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Good suggestion. I can't see it on my phone, but could it be ticker tape?
I get that symbol when someone is doing a bank transfer. It will stay half € until I mark it as paid/received. I know that doesn't help, but unless I mark it as paid, it's considered unpaid and I am allowed to open a case. I never ship these until I've confirmed the payment.
Recent finds, nothing available:
I double-checked on this. Of course, this is my own experience:When things are marked as gift, it's hit or miss on whether I am asked to pay duty. I've never asked anyone to mark something as a gift and the things I receive are normally gifts. About 10% of the time, I'm asked to pay VAT on them. VAT in Austria is 20%. In these cases, they haven't bothered to convert the declared amount, they simply replace the $ with a €. When this happens, I receive a letter asking me to...
He may be surprised that it was shipped as "merchandise." Here, a 16,8% tax is levied first and then 20% VAT on the total. For example:Declared value: $2,000What the Austrian customs agent sees: €2,00016,8% Importation of merchandise tax: €336New total: €2,33620% VAT: €467.20Together, I'd pay €803.20 (€336 + €467.20) in tax to collect the jacket. They also add in the cost to ship, which I didn't do here, so it would actually be a bit higher.Edit: It's 16.8% import tax, not...
...to remind you that I'm a fucking idiot! Cheers!
PM sent!
Thanks! I ordered some Goo Gone and I'll give the hand sanitizer a shot...does it leave a dark stain? Thanks again!
Can anyone give me some good tips as to getting pen ink off of shoes? I've tried the various tips I've read here and elsewhere, including Magic Erasers and acetone. Either they haven't worked or they've pulled color off the soul of the shoes. Anything else you can suggest? Same goes for the sticky residue left after labels are pulled off? Currently, I have 5-10 pairs of NWOT shoes that are marked with pen and I don't want to create big marks. I also have a couple of pairs...
That's Corneliani. I just took a look at the Label ID thread and I believe the first page has it mislabelled. I just posted there, so we'll see, but that's an identical tag to Corneliani and they make/made for PRL for years. Caruso made for Rugby, which has since been discontinued.For those unaware, though I'm sure most are, Hickey Freeman now has PRL's contract on the Blue Label stuff.
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