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Thanks!You've been on fire with ties. One donor? What's that Burberry underneath, a trench?I think I offered you a Salvatore Piccolo shirt a few months ago that I saw at TK Maxx. It sold/disappeared before markdowns, but I did thrift one today.
Quoting myself:Has anyone ever used one of the online gift exchange sites? I'd be open to trying one out this year, but I've never used one.I'd love to be able to:Allow it to generate names.Allow members to anonymously communicate.Allow members to upload their contact information.Be relatively secure/not spam the hell out of everyone.Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
I have a ton of stuff to photograph, hopefully I'll catch up one day. For now, here are a few of my keepers. These things are already in my closet/house, so unfortunately not available.Recent finds...There is a small shop in my town that sells odds and ends. This was in the window. I bought it and she may get more from the guy. It looks like a panama, but it's actually a cream felt.Wool sweater for my son. I buy him things that I would wear if they were my size. Love this,...
Funny you mention it! I had just started to write the post for this thread when I saw that one on the main page. May get into it this year, I haven't in previous years.For those interested, I'll be posting the info/rules/timeline for this years gift exchange in the next week or two!
Bonus tip for those that do BIN, though you may find this to be common knowledge: If you're currently doing good 'til cancelled, consider switching to 30 day format. I have always gotten 1-2 sales/month as the listing is about to end, presumably the reminder from ebay to watchers helps. Additionally, the buyer gets the pressure that the item may not be relisted. I get a quick blast of traffic to all of my listings/store visits due to relisting every month. Downside: You...
I don't do a lot of auctions, but I can tell you I get a lot more views/sales on Sundays between 7-10pm than any other 3 hour time period during the week.
Google translate says it may be hemp and polyester....but certainly can't guarantee that translation!
I never saw California Split, but it's on my list now!
^This is awesome.^This is awesome.I think that's the second Rounders quote in the last week or so...."I'm sorry John, I don't remember." Every time I see a sale/PayPal notification, John Malkovich speaks to me in my head.
Sorry to ask everyone again, but can anyone help me on these? I think/thought they were real, but I question it because it's the exact thing that would be fake.
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