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Tell me about it.
ACHTUNG Big guys!I came across a local store's donation and picked up a few pairs of pants. Two are NWT, one NWOT. A German brand (Hiltl), they're great pants. I have a couple of pairs that I love and paid retail. I'd love to wear these if they were my size. From retail experience, I know it's hard finding sizes on either end of the spectrum. These are a DE size 29. Measurements are listed, but they're all around 56cm/22in across the waist. Google helped with conversions....
True story. As said, "28" is a German size. It means it's a short. There are also sizes like "96," which is for long. Standard sizes (46-56) divided by 2 = short sizes. Standard sizes (46-56) multiplied by 2 = long sizes.Burberry for the German market is made in Germany. I still don't know who does it, but I haven't looked too hard either.
Thanks! I hope to get my pocket squares done in a similar manner.
Re: Tie storage I have about 10 shallow drawers for mine. I unpacked them yesterday after having been in boxes for about two months, so they should be hung for a little while, but here are a few pictures I just took...
Bender? I barely know 'er.
Thanks to everyone for the updates on ebay's outage yesterday. I had multiple problems as well and I was able to check in and find out it wasn't just my account. In regard to the recent discussions about TRS and shipping, I'd like to chime in. First, a bit of background information: ebay.at exists, but it is under the umbrella of ebay.de. This means that all policy and procedure comes from Germany, not Austria. There are shipping discounts available...to Germans. The...
It's really pretty nice. It's my size, but I'm not sure how often I'd wear it. You may be surprised to learn that it's an older piece... [[SPOILER]]
Sure thing! When I get a chance, I'll grab some pictures for you and post it in the ebay thread.
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