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I grabbed this one last year and (still) love it:The info on it that I sent another member:Note: Model numbers may differ between the countries, double check it before you buy.
Ooooh, size? Available?
17 minutes and no updates?! Are you going to post full pics or only teasers?!
Well done!
Sounds familiar, I can go through an entire store here in under 10-15 minutes. We're driving to the south of France, touristy areas (i.e. Nice). Should I keep an eye on markets rather than trying to get to stores?
In that case, let me know if you want to meet up and hit the thrifts! Happy to take you around if you want to spend part of your vacation digging through used stuff!
In Austria, there is no law that demands that companies put a place of manufacture (yet). Many international companies that label their products for other countries will keep the country on the label, but it's not required. I see things often that don't have a country of manufacture. Food items are much more heavily regulated and produce, meats, etc. must have the country of origin.Here is an overview. It's in German, but I'm sure google translate will give you the...
As said, it's the EU. In French: "Union européenne", Italian: "Unione europea." I'm sure there are other languages like this. Whenever I see EU or UE on a product, I assume they mean to say "Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc." No offense to those countries, but I know of companies here that manufacture in Slovenia and stamp products "Made in the EU." Again, it shouldn't necessarily make the product inferior.
How heavy is it? If it feels abnormally heavy, it could be horsehide.
A couple of non-clothing grabs. I glance at the glasses every time, but pass most of the time. Not that there isn't quality stuff in it, because there is, but I don't have patience to build a set when you find 1 or two glasses at once. I needed extra beer glasses for a BBQ, so I grabbed these for .40 each. I prefer plain pints, but these were cheap. Should anyone need glasses like that (often branded by Austrian/German beers) and be willing to pay shipping/risk breaking...
New Posts  All Forums: