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Here is the start of some recent finds... First up, some decor. Bought this guy at the flea market. Normally, I already know what I'd be willing to pay (and the relative value), before I ask for a price. This was one of those situations that I had no idea what to expect to pay (How much do pheasants really cost? ) Anyway, I expected €40-50 and the seller said "€20." Out of principal, I immediately said "€10," and he was happy to settle for €15. I have no idea of "value,"...
Well, I finally caught up on the thread! I've been 1,200+ posts behind for MONTHS. I can't believe how much awesome stuff has been posted over the last 8-10 weeks. Every time I wanted to comment, I realized I'd be a couple of weeks behind all of the other "awesome!" comments. @Mr. Moo: We've been on some weird alternate thrifting planets. I can't tell you how many things you've posted have overlapped with me, including that reversible Zegna jacket. I bought that new a few...
I like a white background as well, but I'd be willing to experiment. I'm currently using a homemade setup I did on the cheap. Would it be a terrible idea to go with one of the many sellers on ebay doing package deals that are dirt cheap?I'd love to redo the entire thing for €500, but can add to the budget if necessary. How would you spend it?
Thanks a lot for your helpful info, Brian! It's incredibly useful for a guy like me that's out of his element with photo stuff!
Since you're around at the moment @Brianpore, could you offer any additional advice re: lighting? Of course, any other photo guys are welcome to chime in!
As a followup to this, I upgraded my speed with my ISP and got a new modem from them. I now reliably get 60mbps download and 6mbps upload. It's made a world of difference and I really appreciate all of the help you guys offered!My pleasure! As jebarne said, they are great. I was going to order a cart for my garage from one of the big brands that was going to be about 3x the price, so I'm happy to have found these.
I wanted to recommend a cart that I picked up at IKEA. A lot of their office stuff is functional and budget-friendly. They have these on clearance: They were normally €50 but are on sale for €20. Really sturdy with nice wheels. I grabbed a couple for photo equipment and shipping supplies, since I'm always moving around. I'm going to get another one or two for my garage to carry tools. It looks like they're $29.99 in the US, though I'm not sure if that's a sale...
My pleasure!Another:http://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Reach-Commercial-Sturdy-Chrome-Clothes-Hanger-Hook-Grabber-Adjustable-Pole-/191891722468?hash=item2cada350e4:g:x5gAAOSwnFZXWDMwSearch "clothing hook pole" to see others.
Another idea if you have a relationship with a chain store manager: they can often order supplies like that on a quarterly basis. One may be willing to order one or two for you. You can offer to pay them, they're POS system will have a generic charge buried in their system somewhere.
It's a start, though you'd probably want something a bit higher quality.http://www.ebay.com/itm/52-Long-Organize-Reach-Sturdy-Hook-Closet-Clothes-Hung-High-Pull-Out-In-Hold-/162118831228?hash=item25bf090c7c:g:UHYAAOSwzJ5XcWCb
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