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It's really pretty nice. It's my size, but I'm not sure how often I'd wear it. You may be surprised to learn that it's an older piece... [[SPOILER]]
Sure thing! When I get a chance, I'll grab some pictures for you and post it in the ebay thread.
Wow, thanks! It means a lot considering the number of people here that take incredible photos. I've been trying to set something up and those were taken in a space of about 1m/3ft between a wall and chimney.
Thanks to @SeaJen and @GMMcL for sorting out that tie!Photographed a few things this evening (some of it may be available soon!) ...Zegna silkBoss corduroy jacketAnyone ever pick up Jey Coleman? [[SPOILER]] I hope to find the pants to this. I found a pair the same day, but they weren't quite a match. [[SPOILER]] The coolest Hackett piece I've seen. [[SPOILER]]
Hey FRENCHY...it must be that season (just caught up on your blog)...Also, to reiterate...
A few finds before a meeting. Hopefully at the weekend I'll get some of the stuff filling my office photographed. A boy can dream...Church's [[SPOILER]] Church's [[SPOILER]] Ludwig Reiter Juchtenleder (Russian leather?) with box [[SPOILER]] 2x Swatch frames with replaceable frames [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Church's [[SPOILER]] Legitimate NWOT Pringle (know the source) [[SPOILER]] More cashmere socks. I bought the socks and sweater at one place and the cashier complimented...
Any of you big guys need a nice odd jacket? It's an EU size 60 at the store...grey, 92/8 wool/cashmere. I stop when I hit it every time. It's from a local store and nice. Their private label is by Isaia, but their house label just has a generic German language tag that I see on lots of stuff. Grey is a bit tricky as an odd jacket, but it's a really rare size, so I thought I'd offer to proxy. I haven't picked it up and probably won't unless someone wants it, so no...
I managed to get a few more things photographed tonight.Oh, and @TheNeedMachine: we have plenty of mountain goats around and plenty of hunters. We currently have a bowl of horns sitting somewhere, for some reason. Beyond that, I have a few hats with the Gamsbart. Not nearly as nefarious as my statement implied, I know.Daks blazer [[SPOILER]] Crazy Daks wool/silk [[SPOILER]] Boss cotton/linen [[SPOILER]] Burberry linen that needs a steam/dry cleaning [[SPOILER]] Paul Smith...
Ahh, read your post during world cup about being German and thought your recent finds had the € after the numbers. Come on over, you're more likely to find the Monet on this side Forgot about that. Hope everyone else on that coast is fine and well.Re: Goat. I'll grab some photos when I get a chance, but I have a variety of goat parts lying around. In fact, the traditional piece to keep in a green felt hat is a "Gamsbart," the beard of a mountain goat.
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