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I'd be fine with those prices. My experience with OBO (whether given the option or when it's unsolicited) is that the original offer will be 50-60% of my list price. It seems like the offers are much more reasonable when they come from the US, UK, and Australia, so I'm willing to bet you'll have better luck.Maybe set your magic number for acceptance, and they'll fly out of the store without much input from you. If I were to note anything at all, it's just that I would...
Oh, made in Italy and they're pretty cool.
I'm at TK Maxx at the moment and they have a few Matchless waxed jackets. If anyone is interested in a proxy at €130, let me know in the next 15-20 minutes. They have one brown XL, one brown XXL, one black L, one black XL and whatever may be in the rack
I'd do patches as well. That said, I actually dislike zippers on any knitwear. It seems incongruent to me.
The stitching on the tag looks pretty wonky to me. The embroidered logo looks solid, but are you sure it's legit?
Sure, the French love the American flag! But without the stars and fewer stripes. Oh, and they normally put the stripes vertically. [[SPOILER]]
New theory: elvis_decanters is SF's very own GBR. Has anyone seen both of them in the same room at the same time?
Months ago, I read a thread on a forum about this guy. I can't remember what it was, but it had nothing to do with clothing. It could have been sports memorabilia? This guy definitely gets around!
Funny enough, I thought they'd be something up your alley when I saw them. I'm really impressed with the quality. They don't say anything about shearling, but it feels real to me.Edit: Similar to these. Thanks for the tipoff!
I have a log on my desk (right, not in my car) and this is how well I've done with it:My accountant reminds me on a regular basis about keeping track, but I do it with an app called MileIQ. It's free if you have 40 or fewer trips each month (unlikely, because you categorize "personal" trips as well) and beyond that, you have a monthly payment.It's pretty easy to use if you don't mind having it log your location on a constant basis. You don't have to remember to set/start...
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