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A couple of things from me today...One of the nicest Chester Barrie's I've found. It's 100% cashmere. (Unavailable) [[SPOILER]] Two silk knitsAltea and BrioniCool leather travel wallet for F1 (unavailable). [[SPOILER]] Missoni shirt [[SPOILER]] The older lady ahead of me in line was trying to buy a case for her phone, but she was .10 short. I paid it and when it was my turn, the cashier let me have this for free.
^Agreed. Their Sartoriale line is especially great. The suiting is nice and they have "modern" cuts. The Sartoriale ties have great silk.
Thanks again for the tip to check out SuitSupply, @SeaJen. I just ordered 5 suits tonight, none of which I'd consider "practical." I'm not the type that orders and returns, but I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem if they didn't work out for me. One of them is this: http://eu.suitsupply.com/de_AT/suits/madison-offwhite-einfarbig-uni/P3859.html?start=15&cgid=Suits&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Spring%2FSummer
Thanks for that tip! I'll give it a go tonight and I'll let you know how it works. Should I throw the scarf into a bag first for some protection?Nice haul, GREAT ties!
Sure. Not sure about thrift prices, but I can help you keep costs down. The biggest thing in talking about costs would be where you plan on visiting. I'm not sure you've been to Europe, but imagine the difference between staying in NYC compared to Arkansas. With a month to travel, I'd keep it geographically tight. The more distance you travel, the more expensive the trip, obviously.
A couple of things from me...Zegna loafers in perfect condition [[SPOILER]] Y'Saccs by Yohji Yamamoto [[SPOILER]] A first for me....Cartier scarf. Any ideas on how to get the old lady perfume smell out of it? I always run into this problem with scarves. Airing it outside helps, but it only made a dent in this one. [[SPOILER]] Corneliani [[SPOILER]] Boggi silk knit. Generally leave Boggi ties, but this one was in perfect condition until the neck touched velcro. Not a big...
Horizontal stripes are a go on square-end knits, both silk and wool. I've done incredibly well with them and I am also personally a fan, more than on a regular tie. Maybe it's more pleasing to the eye on a rectangular tie?
It looks like it's already been answered, but I was also going to jump in and say that "esquire" is a title given to most, if not all, men without a formal or proper title. Especially in the case of Savile Row (and most formal British communication). Here, titles are still revered, much more so than in Germany. They've attempted to do away with many, but they're still loved. An example of this is that the wife (and presumably husband, though I haven't encountered it), can...
Thank you very much for the generous offer, but you're right, it would be a bit big. If you're thinking of Spoo's green Ballantyne jacket with white trim, I actually sent that to him. I really liked it (and completely forgot about it).The particular wedding I'm buying for is relatively small, much of it my wife's family. Unless I were to wear something ultra-conservative, it will be discussed. If something is to be discussed, I may as well go all out (my logic, anyway)....
^ Oh, and free shipping to Austria and free returns? Definitely going to submit a couple of orders to give them a shot.
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