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Just saw this after I'd placed my bud on the John Lobb bucket bag, sorry to outbid you (for now...)!I'm also down on the Barbour cap. Was that your find or a consignor's cap?
I think they were around €5 or so, but there was some foam visible inside from some sort of tear. Previous owner liked them and wore them. Thanks for your help!
Wow, thanks for the quick help! Only the second pair I've ever noticed. I really need to step up my game. I can't half-as soon something like that with the level of seriousness that collectors have.Appreciate the quick info and welcome to the forum!
I'm clueless with sneakers...these seemed trashed to me, so I left them. Was that a mistake? I have no idea on which ones they even are, tag on the inside said "Air Jordan Collection," I believe.
If no one is found, I'd be happy to foot the bill for a translator. I'm sure I can track one down.
I was totally thinking of that joke as well!@SpooPoker & @GMMcL: Sounds like it was a lot of fun! You guys pulled in some incredible stuff. Love those RL military jackets.I have been following all of the posts here and doing some thrifting, but I haven't had time to keep up with posting stuff. I can't believe how busy I feel/seem once the baby arrived, and my wife is the one doing most of the work. I always thought it was just a stereotype of new parents, but I've truly...
I looked those up when you mentioned them and I'm still undecided on what I want/need. I hadn't considered strobes as I didn't think they offered anything more.Now, I'm not a photo guy. I really don't enjoy taking pictures, but I want to A) do it well (enough), and B) cut down time. In my current setup, certain colors are impossible to photograph (greens, to name one). Beyond that, I have to adjust pictures in order to correct the exposure/color.To anyone that really knows...
All I saw was this comment when I clicked on "new posts." I was trying to guess what the previous comment was to which you were responding.Gorgeous jacket and great work you're doing on Brian's auctions!
I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on lights as well. I've been maneuvering around my little photo corner for a couple of years now, and I'd like to upgrade. Are the lights that Capnwes linked a solid direction?Let's pretend/fantasize that space and cost isn't a consideration...what would be the recommendation?
I ordered the large tote last year for my wife. Luxire offered their assistance throughout the process and were helpful with offering colours, materials, etc. I opted for a chocolate suede lining that they warned would add to the weight. It was something I hadn't considered. I still went with it, but it was nice that they warned me. I measured my wife's stuff that she carries and had pockets made up to match. She carries a notebook, iPhone, wallet, etc. It all fit...
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