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Joking, @GMMcL! In all seriousness, you have a pretty incredible wardrobe and wear it very, very well!
I'm sure, especially in the NYC area, that it would be possible to rent a (functional) cane. However, I can't help but think that someone you know has one from a relative that you could borrow for a day. If not, you're sure to find one secondhand on ebay/craigslist. Just to ask: are you sure you can get around for a day with a cane? Something to certainly consider!
Well, I meant that it was fake...but junk isn't too far off on a lot of the stuff that is made today. The type of stuff that is peddled to people that want to be able to say that they own Burberry is, by and large, not great. Most of their shirts, for example, are crap.
Recent finds, nothing available.At least 99% of the Novacheck stuff I see is junk, but I think this one is legit. The back of the internal "Burberry London" tag says T-05-01 and "Made in Italy." Anyone care to speculate? Perhaps @SpooPoker? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Nice silk scarf and a PRL cravat/ascot [[SPOILER]] Burberrys caps [[SPOILER]] Paul & Shark belt. Can't be certain of course, but it seems to be NWOT [[SPOILER]] NWT women's tiny PRL belt. Just leather...not...
From the leading entry: "Please help my husband get a new grill, it's been caught on fire, and been through many years of cooking but on it's last limb..." Aren't grills supposed to do that? At least is has legs, Wes piled up blocks to use his.
I read this and expected him to have hundreds of votes considering how many views this thread receives. I was disappointed to find him in 3rd place with 8 votes. It only took a few seconds to register and vote. Considering how many questions Wes has answered for countless people, I think we can swing him a grill! Beyond his helpfulness, he is real competition on this...that's one of the ugliest grills I've ever seen! Go vote!
Suit jackets rarely belong in a world without their pants, but it's possible. As said, it's hard to get the idea of fit with the original pictures. However, a navy jacket could work depending on the material of the jacket. It would help if you could take a quick close-up shot of the fabric. You can also (cheaply) switch out the buttons on the jacket to make it appear to be a blazer. If you're going for a casual business look, you need to make sure the pants aren't too casual.
Not sure, but I'd assume it means it was issued during their presidencies'. (Sp?)
@SpooPoker: Great haul, that parasol is amazing!Yes, flip these to me! I'll pay a good percentage of ebay prices if the measurements work!A request:My father in law complimented my jacket today. I was wearing this:Anyway, father's day is coming up and I'd like to get him something similar. This one is cotton, spring/fall weight, but I'd spring for anything from Brioni/Cucinelli -> Filson. Does anyone have anything, preferably NWT but will consider others?We lost our...
Shirt 2.Though you didn't ask, I thought I'd mention that your pants are a bit tight in the waist. It's not helping your overall look and they're probably a bit uncomfortable. The tight waist is likely responsible for the pockets flaring and the overall cinched appearance/wrinkles across the crotch. If there is a bit of fabric allowance, you can consider having them let out at the waist if you feel they fit well everywhere else. It will make wearing these clothes/sitting a...
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