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Ya'll coming to my City by the Bay and you go inland to the stuffy Financial district?? The WaterBar or Water Front or The Boulevard!!! Then midnight stroll by AT&T Park to pick up strays from the Giants/Brewers Game. Sat/Sun games at 1:05
We should make sure the events are at outdoor venues, to accommodate our egos and hot air.
Oh, my new interest is Fonte from Seattle. A really well done coffee, respectively roasted with good flavor points and maintains mildness and appropriate acidity.
I too preferred the clinical approach to brewing coffee in my early days. Now, with so much grit under my fingernails, I wing it with the eyeball. Using the same equipment allows the eyeball to maintain calibration LOL. I like to bring my water to a boil and introduce my pre-measured amount of coffee into the water which has been pulled from heat. After 30-45 seconds of stirring, I pour water/coffee mix through paper filter of my Chemex...perfect every time. I will...
If you are like me, you'll spend too much time looking down at the shoe and being annoyed, rather than wearing it carefree with no concerns.
I bought MacNeils during the sale in September and found the same issues around the welt. I also found leather finishing issues. I didn't pursue it. I wear the shoes at least twice a week and have gotten them shined 3 times since purchase. I'm not sweatin it but I will store buy my next pair of Allen's.
Good Real Talk here:
The AE's via Amazon are not allowing me to use Pay Pal? !@#$%^&IO
Also, a good one to use as a base if you want to experiment and put on a top coat of something else.
Amen, upon that brown brick looking bottle shall you build your collection. I like it...good stuff!
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