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I don't think you can be too young for a mature clothing choice.
38S for you!!!!
Student on Sofa but Hostels work or Craigslist...I think they used to do house sitting ads
A well made shirt with chest pocket is "supposed" to have a chest pocket. Do not remove it... its kinda like the tag on the pillow...you won't really get in trouble but you will always have this guilt and remorse with a little sign left in its place that no one can see but you.
Off the hook: Lakeside French Cleaners San Francisco, CA 2660 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, 415-753-3790 Its out in the Avenues. They are do a lot of wedding dresses and are highly regarded. BUT, the better Hotels in San Fran will never let you down if you use their service. Hotel backed dry cleaning is pricy but you won't regret it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gdot LOVE the checkered Vans! I had a pair of those back in the 1980s when they were all the rage! Wore them to shreds! Seeing them here makes me smile! Your looks ROCK - their cheeky, current, irreverent and yet - almost proper all at the same time. Because of your distinct jaw line, I think you look better in oval or rounded glasses. IMHO. The costume designer for the movie "UP" had the old man wearing...
Are you a Frat? Send out an S O S.
Tomorrow Byredo Blanche
Vetiver Extraordinaire today
++1 for the Fougere Royale. It has really been an education being a fly on the wall here in SCENTS, hearing you fellas banter about on base, mid and top notes. I have come to learn that there are "ole' standards" out there with new wizards adding a dash of this and dash of that to come up with new stuff. I also know that there are essences that range from the bright to dark and musky. But I would really like to know "how does it make you feel?" Last word: I am in...
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