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Re: Watchers It doesn't anger me to have people watching and not buying. Sometimes it's competition, checking to see whether you sell. Sometimes it's people that simply have a wish list of things. The only related aspect that does annoy me is when one of my BIN listings ends after 30 days and seconds/minutes later I get an offer for less than 50%. Something about the person thinking that they can swoop in with an offer for anything and that I will be so desperate that I...
I can understand that, I tend to be the same.Anyone know whether this is the type of thing people love or is it nothing? I've had a lot of interest in vintage Missoni Sport pieces, but no idea on this sweatshirt. Some fraying at the collar.
Congratulations, @Ds13! All the best in the wedding planning and marriage! _______________________________________________________________ I love how chatty @SpooPoker gets when he drinks. _______________________________________________________________ To everyone that has recently posted a thrift fit, don't forget to quote yourself and enter it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/508713/thrift-thread-fit-contest-1/0_30
Best to stay away!http://www.styleforum.net/t/309281/buying-and-selling-on-ebay-tips-tricks-problems-questions/21570_30#post_7974415Can't believe this guy is still running around on eBay.
Recent finds...Kids stuff first. Now that I have an excuse to search, I seem to find one or two things every time I look in the baby/kids section.Awesome little wool jacket with a belted back. I wish this were adult-sized. [[SPOILER]] Baby-sized Lederhosen (!) from pig suede. Shoe for scale. Very much unavailable, but I can keep an eye out for another pair if anyone would like. [[SPOILER]] Baby flannelAnyone's child (boy or girl?) need a D&G Jr. shirt (@SpooPoker)? Size S,...
Glad you like them, just ordered the same thing!Re: contest, I even called you out in it! Original post spoilered below: [[SPOILER]]
That Bogner (Goan) was a nice grab!I've used Luxire for the past couple of years for printing pocket squares, shirts, pants, and a bag. I just placed an order this week for a few shirts and another pair of pants. Are those the standard grey flannel ($99.99)?Also, @varietygoods, @eazye, and anyone else that has (or will) be posting thrift fits: enter the contest! Up for grabs is a free pocket square. Deadline is next...
That's typical for the USPS to EU. I often receive packages that stop tracking in Vienna and then arrive. It's ordinarily pretty quick, but I wouldn't count yours as lost quite yet. You can't locate is on the Royal Mail's site? The tracking should follow an international format...XXXXXXXXXXUS, with some of the XXXs being the origin postal code.If it's not in that format, maybe contact the seller asking how it was shipped. In all likelihood, it's getting sorted through UK...
You're right about the IT/EU to US sizes....the rule of 10 is easy to remember and pretty much accurate for smaller sizes. Since it's based on a rough conversion of cm to in, the larger the size the further away from the rule you get.Here's a good thread on the topic:http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?48883-European-suit-sizing
^This! Plenty of time to get something together. You can submit as many fits as you like, but only one (your choice) will be entered!** Entries accepted until 8 October 2015, voting will run 9-11 October. **
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