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As I mentioned above, I apologize for being a bit late this year to draw the names. I've been working crazy hours, so I didn't get the chance. I will, however, draw the names tomorrow (Sunday)! The following people are on my list. If your name is NOT on this list, please PM me. If your name is on here, all you need to do is wait for the PM with your SF member's name on it tomorrow! @1ofTheCoolKids @330CK @AlexJ1100 @aging in...
Doc, my sincerest condolences to you and your family.
You're in luck! I also worked a crazy schedule, so I haven't drawn the names yet. The names will be drawn tomorrow! Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll send you the PayPal info for the donation.
Oh, and just left this even though I bought it was super cool. Made in W. Germany to give you an idea on age. It's a women's EU 38, but looks big/oversized. Happy to proxy @€12 + €16ish S+H to N. America. Oh, @SpooPoker: Was this thread originally named "The Wrath of Kahn"?
Absolutely! I mentioned to @Thrift Vader that we had a couple of donations come in that were intended to ensure his participation.I will do my best to get the names drawn tonight!Skipping lunch today to get to a couple of shops for the first time this week a get a shave. For those that don't go to a barber for a shave, start. I have gone the same place every month for years now, no matter how busy I am. Seriously one of the most relaxing ways to spend 10-20 minutes.
Thanks! It weighs a ton and smells fantastic.
Read about that in the Bestetti thread and it's truly sad. Incredibly talented man. Strangely enough, @330CK just asked me a day or two about a motorcycle jacket I have from Bestetti. It's magnificent. It's horsehide and hasn't been truly broken-in yet. It's something I've never seriously considered parting with, no matter how little I wear it. According to Riccardo, it's one of only two that he made, though he certainly could have made others since telling me that.
Cool to see props from any well-known movie. Should anyone ever happen to find any props from The Sopranos, please proxy! That also goes for Airedale terrier stuff. I rarely see Airedales on ties and things, but often see Westies and Fox Terriers.
Sorry to the guys I need to PM, I've been working crazy hours. I'll get caught up ASAP and the plan is to draw names on Thursday! I missed the dog chat last night and have to share mine. He's my buddy.
I still need addresses from the following people. Please get that to me as soon as you get a chance. I don't like to draw names without addresses out of fear that someone disappears from the thread! I need an address from: @dukedishin @Hoofit horse's_ass @Nell @rhz5001 @the2ndhandman @Thrift Vader I attempted to match donations with members. I searched my PayPal account by SF username, real first name, and real last name. I couldn't find payments from the following...
New Posts  All Forums: