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So the Sport Coat implies that now there is choice whereas with suit there is no choice!!?? You can wear a three piece suit with no tie!! Wake up and smell the Granola, Mr Bound by Convention; of which there never was a hard fast convention of suit/tie always! Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Yeah, you do. If you don't want to wear a tie, wear a sportscoat.
You do not NEED a tie with a suit. Turtlenecks, ascots, banded collars...
Looks the same as when I was there in '76...just a tad more Americanized.
To bottom of ear opening, not to bottom of ear lobe.
If it's cold enough to have one is cold enough to button all the buttons...and all buttons should be buttoned. There are a lot of coat-types that are not "Overcoats" and allow for button variations, but why have a bullet proof vest slung over the shoulder? Some items of clothing dictate, inherently, how they should be worn.
I have searched and searched but cannot find the point, question, or issue this thread dares to evoke. Now if you said you were dating a FLESHBOT, I would want to know more. Quote: Originally Posted by wilson brother Hey guys- I've been dating an African American women for three months now I say African American but she told me that I should just use the word black . When I found out that she had some warm feelings for me I told her that I didn't...
Gold, Silver and Silk knots. Get one of each and be done with it. I played this game with Braces back in the days when "Greed is Good." Those damn things are still hanging in my closet to never see the light of day again. Simple and minimalist is my creed today. Well look at my costume compared to that damn Batman freak. I get so sick of him saying: "A utility belt pouch for everything and everything in its pouch" He is such a nerd!
Dark business type colors. Grey, Blue, Brown, Green, Rust. Think fall. If you use a bright color, use it as an accent. For, example have done dark grey slacks, black v-neck sweater and deep pink gingham pattern shirt. You can also go a little wild with socks. The more you do, the more you will find you can do. Have fun.
Short answer is NO! But if you must, it depends on the closure point of the top button and the pocket type.
Cloth quality is quantifiable and verifiable. I may not like the lay of this swatch versus that swatch but that is choice. Whether the cloth was made on the same loom with the same quality control can be verified. This is a discussion in another thread and at another time. I believe the issue is who does the best sewing with the cloth in hand. IMHO believe EZ commands great cloth and really good sewing. So my equation gives them the lead 90% of the time. Brioni,...
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