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They're not nearly as much fun to piss in compared to Zanella pleated trousers.
Absolutely! I'm going to take off to go pick it up. Let's hope that's the end of it. My car is getting a high pressure pump replaced, so we've been without our cars for too long.
My apologies to @eazye: he won a thrift thread fit pic contest that I hosted a couple of months ago. His prize was a handmade pocket square from his choice of fabric. Well, I was busy with life and then kind of forgot to do it...so I completed it last night. As a result of my forgetfulness, I made another one in order to host another contest. It has its own thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/508713/thrift-thread-fit-contest-1/0_30 Throw your best, cheap fit together and...
A simple fit-pic contest for the fun of it. No themes on this one other than "cheap."The rules:- Fit/photo must be taken at some point during the challenge. Old photos/fits may not be used.- Both CM and SW&D are fair game.- 80% of fit should be thrifted/gifted/traded/discount. Loose definition here, but well below retail is the goal.- Feel free to explain how much was paid, provenance, tailoring completed, etc. Back stories on vintage/antique pieces are interesting!The...
I would also be interested in an old G-Wagen.My wife's car suddenly died recently, so I've been car shopping. I've looked at dozens of cars, trying to find something. Found one we liked for a fraction of our budget, so it sounded great. The guy lives a couple of hours away. Here, your insurance company provides a license plate for the car. Essentially, if a car has a license plate, it means it's insured. When you sell a car, you have to "de-register" it and you have to be...
Well, we found out the gender of our child... [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through a difficult time. Too often, we find ourselves trying to be everything to everyone, which is an impossible task. Unfortunately, it seems to be a part of the human condition. A man cannot be the best brother, uncle, friend, employee/boss, son, husband and father at the same moment in time. Many have tried and will continue to fail.Should you find yourself struggling in life, I recommend seeking help. It's 2015, mental...
One more. I think it's real and from the '80s. That internal lining is throwing me though. It feels like the (really) cheap lining used in fake purses. Any input from the experts? @PLaydice, you find a lot of vintage Fendi, right? [[SPOILER]]
Couple of finds from today. Measurements in the spoilers, both are available....AWESOME Daks wool jacket. Wool lining as well, flawless. [[SPOILER]] Barbour 3/4 trench, size L. 75/25 cotton/PU [[SPOILER]]
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