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Quote: Originally Posted by matik23 Listen., Pau and Andrew are the softest 7 footers this league has ever seen since Shawn Bradley. true statement
18.7 was the time of the fourth quarter, in the third game ...the world stopped.
[quote= Just to be safe, your ranges should be locked, i.e. $A$1:$A$12 instead of A1:A12, so that you can fill and copy/paste without things moving around on you. [/QUOTE] I will attest to this. I spent 2 hours trying to get my formulae to work. I needed the "$"
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH That's because if anybody stopped her from being promoted for dressing poorly they would be sued for descrimination. You should know this! Discrimination would be hard to prove; you should know that. What's her protected class? "Those who are fashionably challenged?"
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Fosho, Lakers are clearly the better team though you wouldn't know it past couple nights. That statement simply can't be made! You can say it. But, there is no basis in reality. The Mavs have been the better team the past couple of nights...period. And, actually, when Kidd covers Kobe, his miss quotient goes up.
Actually, I am a Kobe fan. I am not a Lakers fan per se but I like Kobe, MJ, and leaders like them. They will themselves to win but this situation seems untenable. They can't stop Nowitski and Dallas, they can only outscore them. Dallas seems to be able to affect stops on the Lakers. When you can't defend a team better than they can defend you; that's not a good matchup.
Yup...its over for the Lakers!
At an interview, show your imagination only in the tie you wear. If you are off, it can be allowed in the mind of the interviewer. Suit and shirt faux pas are harder to understand and let slide in the eyes of a person charged with vetting you to become a permanent fixture.
Annick Goutal Mandragore Sweet Citrus Fruit
Frederic Malle Musc Ravaguer Familiar, musky, sweet, and flowery
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