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Recent shoe finds...
Rare find on that Sartorio! Made by either Kiton or Attolini, both have been makers, I believe. Well done!
Thanks for the assist! I paid €50 each and thought I was getting a bit close overpaying. Seller thought she bought them in '90, at least the smaller one. Thanks again for the help!
^This is correct! Postal systems are slow this time of year and people get busy. You're free to open/post your gift whenever you like.
A few recent finds. Photos aren't great, took them quickly.I couldn't leave this for €6. No tag, but it has to be old. Almost everything is hand stitched, including the collar. Neat silk buttons. There are two strange pockets on the tails. Anyone have some insight as to their purpose? [[SPOILER]] Keeper for sure. Burgundy wool with an emblem on the pocket. My instinct said Spanish or Italian Air Force, but I have no idea. Anyone have a clue? It's made in Italy. [[SPOILER]]...
Not sure whether you saw this one:
It was actually just in your default folders. Go to your profile, scroll down to the photos and click on "see all albums." Should be able to find most of what you've posted over the last years.
Oh no, it's not creepy at all, don't worry! It was just in my "Photos of Wes to Admire Before Bed" folder on my desktop. Nothing weird, don't worry.
This one?
Big thanks to @capnwes. I mentioned that I hopefully didn't screw up the gift exchange drawing this year as I've been busy. Well, I did screw it up by leaving a name off the list...my own. Yes, I even posted my "wants" without realizing the mistake I had made. Wes was able to correct the mistake even though I would have been perfectly fine with sitting on the sidelines. Thanks again, Wes!
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