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NWT Belvest Jacket, 50% wool, 50% linen. EU size 48, but take a look at the measurements. Partially lined, some padding in the shoulders. Great fabric mix! Shipping: Austria: Free Germany: €10.50 EU: €16.50 Rest of the world: €21.00 Measurements: Armpit to armpit: 53.5cm Sleeves: 64cm Shoulders: 45.5cm Length (from bottom of collar): 77.5cm More pictures available, feel free to get in touch with additional questions!
I haven't been able to post much lately due to work, but I hope to get a few things posted this evening. Since there has been a good amount of art posted recently, I thought I'd dig these out.I got them at a flea market for next to nothing. A young couple had piles of papers (plans/blueprints, maps, sketches, etc.) and nearly all of it was destroyed from storage, water, and folds and tears. Well, I picked out a map I liked and was told I could grab a couple of other things...
Thank you for the helpful info! I hadn't taken availability into account. I've read that the electronics can have issues that are difficult to pinpoint, but I'll have a mechanic inspect and report to me anything that looks troubling.One of my favorite cars that I owned was a 1987 300 turbo diesel...it was great until the transmission went out. I took a quick look, just for fun, and had assumed they'd be next to nothing...wrong! They're still holding at between...
Wow. Just...wow. I haven't been able to keep up due to work load, but I just read the past several days. AWESOME finds everyone! Those Barbours, @silverwarebandit! That art, @amerikajinda! Unreal and congratulations! Furthermore, a quick question to the car guys: shopping for a (decidedly) uncool car. Looking at the Mercedes C220 station wagons, likely something from 2010-2014. Anyway, any of you guys know anything I should be on the lookout for as far as common problems,...
Thanks for the input, those were my original thoughts. I just really liked the idea of having something so light, but possibly this is overboard.A good question, I had wondered the same. I'll shoot them an email and see what they have to say.Again, thanks all, I'll update whether I go for it and if I do, how bad (or good..) it is.
I'm considering having some pants made up from the 4/5oz linen/cotton (70/30) in navy. I'm wondering whether it will be way too light or unsubstantial. I would like them to be airy as I often walk to work and in July, it can be steamy. This is the fabric: http://luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-navy Has anyone gone this route or have any thoughts?
Whoa. I don't think either of those guys were talking down to you or trying to make you look stupid. Your original post went on and on about how much "garbage" (your word, not mine) you had, and it was in reference to that.
I really just wanted the table, but I had to buy it as a set. The chairs are neat anyway. The table is by Georg Jensen, the chairs are German (Bergmann). Do you have any other info on the chairs Frenchy/@ChetB/any other mid-century mod guys?
Best Western? Oh, and I think I recognized that Goodwill from when I was in Atlanta. Have a good time, good luck!
New without box. Shipping: Germany is €10 EU is €15 Rest of world is €18
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