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I like what Wiki says: Today the style is considered a classic, and peacoats are now worn by all manner of individuals, not just professional sailors. Note that few of the jackets seen on the street are genuine navy surplus; being a classic garment, it is frequently available from retailers, though often with small design changes that reflect the current fashion trends. The standard for historical pea coats was 30 oz. wool, but presently coats are made from 22-32 oz....
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Check this thread out: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/sho...ight=levis+stf Wash inside out, cold with vinegar (ounce of vinegar), delicate cycle...
Do you pre-treat your shirts on collar and cuff before taking them to the laundry? I had an issue with my shirt lauderer. I thought that my shirts came back extra dirty. He begged off telling me that some collars and cuffs don't come clean. I told him this was an inordinate amount of stain left on my collars and cuffs. He said take my shirts somewhere else and see if they come out better. He gave me my money back. I don't want my money back I want my shirts clean...
Ah a youngster! Take some good advice. I am writing my autobiography called an "Idiot's guide to beginning fashions retarded-ly." It has been my realization in life that when following fashion I am always behind and an Idiot for trying to keep up. Find your own style. Make something your own. We are already endowed with a particular skeletal makeup, so embellish the positive and skim over the negative. But most importantly always try to feel comfortable in what you...
I was commenting on style rather than pairing. Neither Peacoat or Duffle would look good with suit. First, I would always go 3/4 or longer with a suit. With the 3/4 length coat could be single or db. Also, when I think of Peacoat or Duffle I vision a plush turtleneck underneath.
Go with Tahari for men jeans at Bloomingdales, about 200.00, button fly, nice on the butt, and full on the thighs, dark blue, for dress with Blazer or casual high end sweater, suede loafers...sweet!
I believe a peacoat is a peacoat not a style of coat. A Duffle coat is more of a style of coat. If you say peacoat you are describing a db coat of blue with anchor insignia buttons which hits just below the buns. A duffle coat is hooded with bone buttons and is 3/4 but of various collegiate colors. Some clothing items have a basis but no distinct form.
I live and learn. No to Hugo. Bene Bene to Bernard Zins. Incotex is overly constructed for a flat front. If all the interior canvas is not flat it shows on the outside. Zanella is most consistent. Your Isaia, Kiton, Borelli, and Brioni are exactly what what they are...buttery and overly priced.
Brian, I want to add to overwhelming sentiment that you are indeed a fine young man. You have lead by your actions with all of us who have purchased from you. You have enlightened me with your advice on shoes. Where ever you are going and whatever you may do, his grace is will be with you. All things work together for good for those who believe.
Give us a 9.5D !!!!!!
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