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Some awesome hauls recently, @GMMcL, unbelievable post! Beautiful coat, Frenchy!Found this incredibly nice leather coat. It's handmade, but the brand isn't anything known. The buttons are from an Austin Healey. Anyone have any ideas? Great leather and heavy as hell. Generic M sizing, probably somewhere between M and L. [[SPOILER]]
Recent finds...Not sure why the picture is so terrible. Jacket from Regent. Regent would be the German equivalent of Oxxford. [[SPOILER]] This dreamboat is 100% silk and also Regent. Size 50, available.Since pick stitching is often mentioned and we talk about misidentifying machine work for hand stitching, I thought I'd include a closeup of this jacket. This is done by hand. You can see how it's a bit uneven and it doesn't stand out.Regent wool/mohair suitSpring/Easter...
Work has been sucking out my very soul lately, so I have a few things to post this weekend. Thanks to everyone that's been posting, it's a nice distraction reading along. If I owe you a PM, I'll do my best to read them this weekend!In the meantime, and thoroughly not thrift related, I got one of these emails this week. I forgot they existed:I decided to respond. You can follow the chat in the spoiler. My question, though, is where should I take this? I'd love to somehow...
Congratulations! I am assuming that the photo is taken from the kitchen? As in the small room photographed is across from the kitchen? If you are planning on using it as a pantry, would you put doors on it? It would be a bit of a shame to close it off entirely as it has two windows' worth of natural light. What's behind the windowless wall? Any chance of knocking it out? Could you run plumbing to it? Just throwing out ideas! If storage is a must, I'm sure there are a...
Only a few here, but the website for other labels is helpful:http://vintagefashionguild.org/label-resource/brooks-brothers/
I didn't even realize it, but yes, very . The Woolrich was a one-off, I've found 1 US-made Woolrich and 1 Filson shirt in my life.Edit: UK, Italy, Austria, and Germany represented.Sounds vaguely German, but "kaufen" is to buy.
Recent finds... AWESOME Luciano Barbera Sartoriale by San Andrea (N/A) Wool/linen/silk (my favorite blend) (N/A) This must be reversible as it snaps on both sides. The wool side has no pockets and the tag would need to be clipped. Wool is an oatmeal color. Really nice/cool. Size EU 54, but fits like a medium. Available. Woolrich pea coat, made in the USA A bit worn and women's, but I'll take it. Oh, and missing a belt. You guys have to worry about...
A big thanks to @dappercanadian for my thrift exchange gift! He sent it in December and the post was a bit slow to get it to me. Either way, it is an awesome package full of incredibly useful things. Check out that RLPL! A big THANK YOU to everyone that donated and participated in the exchange this year. I hope to see you all on the list for the next round!
Haha, I zoomed in on the photos and came up with an answer. Continued reading only to find out that it had already been answered! It is stamped Austro-Hungarian, but written in Polish. The first lines mention Rymanów in Poland. I would have guessed taxes as well.@Doomsticks: I had the same thought...I had coffee and thought "Ahh, this sounds far more interesting than the other work I have to do in front of me. Yes, this suddenly takes priority."
Awesome tie and congratulations @ChetB!
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