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Pardon me for the newbie question, but how can a person buy from Uniqlo if you aren't near the brick and mortar. It seems as though they don't have an online shop.
Just be you. If the "you" likes to dress up in suits or whatnot, then do it. Keep in mind certain actions have consequences. Haters are going to hate. If you are cool enough you can pull it off though and eventually people will accept it. If they dislike you for who you are and how you represent yourself, it might not be th environment for you anyway. Also, might I suggest starting out with a sportcoat/blazer and slowly stepping it up from there once you get...
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 Can't say about the shirts, but I have a Tasso Elba cashmere tie that is easily one of my favorites. Considering I paid less than $20 for it, it is an incredible value. Cashmere tie for less than $20?! Was it a super sale price?
Most sports are relatively, golf, tennis. buying and selling is also pretty fun...
sorry for my noobness, but what is CONUS?
The fit of the suite looks good.
I found one. Marshalls at the South Coast Metro Center (near South Coast Plaza) in Orange County. RLPL and a bunch of designer stuff.
I thought we weren't allowed to bump.
Are there any of these runway stores in Southern California?
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL One thing hasn't been mentioned here - you used the measurements from ModernTailor, that was a mistake in my opinion. It is always best if you measure exactly like suggested and their might be differences between the two? Anyway, I don't understand how they could ship this suit with so much waist suppression - they should have noticed it cannot be ok like this, shouldn't they? No - I mentioned it earlier. ...
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