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@luxire: Any info on this? Thanks!
Recent finds... Sorry for the lack of spoilers, on my iPad and it's a pain to do. Wool scarf, seemingly new shearling gloves and some well worn and slightly damaged peccary gloves.
Vicuña are cousins to llamas and alpacas, they aren't domesticated. They starve themselves in captivity. In order to harvest their wool, you have to catch one, shear it and release it. It's an incredible amount of work (obviously) to get a small amount of wool. The wool itself is lightweight and warm, making it desirable. Vicuña are protected and you couldn't get the material for a number of years. For all of these reasons, it's expensive. Even a small amount of vicuña in...
@luxire Do you have any pictures of pants made up of any of these Holland & Sherry tweeds (or anything similar)? I'm trying to work out the scale on pants. Are there any tweed sales coming up in the near future? Holland & Sherry Tweed Wool Checks - Olive Blue Orange Brown Holland & Sherry Tweed Wool Checks - Light Shades Orange Sky Blue Blue on Brown Holland & Sherry Tweed Wool Checks - Tan & Sky Blue on Navy Holland & Sherry Tweed Wool Purple Light Purple Tan...
Since I'm catching up on photography, I thought I'd post with a theme. Here's a thrifted alphabet. Lots of spoilers and some were a stretch. I think there are only two recycled posts from the last few weeks.A is for... [[SPOILER]] B is for... [[SPOILER]] C is for... [[SPOILER]] D is for... [[SPOILER]] E is for... [[SPOILER]] F is for... [[SPOILER]] G is for... [[SPOILER]] H is for... [[SPOILER]] I is for... [[SPOILER]] J is for... [[SPOILER]] K is for... [[SPOILER]] L is...
Who was it that liked Brunello Cucinelli cashmere? Okay, I paid up for these. I think whether I say "unavailable" or not, I'll get PMs on them, so let me tell you right now that they're fucking expensive. One is already possibly sold, but they're beautiful. What's the retail on these? I always chuckle when I think of Cucinelli, Vox once had something on his blog about Pitti saying something along the lines of the opening ceremony involved Brunello Cucinelli adding his...
@bpk1: That Tom Ford is a beaut!@TheNeedMachine: Sorry to hear about your terrible day.@Bahljs: Calling you in on these! Picked them up today and it felt like déjà vu! No box this time, but they don't look to me like they have touched the ground. I need to get a number to a guy...could you shoot me a PM with some advice?Of course, I'd listen to anyone that knows what they're talking about! [[SPOILER]]
PM on the way.Probably not. White label? Shoulder pads? Unvented? Low buttoning point and/or gorge? If yes to any of those, I'd personally leave it. Others may disagree.
@Purplelabel: Great find on that overcoat!Nice find on that Ferragamo swimsuit! My Moschino swimsuit was returned and it was 100% my fault. The elastic, which I apparently overlooked, was completely shot due to age. Double check yours for the same!Oh, and what's the story on that PRL cashmere...mens? Available? Smallish?
Thanks for the helpful info! I'll take a look at it and contrast/compare them to the other sites that google spits out at me.Thanks again!
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