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I dumped 2.5 ml of Black Orchid into an empty 5 ml Vetiver sample bottle and wore it today...not bad!
Eat items separately. Make one snack protein, another snack fruit, another veggy and even another grains. That's the way the Cavemen ate. Now I walk half bent over with knuckles on the ground, shittin my pants but boy am I in shape!!!
you look great! I think you might have overdone the line effect. You could have done a large polka dot tie and color block socks...IMHO
I believe that your height and slim build scream out for a double breasted Tuxedo: as seen on the everyguyed network Brooks Brothers has the Jacket only for under $900.
NICE...but try Brown Gingham shirt with paisley pocket square to accent the bright color of the tie...just a suggestion.
If you were to stay at Hotel Vitale, you could roll out of bed unto the Embarcadero run trail. You would also be a block away from the Embarcadero "Y" were I would be working out on the speed bag and running point guard for pick up games.
Is this like a Focker's Inner Circle?
Well, if we are being nostalgic with the older San Francisco restaurant thing, why not do Original Joes's a solid and go there:
Always have a bottle of water in your hand...
Believe me, the W is overrated. Hotel Vitale is closer to the water and quite satisfactory!
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