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Well, it's shorter than I like, but close.
Thanks! I did think about the tag placement at the time, but the sleeves in relation to the hem made it seem women. The color did as well, that blue is not terribly masculine. Boys would make sense then. Time to try it on!Thanks again!
Couple of recent finds...Size M, pretty sure it's women's. Cotton.Wool and seems vintage. Not sure wether it's a real "thing," but Medusa stuff is in demand, no?Sunglasses: Carrera, Carrera, Etro, Oakley, Oakley. Can anyone confirm the Oakleys for me? They're made in the USA, so I'm not sure. One model says "Five," but aren't there different versions? If anyone can point out what they are/how desirable/legitimate, I'd greatly appreciate it!These are awesome. Carrera on the...
How many have you sold? I have several listed and sometimes they take their time like anything else.Not really a desirable tie I'd guess, not to mention that it's wool and many people are hunting for more spring colors/materials at the moment.
Don't forget "Caruso"!
Correct, but wasn't Hedi Slimane CD at Dior Homme through S/S 2007?For those that would like to decode it: [[SPOILER]]
It's great that you're reading through the thread, but that question was asked in 2015.
If anyone is interested, there are a couple of pairs of Alden shell that I could get my hands on. Price isn't worthwhile to flip, but seems like a decent deal for personal use if it's exactly what you're after. Note: I haven't seen these shoes and I don't know the guy. Could get a bit more info if there's interest. Price would be ca. $200 each plus shipping (which may add up a bit to $30-40, I'd have to double-check). I'm not profiting on this, so if you want/need more...
It's unbelievably impressive that you know what type of candles anyone in the world likes.
Wowza, that must have been fun! I did look at my watch when I saw you active on IG this afternoon (my time). That explains it. Awesome finds. Oh, and those Voluspa candles may be overlooked but they're really awesome.
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