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Everyone gets what they deserve. Intentional head butt...intentional sucker punch! Ortiz was the sucker! Rematch...mo money, mo money, mo money! If you don't fight for a living you have no point of reference.
I think your shoes work with the charcoal pinstripe one. Chocolate or Black suede wholecut lace-ups would also look good.Going back to the KNOT ISSUE...I think it is my anal nature that looks for symmetry. I believe that a flair of Sprezzatura can be still be aligned within the outfit. Personally, I don't like unbuckled double monks, knots that don't visually close the neckline, unbuttoned collars that fall under the jacket lapel and a few other pet peeves. I also wish...
I love your fashion sensibilities and coordination. Mechanically speaking, I like my tie knots to hide my top collar closure. I love cutaway collars but will always use a full or dbl windsor.
If GreenStreet = Hertz, these guys are Avis: https://www.purpletie.com/ I have only used their service once at the office.
Look at my pair at post 1472. I love them but I think I should have gotten transition lenses. I am looking at Barton Perreira's "Preston" "Caine" or "Duran"
Givenchy Play Intense Cologne
Oh...Tom Ford Black Orchid today..
So...who has done any of this D S & Durga stuff?? Sounds like bathtub frag. I hear some people are getting pretty drunk off the stuff. http://dsanddurga.com/
Can we get a button that says "Classic Format"?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy +1, but they don't make a long enough inseam for me any more so I am searching for my next brand unless I can convince Levis LVC to get back to offering 38 and 40 inseams. Whoa! Well I was about to switch to Tellason or Raleigh's...I think they might have the 38" Talk to TRE at Barneys
New Posts  All Forums: