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Cloth quality is quantifiable and verifiable. I may not like the lay of this swatch versus that swatch but that is choice. Whether the cloth was made on the same loom with the same quality control can be verified. This is a discussion in another thread and at another time. I believe the issue is who does the best sewing with the cloth in hand. IMHO believe EZ commands great cloth and really good sewing. So my equation gives them the lead 90% of the time. Brioni,...
I think we should stick to a common denominator by talking RTW. MTM and Custom are wish list comparisons from any top grade maker. In the RTW trade I find EZ the best. Saks consistently has a lesser "wool" pieces than Barney's and NM can grab from across the board to stock their different stores. Smaller Boutiques like the now bankrupt Wilkes Bashford and Platinum list stores will stock what will sell and keep their ROI numbers in check.
Back in July I started a thread that seems to have renewed significance given the video and the direction this thread is taking. Made in China...not! Something has come over me and I can't really explain it. I have become either enlightened or obsessed by all things "Made in China." I think it happened about the time I bought that last Italian made suit or that last Italian made boxer short or that last Italian made sweater. I looked into my closet one day to review...
Buy either a blue suit or blue blazer and grey slacks. Stay simple but spend as much as you can afford (plus a tad more). Build from there. Add shirts, sweaters, shoes, overcoats as you progress. Purchase Winter items in the Summer and Summer items in the Winter to acquire the best markdowns. Always think basic. You will find that the majority of fashion is a updated take on a basic clothing piece. Enjoy!
Cole is good...I remember when it was Royal Grounds...their best days were in the eighties. I like what Cole has done.
Blue Bottle and Ritual are the fous fous of roasting here in the bay but I am a "hard" coffee drinker and Catahoula has got them beat! Seriously, Catahoula is great. Before I went with McGlaughlin coffee another small outfit. They give the roasting a personal touch you can taste.
Once you go black you will never go back http://www.catahoulacoffee.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Cashmere is a good choice. If you want it to be usable is rain and snow then Loro Piana Storm system cashmere works is water and wind proof. You are on the money KB as always, but I picked up a Wool coat in Loro Piana Storm System line. IMHO I find the wool they use to be relatively better than the cashmere they use for the Storm System process. Maybe the course-er cashmere has better adhesion...
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin Frees are to running shoes what a Honda Civic is to luxury vehicles. They aren't running shoes, period. Not true not true. You can run in combat boots if that be your run/foot type. A sports podiatrist told me this. Of course this was an exaggeration but some people need less padding, less sideways correction and the like. I was running in Pegasus' and found that I was doing more harm than good. I am...
When you squat till top of thigh is parallel to floor, you are actually below parallel which can cause back bow. Thigh bone should be parallel to floor. If you still want less of lower back bow, widen your stance and point toes outward. Sumo squats are indeed a form of squats.
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