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Valid questions and both were of concern to me.The past few jackets I've bought have had a higher button stance, but this one has an even higher stance. When I first saw it, I thought the top buttons looked like small cork nipples. Not the most flattering part of it, for sure.The lapels are another issue. I have a smaller frame and they nearly overwhelm me, something that tends to happen with many double breasted jackets. I'd personally like them to be a bit more low-key...
Thanks for that! Yeah, I was concerned that I'd get something too tight, high buttoning, with pants that were unwearable. I'm not tall, so I thought it even looked a bit long. As far as their pricing goes, I haven't found anything too much better in that price range with as interesting fabrics. This is a 56/44 cotton silk blend. The others that I ordered were various linens and one with wool/mohair/silk. All in the €299-375 range. PRL is too long/unflattering most of the...
Ha, brilliant.
My response? "Not enough."
Those are my thoughts. I was pretty happy with the fit, aside from what you mentioned. Full suit is a bit much. I don't mind too much, but I can only imagine what my wife's family will say. My wife came home as I had just tried it on. I was about to smoke a cigar and had thrown a panama on. She just looked at me and said "So how many people have you had killed today?"
I received my SuitSupply order today. I have to say, for the price point, they make suits that are fun for what they are. They aren't the best out there, but the fabrics are nice. I am not sure which I'm going to keep, but I suppose I'll look at everyone here for advice. I the off-white double breasted suit is the right color that I had in mind. It's definitely out there as far as what I should wear. I'm not sure I should care yet or just wear the jacket or look for...
I know, right? Without being too superstitious, I had found NOTHING prior to those finds at a number of stores. Right afterward, I went to a new little shop that was only open from 1:30-4:30 and had probably 6-8 jackets and 6-7 ties for men. It was there that I found the Chester Barrie and ties.
Re: international shipping, There are quite a few people in Europe and, presumably based on this thread's experiences, Asia that regularly buy from the US. While shipping prices sound extreme to you, we're often well aware of them. This is probably why the guy bought at the BIN price without contacting you first, he knew the approximate damage. Keep in mind that not all people know this, nor do they understand why they're charged extra from their own customs officers....
A couple of things from me today...One of the nicest Chester Barrie's I've found. It's 100% cashmere. (Unavailable) [[SPOILER]] Two silk knitsAltea and BrioniCool leather travel wallet for F1 (unavailable). [[SPOILER]] Missoni shirt [[SPOILER]] The older lady ahead of me in line was trying to buy a case for her phone, but she was .10 short. I paid it and when it was my turn, the cashier let me have this for free.
^Agreed. Their Sartoriale line is especially great. The suiting is nice and they have "modern" cuts. The Sartoriale ties have great silk.
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