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Oh no, you're definitely right. I just meant that it doesn't seem to sell for quite as much as branded Cucinelli. Then again, that may just be eBay.de and not reflective of eBay.com.Nice looking watch!
I grabbed it thinking I'd just found some NWT almost-Cucinelli. Unfortunately, the market doesn't see it that way. The 3 Brioni orphans he has listed is also a good deal....though they're orphans.
Congrats on the grand opening!Yeah, that's all great stuff, but are you back in stock on Ossinne shirts yet? I've been dying for an XXXXL if you ever get them.
Recent finds, womenswear edition... Reindeer leather
I'll see yours and raise you what I saw on the rack the other day...Go to hell, Be Top.
+1...though I think they came through once before and I missed it.
Thanks for the info! I let them go for €250...I now see a similar pair for €800ish that didn't show up when I was researching. I knew the box had value, but nowhere near that kind of weight. I saw an identical pair (without box) go unsold at €210 and was resisted at €190. Looks like I left money on the table, but I guess I can't complain!
Still getting pictures taken to get caught up, but recent finds...Gucci sterling [[SPOILER]] I thought for sure these were legit, but for some reason I question them. Any Gucci guys have any info? [[SPOILER]] ] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] I know nothing of sneakers, but I grabbed these without hesitation. They looked vintage, had their box, and were made in Austria, something I'd never seen before. They sold in 5 minutes to an Adidas seller, so I think I must...
That's how I plan to get into the PTO Roundup when I list it. I could totally see a female hip-hop artist wanting it though!
I LOVE sunglass baskets/bins/drawers. They've caught on at a couple of my places, unfortunately.I forgot to take an indoor shot, but here is one from awhile ago. I'm bringing in a big, heavy, leather topped old desk at some point. Photo area joins my office, storage/shipping is downstairs.Ha! There are a number of old (old) buildings in this town, but new construction is also popular. They just took down a couple of older buildings to replace them...for no reason. They...
New Posts  All Forums: