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...to remind you that I'm a fucking idiot! Cheers!
PM sent!
Thanks! I ordered some Goo Gone and I'll give the hand sanitizer a shot...does it leave a dark stain? Thanks again!
Can anyone give me some good tips as to getting pen ink off of shoes? I've tried the various tips I've read here and elsewhere, including Magic Erasers and acetone. Either they haven't worked or they've pulled color off the soul of the shoes. Anything else you can suggest? Same goes for the sticky residue left after labels are pulled off? Currently, I have 5-10 pairs of NWOT shoes that are marked with pen and I don't want to create big marks. I also have a couple of pairs...
That's Corneliani. I just took a look at the Label ID thread and I believe the first page has it mislabelled. I just posted there, so we'll see, but that's an identical tag to Corneliani and they make/made for PRL for years. Caruso made for Rugby, which has since been discontinued.For those unaware, though I'm sure most are, Hickey Freeman now has PRL's contract on the Blue Label stuff.
The Caruso tag on page one for PRL looks to be wrong, though I think it's been mentioned several times here. It's Corneliani for sure...right?
Haha, I guess he is just using the logic of "it just takes one!"
Big thanks to @Close Horse! He helped me out big time by sending me these. The package took a crazy route: back and forth to NYC a couple of times and sitting with Austrian customs for a length of time, which was weird, but they made it! Thanks again! [[SPOILER]]
Awesome haul! Available, and if so, size(s)?
Sorry to quote myself, but has anyone seen something like this?Those are actually PRL (Polo Ralph Lauren, Blue Label), and likely by Corneliani rather than Caruso.
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