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One word: Repetition. Repetition is the problem. With the grain, against the grain...whatever...try to shave with the fewest strokes possible. Re-lather when attacking the same area. Lubrication and fewest strokes is the name of the game. I do believe in the four blade system. There is a video about all the research, time and money that went into developing the four blade system...it works. I got a barber shave six months ago...great experience...terrible shave!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Correct sir. It may work for a 42R. The measurements are from the top of the collar. Its a drop 7, as labeled. I was calling it a 42S because the measurements looked a little bit shorter than usual, not much, but the "C" on the tag, I was assuming was the Italian for "Corto" or short. Did I presume incorrectly? From my humble experience the tag represents a 42 Short with a more padded than soft shoulder. ...
u r a 10 in Ferragamo
Picked up my Jamaica Blue Mountain yesterday at Catahoula...awesome!!! http://www.catahoulacoffee.com/ Nice little coffee blog I found http://perkdup.blogspot.com/ So you think you love coffee?? http://www.startribune.com/nation/79977167
1250 as a price point?? ...must be Z Zegna.
did anyone mention that Kalorik blenders are on GILT til the 27th?
Be careful of the Saks/Zegna stuff. Get the Suits that have the predominance of Ermenegildo Zegna labeling. The inside tag should also have a model type like "Fit Rom." The models types refer to the fall of the shoulder; whether it be natural or slightly padded. Saks has a line of Zegna cloth suits tailored by Vestimenta. But hey, there's a lot of Loro Piana stuff in Nordstrom line clothing as well. I am a EZ Mainline buyer. Can't do Couture and won't do Z Zegna nor...
Go Chrome Classic. Waring and Oster make the best of this model. You will also want one with a complement of containers...i.e. food processor, shake cup, glass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dominus316 Hi, what do you all think of wearing a turtle neck with a suit. e.g. suit jacket, trousers and instead of a shirt and tie just a plain turtleneck, tucked in. I like this look, looks less formal, but still classic and stylish, do you agree? Also what is good colour combinations if you would like to wear a turtleneck. light grey suit, cream turtleneck or black turtleneck, match the shoes with the sweater? Any...
Coffee and everything about Coffee is good! http://perkdup.blogspot.com/
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