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I assume it does as I've seen others refer to a variety of colors as "seersucker," so I assume it's in reference to the fabric rather than colors/patterns.It should also work with Kafka loving co-eds that took first year German.
zom zom zom zom zom zom zom zom.....Prooooooooost!
You beat me while I tried to post my response.In German, you say "zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke" which is the equivalent of "great minds think alike." However, the German translation comes out as "two idiots share the same thought," while the English version makes it sound like two brilliant people have the same idea. I like them both.
Those are nice!If you mean "seersucker," that's the best description I've ever heard. Nice finds! If I wore camouflage, I'd be hitting you up on that Etro!
I just encountered this 5 minutes ago, so I thought I'd share. I have a pair of shoes I picked up yesterday that are in overall good condition. Not perfect, but they're high quality and bespoke. Anyway, since there were no fatal flaws, I picked them up.I noticed there was a lot of wax buildup in a number of areas. Not only could it be seen, but the point of a razor would pick off big pieces of it, exposing the original finish. I took Réno'Mat to them and the wax started...
I haven't posted a find in a little while simply because I haven't had time to get pictures. These things were from this week. Interesting groupings...Hat haulThey're all these...A NOS Borsalino Homburg in my size. May need it should a friend of mine make me their son's godfather. [[SPOILER]] Scarves [[SPOILER]] Belts. 12x crocodile.No one miss the fact that these are my size, NWT, and 100% cashmere [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] I don't think I ever posted this. I...
Thanks!Oh, and I did! Taken care of, thanks!
It's weird, it didn't show up the first time, so I tried again...same story. It looks like it doesn't for you, either. Is there some sort of setting to prevent yourself from being linked by others?
Registration for the gift exchange is closed!What now?I’ve included a list of participants that I have (see below). I linked everyone to it. Please double check it. If you have PMed me and you are NOT on the list, get in touch ASAP!If you see ** next to your name, it means I have you down as unpaid.If you see **, here’s what to do (don’t bother reading if your name is without **): [[SPOILER]] Your name is on the list and you’ve made your donation? Sit tight and wait for a...
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the gift exchange!I think I've caught up on all PMs and I'll publish the list tomorrow. When I publish the list, please double check that your user name is on it. I am compiling all of the usernames and addresses into a separate sheet, so I'd really hate to make a mistake and leave someone out. Drawing will take place sometime over the weekend. I will not be drawing my own partner!Here is the original post...
New Posts  All Forums: