, but I'm going to keep an eye out for others. I really don't like winter weather, but it can allow for nice photos. Thought I'd share a picture of my town, since it's easy to take pictures that make it look like you're a photographer. Trust me, I'm not.
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