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New without box. Shipping: Germany is €10 EU is €15 Rest of world is €18
I don't have any interest in it, but any excuse to use this one, it's my favorite:
Good suggestion. I can't see it on my phone, but could it be ticker tape?
I get that symbol when someone is doing a bank transfer. It will stay half € until I mark it as paid/received. I know that doesn't help, but unless I mark it as paid, it's considered unpaid and I am allowed to open a case. I never ship these until I've confirmed the payment.
Recent finds, nothing available:
I double-checked on this. Of course, this is my own experience:When things are marked as gift, it's hit or miss on whether I am asked to pay duty. I've never asked anyone to mark something as a gift and the things I receive are normally gifts. About 10% of the time, I'm asked to pay VAT on them. VAT in Austria is 20%. In these cases, they haven't bothered to convert the declared amount, they simply replace the $ with a €. When this happens, I receive a letter asking me to...
He may be surprised that it was shipped as "merchandise." Here, a 16,8% tax is levied first and then 20% VAT on the total. For example:Declared value: $2,000What the Austrian customs agent sees: €2,00016,8% Importation of merchandise tax: €336New total: €2,33620% VAT: €467.20Together, I'd pay €803.20 (€336 + €467.20) in tax to collect the jacket. They also add in the cost to ship, which I didn't do here, so it would actually be a bit higher.Edit: It's 16.8% import tax, not...
...to remind you that I'm a fucking idiot! Cheers!
PM sent!
Thanks! I ordered some Goo Gone and I'll give the hand sanitizer a shot...does it leave a dark stain? Thanks again!
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