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Something has come over me and I can't really explain it. I have become either enlightened or obsessed by all things "Made in China." I think it happened about the time I bought that last Italian made suit or that last Italian made boxer short or that last Italian made sweater. I looked into my closet one day to review what I had accumulated over the years and thought were "decent" pieces and began seeing "Fabric woven in Italy, Made in China." I fell back unto the bed...
This thread is starting to take on a slightly envious "Green" hue...if you know what I mean.
Yes, if they are your pants.
Try this: Find an excellent light musk. Use it as a "base." Apply any "good" summer fragrance. Stick with the old classics, Aqua di Palma, Bvlgari, Chanel...etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Busa Dave Name one single instance of a successful leader of a Democratic Society on the African Continent? I rest my case...... Not pretty but the truth hurts. Corruption and Greed rule the day there... Democracy is an Anglo term and Ideology of somewhat of a young age. Africa is a land which was raped and pillaged by Dutch, French and British "Leaders." The spoils were left to the indigenous people. Africa was...
Sharpton squared is less than or equal to Limbaugh divided by Cheney. Actually I would invoke a quadratic equation to surmise the actual negative value Sharpton has in relation to Limbaugh's inexhaustible rhetorical preponderance divided by the limitless un-imaginable quotient of Cheney's absolute military industrial complex. In other words, you guys are bashing an opportunistic minister who couldn't bust a grape and calling yourselves estute...gimme a break! Then you...
Why are you non-Black people always trying to select a Black Icon as Black America's "leader." Take me to your leader so I can generalize, critique and glare at him/her in disgust. I don't need no stinkin leader; I just need to find a good shepherd who can contain you simpletons. Peace.
Just for s and g's, go test drive an Infinit M35/45. Come back and post your opinion. Infiniti has a way of bridging the gap between the Uber-Vagons and the Geisha-maidens. I have a 2005 Q45. If and when Infiniti brings back the mothership, I will buy another.
I simply like the best of Italian more than I like the best of American. Although I like the best of the English the best. Essentially, I appreciate the esthetics of the Borrelli shirt as compared to the Oxxford shirt. Both are works of art.
I will not hem my chinos with a cuff. I will hem with plain bottom. I will turn them up from time to time. I treat my chinos as I would a pair of jeans...plain bottom but will fold up when I am in the mood. Make sure your hem is deep enough to create a good looking cuff when folded up.
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