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Looks goat."Pete," clearly not his real name due to the quotation marks, should have a gallery somewhere. I'd like to see what else he has to offer.
California guys, @Fueco @barrelntrigger, @rayxlui, @Xenos, et al, everyone okay?
Oh, and @330CK, you've had incredible finds over the past 6 weeks. You aren't in Germany by chance, are you?
Thanks, Nat! It looks like you picked up a few nice pieces yourself!I got a few quick shots of a couple of jackets...Different Isaia. Anyone know "Rosario Isaia"? EU 50 and available.Alpaca & wool PRL CornelianiOld Zegna [[SPOILER]] Who's this fall-looking guy? [[SPOILER]]
This is THE beer of Italy. It's often more expensive than wine.
I've been reading in the background, but I've been 800-900 posts behind for the past month or so. I've finally caught up on everything. I opted not to quote all of the stuff that was incredible, but there were so many cool finds it's unbelievable. I didn't post as I kept thinking I'd be able to get caught up without problems. Time was scarce, unfortunately.I'm so far behind in getting all of my stuff from the last two + months photographed, it's really not even funny. I...
Congratulations, Nat!
That about sums it up! My wife and I use this phrase often. He has good intentions but is miserable at expressing them sometimes.That's great and I think I'll say something like that next time someone buys a house/apartment...just to plant the seed and make them a bit paranoid.We have to get our cars inspected annually and one year, I got my report - failed for a number of reasons. I was shocked as it was a car in good condition without major faults, regular service, etc....
Thanks! Not a huge amount...he helped us move everything. He's a decent guy, but sometimes catches me off guard. An example: A couple of weeks ago I was at his house and asked a question about a local lumber yard. He wondered why I was asking. I said that I'm building a new bed frame. His response was "why? what's wrong with your bed? It's fine!" I said we wanted something else, what we had was cheap and bought when we first got married. He goes "well, it's cheaper to buy...
I have been absent for a few weeks now. I bought a house and due to moving, getting internet access, and doing a bunch of renovations, I haven't been able to post. I do, however, have a bunch of stuff to photograph and post. I've had some decent luck in the past month, so I'll try to get things posted.For now, what I bought: [[SPOILER]]
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