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Thanks for the input! It's really well-made and very interesting. I took a look at their Facebook page and they have a lot of neat stuff. Hunting-inspired was my first thought as well. I believe it's an EU 50 and available if you're interested, but if I remember correctly, you're in the 46 range.Thanks again for the input!I would have happily taken a gamble on it if he had said €20, but I knew I was out of my element at €300. I was really hoping it would have been one of...
Couple of quick recent finds...This was new to me. Has anyone ever seen Antica Sartoria? Pretty cool, has a western US or Australian feel to it. [[SPOILER]] Unlined boiled wool jacket by Paul Smith, made in England. Couple of small issues, but didn't want to leave it. [[SPOILER]] Togs Unlimited [[SPOILER]] Beautiful lamb shearling duffle from Max Mara Weekend. Can anyone help with figuring out Max Mara dates?@Nataku: I was at a flea market yesterday and saw a reel to reel...
Don't worry, your name will be PMed soon! I threw half of the list at Wes with no warning, so he's going to get to his half ASAP.
Thanks for bringing this up, great point! A reminder, it's a great idea to update your profile and make that your first stop when considering what to buy your SF member!My pleasure, great to have you aboard this year!Last year, a number of people publicly posted their want (or do not want) lists in the thread. I understand those not involved in the gift exchange may be annoyed by it, but I'd say it would be great to do that again. Spoilering any lists/wants would be polite...
My pleasure! I enjoy doing it and honestly enjoy seeing all of the stuff everyone gets!
Just to let everyone know, the gift exchange names have started to be sent! I sent half the list just now, and Wes will send his half whenever he gets the chance. I just sent it to him, so give him some time. I'm paranoid that I messed something up this year as I haven't been on top of it as much as I like due to work. Hopefully my double-checking kept it straight!
As I mentioned above, I apologize for being a bit late this year to draw the names. I've been working crazy hours, so I didn't get the chance. I will, however, draw the names tomorrow (Sunday)! The following people are on my list. If your name is NOT on this list, please PM me. If your name is on here, all you need to do is wait for the PM with your SF member's name on it tomorrow! @1ofTheCoolKids @330CK @AlexJ1100 @aging in...
Doc, my sincerest condolences to you and your family.
You're in luck! I also worked a crazy schedule, so I haven't drawn the names yet. The names will be drawn tomorrow! Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll send you the PayPal info for the donation.
Oh, and just left this even though I bought it was super cool. Made in W. Germany to give you an idea on age. It's a women's EU 38, but looks big/oversized. Happy to proxy @€12 + €16ish S+H to N. America. Oh, @SpooPoker: Was this thread originally named "The Wrath of Kahn"?
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