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Levis LVC 501xx '47's and '55's
I would build a Frankenstein for this thread: (Brain) Clothing acumen of Wil (ASW); (Skin) Clothing of KitonBrioni; (Heart) Coordination of IST66; (Blood) Sensibility of PhatG; (Breath) Nonchalant dress attitude of Ed Morel. I look like this most days for my occupation:
I kinda look to American craftsmanship with Italian leather as the material. http://www.leatherbelts.com/
Do you like the Black Fleece line better? I was wandering thru NM and the clearance rack was full of em...at end of clearance. I guess a lot of folks don't believe the hype.
I tend to think that fewer characters can be seen best on a black dial. More characters look less cluttered on a white dial. This face is a little busy and IMHO looks best on a white dial.
I have several of the BBSFOCBD's and have them laundered (no starch). I find the shrinkage to be negligible.
I read and what's your point. Less light is not getting your money's worth? eh? 3D is a step toward virtual reality likeness. Some like it some don't. Since we have choice, I don't accept your conclusion.
Who's gonna go see the new monkey movie? THAT should be in 3D!!
It was an involving and technically well done 3D experience. It was a crappy movie. The dialogue killed it.
You are essentially describing intuitive training. You are getting to know your body and recuperation intervals for the body parts. Train as you feel. It is a journey, not a race.
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