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Me: MacBook Pro 15 2008 Wife: IMac 2007 Daughter: MacBook 2006 House: Airport 2006 On Horizon: Me: Mac Air Wife: Mac Pro Daughter: Dell House: Time Capsule 2TB
I know this will sound like I am missing the boat but I believe the bun makes the Burger. A bun that can withstand all your chosen condiments but will give freely to your distinct bite pattern. I think it is a given that the best meat and/or bacon and/or avocado and/or (grilled) sweet onion and/or butter lettuce and/or Romano tomato will be used. I am speaking of the amount of ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish and other cremes/sauces will embellish your burgga. The bread...
Sport Coats!? Hope a few last till Friday.
I am trying to give my wife the slip but she's been riding into the city with me everyday. Who's in the know or can give me a scouting report on the Barney's sale over at Fort Mason? The prices started at the same level upon leaving the main store. Did I hear price drop?? I believe it goes on till the 9th.
BTW I really like your Avatar. The hell with this... WE buy suits...Suits don't buy us!!!
Dear Sir, The tailor messed up the alterations. The suit has been mis-aligned. I can tell especially from the rear view. I say this having had an expensive suit butchered like this. Understand this, most salesmen sell you suits that are too big. I have found that it is easier to let out a suit than to take it in in vital areas. Fit is fit. People always look it the mirror to "see the fit". Fit is a "feel". Close your eyes. How does the suit feel? I have bought...
Why not!? 33 W Cotton/linen or 100 Cotton, please sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant shoe trees do not absorb moisture (not enough to matter), So which is it? They do or they don't? Not enough to matter? How much would that be? What amount would you say is enough to matter? Does it matter what amount? At what amount does proper absorption take place?
Use very fine sandpaper and buff the shoe trees once a year. You will notice the trees become "glazed" with the moisture they retain. The oil is for scent which also helps to refresh the shoe. Foot powder works also. Watch where you step!
Marzipan...you need to develop a taste for it. Give me the old fashioned stuff anyday.
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