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Thanks, appreciate it. I can understand not wanting your email address publicly broadcast, but it seems like it's a small thing in the grand scheme.I can't quite read the sign on my phone, but I take it you spent considerably less? I have seen a handful of bespoke work from Materna and I'm impressed. Having said that, I don't have firsthand experience and would default to those that have.
I know, right? It was the only silk robe out of the group I saw and it was priced the same as the cotton robes.
I hadn't heard of the closing. Did the email offer any further information? For that matter, what are Maftei and Materna's pricing these days? Did they raise their prices last year (or in January)?
Recent finds... Discount stores to begin. Suede belt in a color I love and happened to need a new one. Made in Germany. I liked the prints on these cards. If anyone wants one, let me know, they had a few left and were €1 each. Small greeting/thank you card-sized. Others they had were Japan, New York City, and India. On to thrifted stuff... Thought this was Marinella before I turned it over, but it's Gino Venturini and has a spot in my tie...
If I wanted to sell them inside of 24 I'd sell the Canalis at 150 and expect them to go quickly. If the Zegnas would pass as modern without seeing the Zegna label, double that. I'm not sure whether that sounds way too cheap for you, but that's how I'd go with them.I'm sure @SpooPoker already understands this concept, but for new guys starting out that may have the opportunity to buy bulk or mixed bags of stuff, even if you're just buying tie lots on...
Glad it made it to you safely! I really appreciate the help and advice you offered to me. Enjoy!
That's so strange. Today on the tram, I talked to a gentleman wearing three pairs of pants. In between gulps of beer from his dented can, we determined that it was cold both yesterday and today.It's like we live parallel lives. Spooky.
Saw this post as the preview and assumed it was in reference to Jompso.Reading all of those posts was great, interesting read on the U-Bahn. Inspiring, considering I'm hopping out to run through a bunch of stores with a bacpack on my back through this:
Interesting video, but the narrator's voice...
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