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PM on the way.Probably not. White label? Shoulder pads? Unvented? Low buttoning point and/or gorge? If yes to any of those, I'd personally leave it. Others may disagree.
@Purplelabel: Great find on that overcoat!Nice find on that Ferragamo swimsuit! My Moschino swimsuit was returned and it was 100% my fault. The elastic, which I apparently overlooked, was completely shot due to age. Double check yours for the same!Oh, and what's the story on that PRL cashmere...mens? Available? Smallish?
Thanks for the helpful info! I'll take a look at it and contrast/compare them to the other sites that google spits out at me.Thanks again!
Thanks!You've been on fire with ties. One donor? What's that Burberry underneath, a trench?I think I offered you a Salvatore Piccolo shirt a few months ago that I saw at TK Maxx. It sold/disappeared before markdowns, but I did thrift one today.
Quoting myself:Has anyone ever used one of the online gift exchange sites? I'd be open to trying one out this year, but I've never used one.I'd love to be able to:Allow it to generate names.Allow members to anonymously communicate.Allow members to upload their contact information.Be relatively secure/not spam the hell out of everyone.Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
I have a ton of stuff to photograph, hopefully I'll catch up one day. For now, here are a few of my keepers. These things are already in my closet/house, so unfortunately not available.Recent finds...There is a small shop in my town that sells odds and ends. This was in the window. I bought it and she may get more from the guy. It looks like a panama, but it's actually a cream felt.Wool sweater for my son. I buy him things that I would wear if they were my size. Love this,...
Funny you mention it! I had just started to write the post for this thread when I saw that one on the main page. May get into it this year, I haven't in previous years.For those interested, I'll be posting the info/rules/timeline for this years gift exchange in the next week or two!
Bonus tip for those that do BIN, though you may find this to be common knowledge: If you're currently doing good 'til cancelled, consider switching to 30 day format. I have always gotten 1-2 sales/month as the listing is about to end, presumably the reminder from ebay to watchers helps. Additionally, the buyer gets the pressure that the item may not be relisted. I get a quick blast of traffic to all of my listings/store visits due to relisting every month. Downside: You...
I don't do a lot of auctions, but I can tell you I get a lot more views/sales on Sundays between 7-10pm than any other 3 hour time period during the week.
Google translate says it may be hemp and polyester....but certainly can't guarantee that translation!
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