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^ This.I also like to see custom listings, rather than templates, when it comes to higher end listings. I scan the page to see if there is real contact information...when a person adds a mobile number, it makes me feel better. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with listing it, but those that want to spend that kind of money on ebay may want to give you a ring for assurance.
A couple of things... First of all, I forgot to congratulate you @SpooPoker on that incredible haul! Second, @TheNeedMachine, I'm late but I'm sorry for your loss. Re: gift exchange The posts can be anywhere on SF, not limited to the thrift thread. Should you have fewer than 100 posts, a phone number is required. I understand the fear of not getting a gift in return. I can't guarantee that won't happen, either from established guys or newer members. I will say,...
Stand up guy for a public apology! I meant no ill will to you. To quote a great movie:It's not personal, Sonny, it's just business.Anyway, thank you for taking care of it and I'll go on record to say that you were always pleasant in PMs!
That seems to be the case. I don't honestly think he's a scammer, but I hate having to chase people down. Sorry to hear about the suit, I'm glad you were able to unload it.
I know we like to give shoutouts when we've had a great trade, but I'm afraid I'd like to do the opposite. I'd avoid trades with @irish56 I sent a nice suit that I had originally wanted to keep. I sent it on 29 September and he received it on 6 October. I've sent several PMs over the past couple of weeks and haven't heard anything, so I assume I'm out €60. I should have collected the money before I sent it, but I wasn't worried. If there were some sort of circumstance...
Great turnout on the gift exchange! We have around 25 people so far, but plenty of room for more! I've quoted the original post below. You have until Friday to sign up! Get at me! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks to everyone that's gotten back to me about the participation! I'm trying to keep up with PMs and I am checking PayPal to mark you as having donated the $5. Thanks for those that are adding their username in PayPal, cuts down on some work! Special thanks to those that are doing more than necessary!
Good on you for checking when in doubt, but buttons that contrast navy normally = blazer. Always a solid find!The majority of cool finds come from the "newly deceased" (I like that phrase). Their families donate everything and we pull out things that are rare today both in styling and construction. It's part of the reason I enjoy the hobby so much.
Cool vintage stuff and you have some nice things in there.Re: that CornelianiNo worries, it's not an orphan, it's a stand alone double breasted blazer. Right color, button configuration and lapel style for a listing.
Great response so far, thanks for participating guys!
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