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Was it from ebay or just an ebay member? Either way, it should be the right of second sale. She is (correctly) using the trademarked name to describe the product. If she were to use their name on a different product, use their logos without consent, or use protected photos, she'd be violating the ebay TOS. It sounds like she should be fine.I'm not sure whether this is a global thing, but all makeup/skincare products here must be in their original packaging to be sold on...
The only benefit is receiving the keys to the executive washroom. Kidding of course, I simply assumed you didn't know it was an option. I apologize, carry on!
I know, right? I thought of keeping them as well since sunglass-buying season is past its prime.Yes, German. Größe = size. A 26 is an EU 52 short.Oh, and @Nobleprofessor: You can quote multiple people in one post by clicking "MULTI" instead of "QUOTE." I wasn't sure whether you knew that or not since I often see multiple posts from you in a row. If you already know and are trying to up your post count, feel free to ignore that advice!
I wouldn't say drastically different, I just sincerely hate that period of winter between January and March. I'd take heat and sunshine over fall any day.Here's fall:
As far as the discussion on seasons is concerned, my wife and I toyed with the idea of moving to Malta a few years ago. Fall and winter sound great in theory, but I hate them in reality. Fall is kind of like Sunday...it's fine because you can still get things done, but it signals something worse, Monday/winter. My wife always romanticizes winter with snow and Christmas, but I dislike the shoveling, the lack of color, the dark nights at 5:00pm, etc. Having said that, we're...
Recent find...Hadn't previously found this model. [[SPOILER]]
I didn't mean to imply that you were in the wrong in any way. I just immediately thought of that scene when I read the story. Hell, I get annoyed when I can't take my dog into a store, let alone when I can't wear a hat.
Did they pull one of these?"They don't sell hot dogs here. They took the bleachers out three years ago.
One last find for the evening. Shoe (women's) for size comparison.
I lost it at the tampon holster...I somehow immediately pictured those tassles that go on the ends of childrens' bicycle handles, only they were tampons fluttering in the wind has I jaunted to a meeting.
New Posts  All Forums: