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In for $450!
A few recent finds, some of which are from London. Oxfams were difficult...they knew their stuff and priced accordingly. I grabbed the Charvet below at one for £3.99 though, so it wasn't worthless. The other charity shops were far better on pricing, but I didn't see a huge amount of stuff that I wanted to pack and bring home. I grabbed some MMM pants on the cheap, I'll get photos later.The markets were fun. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Barbours. They weren't priced for...
Looks like it will be a great auction! @LA Guy: Do you have a link to donate directly to SF's charity drive?
Congrats Brian, but I thought you were a broom...
I've been out of town for a little while and I'm just getting caught up on things. It looks like a lot of people have received their gift exchange gifts, so feel free to open and post them! There is a template below for ease of quoting. If you've already posted yours, don't worry about reposting. I'm going to be leaving again before Christmas, would anyone volunteer to put a post together quoting all of the gifts?Anyway, quick rant:Our stores are relatively small and I...
Big thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Gift exchange reminder: Gifts sent abroad should have been sent yesterday. All gifts sent within the US should be sent by Monday! Unfortunately, I did not find the Brioni suits I was after yesterday. However, I did get a nice beer advent calendar from my wife.
Morning crew, Austria reporting. It's both my wife's and my birthday today, but I'm looking at a long work day, unfortunately. I will, however, attempt to track down the suits to 2 Brioni vests that I recently found. Here's to hoping that the thrift gods smile upon me today!
Hope I'm right on it or it was cheap! When I read the guide, I wasn't 100% sure whether the 2739 represented a month/year of manufacture. Hopefully your buyer won't care!
1966...I had a site bookmarked since my last time in the US. It is an ebay guide for military stuff:http://www.ebay.com/gds/Intrepreting-Dates-of-DA-DSA-DLA-SPO-Contract-Numbers-/10000000010153791/g.htmlBasically, any time you see a number on any military garment (no matter the country), they're likely to have a record of it.
Love that pocket square!
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