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Big thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Gift exchange reminder: Gifts sent abroad should have been sent yesterday. All gifts sent within the US should be sent by Monday! Unfortunately, I did not find the Brioni suits I was after yesterday. However, I did get a nice beer advent calendar from my wife.
Morning crew, Austria reporting. It's both my wife's and my birthday today, but I'm looking at a long work day, unfortunately. I will, however, attempt to track down the suits to 2 Brioni vests that I recently found. Here's to hoping that the thrift gods smile upon me today!
Hope I'm right on it or it was cheap! When I read the guide, I wasn't 100% sure whether the 2739 represented a month/year of manufacture. Hopefully your buyer won't care!
1966...I had a site bookmarked since my last time in the US. It is an ebay guide for military stuff:http://www.ebay.com/gds/Intrepreting-Dates-of-DA-DSA-DLA-SPO-Contract-Numbers-/10000000010153791/g.htmlBasically, any time you see a number on any military garment (no matter the country), they're likely to have a record of it.
Love that pocket square!
I'm just curious...are mods/DHs/HMs able to read the "comments" section when we flag stuff? I will sometimes note things that I feel are suspicious and explain why, but wasn't sure whether people could/would actually read my reasoning. @in stitches, @Claghorn, @et. al.
Just wanted to offer a proxy: I'm taking my wife to London for her (OUR) birthday next week for a long weekend. I'm going to be doing some shopping at many of our favorite names. I'll be in the US in December and would happily bring things over and drop them in the mail, assuming you tell me exactly what you want (item, size, color, etc.) and leave no guesswork to myself. It will (finally) be a leisure trip, so I'll be swinging by Holland & Holland, EG, C&J, et al. Let me...
We are, but we're a month into it this year and gifts go out next week. Definitely get in for next year!
Edit: I'm an idiot, this is the wrong thread.
Great to know! I am always excited to see the auctions, the vendors are incredibly generous in their donations. For everyone's information, we collected $280 for the Ronald McDonald House. I'm pretty impressed and big thanks to those that donated more than asked. At least 4 times/year, I'm reminded how generous this thread can be.I'll post the receipt as soon as I make the donation.
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