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I am ashamed...pedophile is harsh...let's just say he liked em young. But, he could call em and put em out the park on MOST pitchers! The Babe was a monster at the plate. Merry is good. The kid was getting frustrated and it showed in the head butts.
Beautiful!!Where could I get a pair at the best price?
Tom Ford Oud Wood today
some called Muhammad Ali unprofessional. But, we all know he's the "Greatest of All Time!"The Babe was a drunk and pedophile...Jim Brown has weird political views...Let's stick with talking physical prowess as it relates to the sport
IMHO You are wrong in your opinion. You contradicted yourself. You call money a professional committing a bitch move. The bitch move was committed by Ortiz. In example: my temper gets the best of me and I head butt you; I suffer a deduction because of it...let that be the penalty. I don't need to follow that with a kiss and a hug. I hate moments of calm injected into hand to hand combat. Chill out??? You chill out when your title is on the line. Video games don't...
Ordered these yesterday with all the bells and whistles. Going for transition lenses this time. Vision of Division Japan.
"protect yourself at all times. Ok, let's have a good clean fight. Good luck Gentlemen" That phrasing addressed intentional head butts and sucker punches....How many times has Ortiz heard that before?
Everyone gets what they deserve. Intentional head butt...intentional sucker punch! Ortiz was the sucker! money, mo money, mo money! If you don't fight for a living you have no point of reference.
I think your shoes work with the charcoal pinstripe one. Chocolate or Black suede wholecut lace-ups would also look good.Going back to the KNOT ISSUE...I think it is my anal nature that looks for symmetry. I believe that a flair of Sprezzatura can be still be aligned within the outfit. Personally, I don't like unbuckled double monks, knots that don't visually close the neckline, unbuttoned collars that fall under the jacket lapel and a few other pet peeves. I also wish...
I love your fashion sensibilities and coordination. Mechanically speaking, I like my tie knots to hide my top collar closure. I love cutaway collars but will always use a full or dbl windsor.
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