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I do everything during the work week while in the City. Diaz Brothers Tailors in Rush building. He shorten sleeves on my Isaia Sportcoat by pulling up at the shoulders...bravo.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos LOL, your 'fact' is an opinion, genius. That you hold a belief is a fact. The belief you hold however, is opinion. What is that I smell in the air..? Oh yes, FAIL. I don't like to be called "Genius" it is obviously not fair to you. Oh, and rethink your argument; I think it will become the Elephant in your tiny room.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin What? His statement was an utter failure if he was trying to convey a correct conclusion. There are TONS of good deals on E-Bay. It takes very careful shopping and dedication, but they are there for sure. I have picked up great stuff for less than lunch for two. Mike Oh contraire, dear Sir, the conclusion based on my thesis and logic, is indeed correct. You however don't agree. Your classification of...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin FAIL. I have gotten great deals. Mike This thread in an of itself represents the dead dogs exhumed by discussing EBAY transactions. I have sold on EBAY. I have gotten a good item at a good price on EBAY. I still contend there are no DEALS. The process is headache ridden. Sellers don't want to say if an item is USED or not. High shipping. Brand new shoes with no box. Pictures that don't show a real...
THERE ARE NO DEALS ON EBAY! Hear it, feel it, heed it. Sellers sell here because there is a feeding frenzy on good merchandise at good prices. Sellers of good stuff use EBAY as a last resort. Moving good stuff quickly at a good price happens here. (IMHO)
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Yeah. He probably cut costs to the bone on his $20 million yacht and the $30+ million house he has under construction. Thank you very much!
As an post script, please review this: http://www.peterpanos.com/Zegna_Fabric.html This will allow one to get the concept between fabric runs and construction/craftsmanship. 15 Mil, Traveler and Trofeo are fabric runs (mill talk). Elements jackets uses a particular mill run for it's models. But you can get the same modeled Elements Jacket in leather or cashmere.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Interesting. Can you expand on this, by explaining the specific cloths that fall under A vs B and how they relate to the models such as Trofeo, Travel, etc? I am speaking per model of suit. I have an EZ mainline, black peak lapel suit that I bought from Saks. It is wool/silk. I bought it instead of a very similar model at Barneys (black, peak lapel, flat front) which was wool, silk, cashmere. In my...
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM WTF was that thing he was wearing. Those drop down notch labels, box cut, weird collar. Does everything fit him really weird because of his body, or does he just buy really weird suits and shirts. http://www.reuters.com/resources/r/?...0_PEOPLE-WOODS Bad coat. Good apology. Does he care about the coat? Can he buy another one? Did he ask me? Who am I? Will he read this? Do even you care? Do I...
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