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Sorry to hear that. I've had problems with them almost every single time. The first time was something for my wife...never arrived. Called them, said it would be sent. Nothing happened. Opened a case, they never responded.Second and third time was stuff for myself. It was a large order, all thrown into a large box. Not folded or packed, quite literally thrown into a large box. It was all supposed to be the same size (my size, obviously), but I ended up with every possible...
Recent finds, much of it for myself so (N/A)...Etro women's turtleneck. It was one of those things that you see and know what brand instantaneously. [[SPOILER]] Barbour scarf [[SPOILER]] Beautiful scarf. I actually thought this was a Drakes A/W 2012 when I saw it. [[SPOILER]] Third of these I've found. They certainly have a following. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] House label from a local shop, in love with it. There is a basket full of these NWOT (regimental stripes, pin dots,...
Great shot...curious, though, how long did it take to set it up??
I'm not sure about Birmingham, but that kind of behavior can get you in trouble with the local authorities over here.
Happy birthday, @SpooPoker!
Do NOT ruin it! This goes for anyone else that comments! No character names, plot twists, etc.
Anything goes, just:- No selling outright- You may sell in the background via PMs- Fixed prices, no auctioning- The conversion of Barbour jackets into bags used to store ammunition (henceforth "Ammo Bags") is strictly prohibited- The disparaging of race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation (whether said notions are real or perceived) is forbidden.- The sale of cashmere ties of any hue of red (ranging from burgundy to bubblegum) is hereby prohibited- Should you...
There have been a number of lines by Zegna including: Soft, Sport, and Z Zegna. There is also "Gritti by Ermenegildo Zegna" which is also made in their factories. However, yours caught my eye just scrolling because the font was wonky. I then saw it was "Ermenegildo Zegna Paris," which doesn't exist.A big thing for Asian manufacturers is to mention Paris. I've seen a number of fake Hermès ties that say "Made in Paris." I've seen a few fake Zegnas that had your tags, but...
I'm afraid to say that Zegna that is NWT is fake. Zegna is Italian, not French.
I've been on a blanket quest and considered ordering one from this mill. I found this one NWT and €5, so I grabbed it.A couple of the belts I found from a few weeks ago. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
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