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Those are great books! I own all three, two of which I received from the gift exchange! Really great gifts, enjoy!I had this same though going through my head as I tried to count them out. I actually thought, "Oh, it doesn't matter, they'll get what you're going for if you happen to be off a bit," but compulsion led me to count it out 3-4 times. By then, spelling seemed wrong and I just clicked "submit."
Those are great points ^. I assume new customers (to ebay) are not too familiar with measurements in listings and figure that discounted/used clothing will be terrible. In the couple of weeks, I've had a couple of 0 feedback buyers. One returned their item but bought something else. Incredibly polite person and (as of right now), the type of customer I'd like to have long-term. Though it's ambitious, I'd like to be part of changing the image of ebay being a place to find...
I know you've resolved this one, but I have had a number of 0 feedback/just signed up buyers, especially recently. As long as it's not from a red-flag country, I don't hesitate with it. I am somewhat flattered as I always assume that they went through the registration process just to buy something from me. I do my best to ensure that they have a positive experience as it's unlike "normal" retailers.
For those that are involved in the gift exchange, I sent the donation to Fok tonight. Thanks to everyone for donating! @LA Guy For those unaware, there is an unveiling thread to show off your gifts and offer a quick thanks. Feel free to cross post them here in the thrift thread. http://www.styleforum.net/t/530182/5th-annual-thrift-thread-gift-exchange-unveiling/0_30 To my guy, I sent your gift via DHL express and it hasn't been updated in over a week. I hope it's...
Oh, and fa la la la la, la la la la...
There were a total of 61. I just sent this to Fok towards the charity drive for The Ronald McDonald House. Thanks again, everyone!@LA Guy
If that were the only part of the conversation I had heard (à la sitcoms), I would be googling the number for the South Carolina authorities.
Great finds! I have a handful of lighters, including this Dunhill and S.T. Dupont. I really like Dunhills.DunhillS.T. Dupont
I have to hand it to Namdaemun for picking out some great stuff for you. Most would panic if your name was drawn, but he did a really great job! Happy to hear it will work for you and sorry to hear that you've had trouble sending your package!What's odd is that they say "Includes a £8 handling fee." Shouldn't it be "... an £8 handling fee"? Either way, happy it arrived!
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