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Does anyone have any silk braces they'd let go? I wear braces most days of the week, but would like a couple of new pairs. I don't particularly care about brands or limited editions, but silk polka dots are something I'm after. If you have something cheap and are willing to ship to Austria, please let me know!
+1 on sandpaper. I sand it quickly and then wipe a bit of Renovateur across it. If you have extra time on your hands, bonus tip: tape off a square area before you sand. Once the Renovateur/conditioner is applied, it looks like a sticker that was removed.
I appreciate the fact that you've only recently added pocket squares, but most of those are missing the mark, I think. Try to avoid matchy-matchy or completely disconnected (i.e., that red one). I can't quite tell in all of the photos, but it also looks like something is messing with the drape of your pants. Perhaps keys or something? Take a look in a few of the photo-heavy threads around here to see what things you tend to like/notice (fit, fabric, colors, textures,...
I'll go on the record and say that I love vintage Ballantyne cashmere as much as anything new from Loro Piana.
Thanks for the info! Nearly every store I go to has a biking jersey rack. The selection is pretty solid starting in spring. Unfortunately, I don't know for what I'm searching. I recognize the common brands/stores, but I never know the niche brands. This was colorful and cheap, so i grabbed it. It's a size 5, probably a large, if you have interest in it!
There's a place that I visit that has tons of art and antiques. They tend to mark things up, but want to move it quickly, so below market value normally. I grab things I like, since I don't know what I'm doing. I thought I'd snap a few shots for @330CK to see whether he knows any of this stuff. Doubtful without closeups of signatures, I know, but I was in a rush and thought it might be interesting for others to see anyway. Prices were from €30-200. The same place...
Recent finds...This thing is HUGE (I'll take a point for the assist). Closest I could come to photographing it with my stepladder was by folding it in half. The colors are magnificent (photos don't justify the golds and blues), but I sincerely don't know what it is. Table covering? It's about 133cm x 133cm/ 52.3in x 52.3in.Here are a couple for @Fueco. Gamble on the Banesto, is that a thing? [[SPOILER]] Don't think this is the vintage stuff I'd really be after.I pass on...
Congratulations to you and your wife, @Fueco!
Not worth the risk of eBay suspending your account. Whenever I'm approached by people that want me to do this, it's so they will save money. It's never a situation where they suggest it in order to split the savings with me. In the end, they want the reduced price and want me to carry the risk, so not even something I would benefit from.
I think this exact thought every time I read an email I've been CCed on or when someone at work comes up to me and says "I have a question..."
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