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I didn't mean to imply that you were in the wrong in any way. I just immediately thought of that scene when I read the story. Hell, I get annoyed when I can't take my dog into a store, let alone when I can't wear a hat.
Did they pull one of these?"They don't sell hot dogs here. They took the bleachers out three years ago.
One last find for the evening. Shoe (women's) for size comparison.
I lost it at the tampon holster...I somehow immediately pictured those tassles that go on the ends of childrens' bicycle handles, only they were tampons fluttering in the wind has I jaunted to a meeting.
The words are actually printed on the lens, I believe. The lenses are supposed to be removed and replaced with prescription lenses. Here is the tie...it is nice, right? I was going to throw it into my cabinet, but it's available if you want it!I've been to Garbage Pail National Park. Mount Garbage Pail is much smaller than you'd think.
Thanks for the opinion! I have no shame in wearing them as they don't look feminine in any way, I just thought I was missing something that I would only catch when I'm out in public.
Finds from yesterday...MMM suit, NWT. EU 48 and available (no trades). Pants are unhemmed but with a bit of damage. The damaged section would likely be corrected with hemming. [[SPOILER]] Ludwig Reiter trees [[SPOILER]] Helpful book. Small projects inside, most of which are (unfortunately) geared towards women. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Cotton scarf [[SPOILER]] Linen Gianfranco Ferré scarf [[SPOILER]] Linen PS [[SPOILER]] Silk PS [[SPOILER]] Altea wool/silk [[SPOILER]]...
I didn't have a lot of luck at the thrift stores today, but did a bit better at the discount stores. Will post more pictures tomorrow, but these were two of my favorites:I liked this one a lot as I was walking up to the ties. I was a bit surprised when I looked at the maker... [[SPOILER]]
Brilliant, thank you!
Great idea on the box. I have 3-4 Hermès ties that are completely stained to contribute. I think I even have a decent fake around here somewhere that came in a tie lot that would be a nice comparison. I'll see whether I have anything else, but a fabric comparison would be neat to see the various weaves.I keep picturing the time the police came to school to show us various drugs/paraphernalia on a big board. [[SPOILER]] Looks like there may be some interest in this. I...
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