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I kept clicking "multi" quote to see whether this got answered. I don't think it completely did, but that's a German size. It will be around a 52L. There are regular sizes (EU 48, 50, 52, etc.), but long is not often marked "long," but rather 98, 102, 106, etc. Short, on the other hand, is ca. half of a regular: 24, 25, 26, etc.It's an awful system, but I haven't seen it much outside of the German-speaking countries. That said, I see it on non-German brands that are...
I'd go for the undershirt!
And I wore this earlier in the week. Can't see much of it, but it's a great fabric. Hidden BD, I've added a bit more breathing room to my collars since this order. Albini: End on End Sky Blue
Have had this since last year, still love the texture. In fact, when I went to copy the link, that may be my shirt in the last couple of photos on Luxire's site, though I'm not sure. Blue Denim Slubby Chambray
Gift exchange reminderRegistration is still open! I'll accept people until Thursday, so be sure to let me know if you want to join in this year! We're up to around 35 members on the list, so a great start. I've responded to everyone that has PMed me, I believe. If you haven't received a message from me, let me know.To those that missed it the first time around, here's the relevant info on how to join in: [[SPOILER]]
@Spoopoker: Every piece was awesome! Oh, by the way, I think that Michelangelo jacket is made by Isaia by Michelangelo by Isaia in a factory owned by Michelangelo for Isaia. @everyone else: I'm going to get caught up on gift exchange PMs this afternoon, hold tight!
The last day to register for the exchange is Thursday, October 13. The names will be drawn and sent out soon after that, likely by the end of the weekend.
Don't worry, there are a couple of others that are in that size range as well. Think of it as glass half full...when one wants to dump something from their wardrobe, you know who can take first swing.
A few recent finds...Start with something I bought for myself. It was an "ethrift," though it was €40, so not that thrifty. First, the picture on the listing.The measurements were spot on and it fits like a dream. [[SPOILER]] Fendi Parfums umbrella. Probably not worth much, but I wasn't going to walk by it. [[SPOILER]] I don't recognize this tag, does anyone? Is it just a generic "Made in England" tag? [[SPOILER]] I've picked up some ugly shoes, but these may take the...
I really don't have an answer for you, but...Whenever I consider such a situation, I always picture Elaine on Seinfeld when she had to justify her expense account. She was wrapped in a down comforter, watering plants with a waterpik, etc.I always imagine myself explaining something to an agent of the government, in person. Would it make sense to a reasonable person?Not that any of that helps, so I'd run it by your accountant.
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