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...or fit enough to take my spot in right field
Fit enough to protect me !
Check out Sponge products. http://www.spongeskincare.com/ Natural! Go to the Barney's website and sign up for a facial. It's free.
In this economy, it is bad form to hang onto my check forever. Now that I think of it...I won't give a check...I will give a gift card or cash. I remember when giving cash was gauche and now it is in style again. Nothing is better than a few hundred dollar bills slipped into a 10 dollar card.
I will LOOK and GAWK at them all day....BUT, an "all I do is workout" fit woman is not for me! They have hard hands, are pains to take to dinner, wrinkle early, are always "on" and can't take a joke. Speaking from experience.
Just picked up a pair of Levis Made and Crafted straight legs. I bought these instead of the APC New Standard Straights. I think this was an ok buy due to price...128.00 due to "denim event" at Barney's. But, I will make Raleigh denim my next pair of jeans.
You said "Blazer." Blazers should have gold or silver buttons. You will notice that these type of buttons are distinguishable because thread is not seen from the top of the button. Sportcoats have a open hole button affixed. I like both Blazers and Sportcoats with jeans.
Well we have a new race issue...doncha just love it? Voice instructor advises youth on singing "Ole Man River" http://sfist.com/2010/04/27/st_marys...or_discipl.php Black student in class becomes upset and posts You Tube video: http://www.bvblackspin.com/2010/04/2...cism-in-class/ White students say "It wasn't like that" : http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/...entry_id=62323 I say much ado bout nuthin
Maybe, but they better bring a lunch. Rockers vs. Mods is a old time rivalry to which there is much bad blood and mutual respect. You can Google it. Bikers weren't the first Kick Assers. Read on and you will find that there were a lot of penny loafers up peoples asses as well.
New Posts  All Forums: