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Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I saw this thread and it looked promising since it was started a few years ago and had been updated. Quick read but neat: http://www.styleforum.net/t/198735/anybody-ever-heard-of-scott-company-limited-boston/0_30#post_3586713
Great chair! I've still got a nice table to match...In other news, it's both Hr. und Fr. HansderHunds' birthday today. I have the day off of work, so am I spending that time enjoying hobbies and life? No, I'm bringing carts of wood inside, changing over to snow tires, organizing my office, and buying dog food. It's shocking how mundane life gets as you age.
Sure! I can't do corners well at all...I improvise every time, every corner. They're often a mess. It's not a problem for me as I rarely display the corners when I wear one.
Went to the flea market this morning and spotted these from a distance. Walked over to them and the guy starts talking to me. When I go to flea markets, I look like a homeless guy, not one interested in spending money. Anyway, the guy starts talking to me and I found out he used to work for Ludwig Reiter, so he obviously knew the retail value. Still worth the purchase, but he wasn't interested in budging. All Ludwig Reiters and 3/4 had trees.
I'll see if I can make something happen for you. I still owe our last contest winners theirs...and I need to drop eazy one in the mail.Never! Really cool find, they're an old maker. I saw their store a couple of times, but never the inside. They made boots/shoes for a lot of Austrian royalty. How did you come across those?Dibs on Kirkland and Stafford! I'll fight the forum for that stuff.Insane though, congratulations.
Recent finds... I'm going to cut this one to make pocket squares...as soon as I get caught up with those I already need to make
I have a few PMs to answer and will be sure to get to them tonight.I took the rare opportunity to pick up some American coins. I don't think they're anything terribly special, but where are my coin guys at to be certain? I paid less than face value, so I'm fine with it. Most are modern, but a few older ones in the mix. [[SPOILER]]
Ahh, just caught up on the rest of the story...and that is awesome! I'll also note that my commentary was written before I had read the rest. It's a bit funny that I mentioned "school performance" and that's where @colorvision was going at the time.
Oh, I'll jump in on this with speculation! I would be willing to be you have a compulsion to please people. Certainly not the worst thing to have, but the fact that he offered to give you the pants made you feel as though you should return the favor. You may also take on projects at work, favors for friends/family, etc. even when you don't have enough time. Imagine the following:You've had a busy week and it's Friday afternoon. You have plans with friends later, so you're...
Fuck you, @Nataku. Oh wait, no, happy birthday!
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