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I owe a few guys PMs, I promise I'll get back to you in the very near future. I've been swamped with work, just trying to keep my head above water! Since I don't do the Tumblr/Instagram type stuff, I generally throw my recommendations out on here due to the audience. Nothing to do with clothing, but I just grabbed a couple of Sonos speakers. From unboxing to listening to music, it was about 5 minutes. I know there are a good number of Audiophiles out there that will...
True. As a followup, everyone in the car was fine. The car that raced by in the first second or two was what they were chasing (obviously). They had robbed a tobacco store and were driving through an underground section that only had tracks for the streetcars. It was just finished a year or two ago. They were caught just a bit later.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________@Tyrone...
I think the Austrian Police have gotten their training from watching the Dukes of Hazzard.
Recent finds...most unavailable unless specified. Anyone need two tuxes from Chester Barrie? I have two jackets (one double breasted, the other single) and one pair of matching pants. Please be willing to pay up just a bit. Anyone need a white dinner jacket? Chester Barrie, size 40. It feels as though it was worn once and slightly stained on the lapel. However, a moth grabbed a bite right by the hem. If it were my size, I'd happily pay to have it...
Thrift(ish) fit from Friday. Strikingly similar to last time, as I wear something similar most days. I would have preferred a blue shirt, but alas, none were to be found in my closet. Cantarelli overcoat Wool/silk scarf (House label) Burberrys blackwatch jacket Incotex trousers Holland & Holland PS Tie from Spoo John Lobb bespoke Oh, and AWESOME fit/coat, @eazye!
Hey guys! What are you talking abou...oh. I'll see myself out.
Ouch. Normally it's the other way around. I started subscribing to a [LEGAL] proxy service and it's made everything crazy. Not sure when it's allowed to be broadcast here or not.Screenshot of what it was:Edit: Longer version, but may work.
Which case are we looking for again?Can anyone explain why this one went for $50? Just an anomaly?http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-RAY-BAN-brown-leather-Sun-Glasses-case-by-Bausch-Lomb-B-L-CASE-ONLY-/301488521654?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46321dc1b6
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