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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS In the charcoal funeral suit made for me by Anderson & Sheppard when Colin Harvey was my cutter. My anti-black-suit stance predates SF. In fact, it predates the Internet. I am happy you are happy. I wear black. I don't drink Kool Aid. I am sure that I look better in my black than you do in your charcoal. Ciao!
A Maitre'De needs a black suit I could think of more but you get the picture.
Funeral Directors wear black suits. Those attending a funeral need a black suit. All Department store salesmen/women need a black suit. All actors, actresses need a black suit. Artists need black suits. Musicians, both symphonic and jazz need black suits.
Ferragamo black suede wholecut lace ups
Digesting causes the body to create an endothermic reaction. Simply eating in the morning causes the body to "wake up" and start running. This in turn starts the metabolism to idle and more readily digest your other small meals during the day. He who skips breakfast (me, sometimes) binges on lunch and dinner thereby overload their over-thirty metabolism. Breakfast is good for ya...and I don't mean a large stack, fatback, beans and grits.
Are we talking the "Lands End Canvas" stuff? Or educate me if the Canvas Line isn't any different.
but they'll stretch back out faster
Cable extensions with ankle brace. Face the stack and extend back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Renting is fine. We for so long used Real Estate as the only "everyman's" investment. We are smarter now. There is no bullet proof investment.
Run everyday and eat smaller portions...period! It works. And when I say run, I mean your run. If you don't run now ...that means jog. The "Run" is relative. I mean that running is the best caloric burning exercise.
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