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There are a ton of things off about it. The inside tag is (very) old. The rest of the suit doesn't look as old as the tag. The lining, the red and black, looks wrong. The contrast buttonhole pictured is a more modern detail, not something I'd expect on a 25 year old suit, and not standard on OTR Zegna, though possible with su misura. In short, at best, I'd expect it to be a generic suit with an old Zegna tag sewn into it.
The pink is a lot more saturated, but I have no problem with it personally. For me, it's the type of pink that will fade well over time. Did someone here bleach this pink in the last year or so?
Order number on this was 16671, but the collars are just the Broke and Bespoke collar from the spreadsheet. I've always had a version of it, button down, hidden button down, etc. I like it a lot and I'm almost always asked about the collar style when I post a Luxire shirt. It can be a lot of collar for some, but I love the roll you get from it. I believe the point length is 3.5 inches and height is 2 inches.
Seriously though, I have no idea.
I hope to get some finds posted over the weekend. I still thrift and read, just haven't had time/energy to get things posted. You guys have had some awesome stuff. @Nataku: Cool posters! Was that all thrifted? Maybe I missed the background, but I think you mentioned that you weren't sure what was in all of it until you got it home. Post-work thrift fit, so rumpled. Shirt and PS weren't thrifted, unfortunately. Dog wouldn't stay out of it, so had to get him to pose: PRL...
I just got my linen sale order. I always like to post photos of fabrics as I search the thread whenever I'm about to order. I've added my personal thoughts about the fabrics below the pictures. Shirts are: Linen Pale Blue End-on-End & Pale Pink Linen Cotton Here are a few shots from Luxire's page: The pink is a good deal. I'm very happy with what I received, though it's a more saturated pink. I was happy to see it is not as translucent as I had worried. The blue...
^Brioni, nice find!
Thanks! A few good things in there, but it's been a struggle out there for the past couple of months, LOTS of trips walking away empty-handed.@kbadgley84: Congratulations on the new addition!
I read every post in this thread, but I sincerely haven't had time to post anything of my own. Here's a mix of some recent finds...Nothing available at the moment, unfortunately.These are good, right? They were cheap, but I think it was a smart move. [[SPOILER]] Vass [[SPOILER]] Wool scarf [[SPOILER]] I know this goes against the cardinal rule, but all of the following are NWT and the Derek Rose boxers were a store donation. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]...
Oddly enough, both @Nataku and I have found Brioni cashmere pools that were missing the tags and only identified by the buttons. Ours were black, but still odd.
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