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Love em. I never buy a shirt dependent upon the sleeves being button or french cuff. I find knots to be liberating. I always have a knot that fits the situation/coordination. BB sells them loose.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja This! On a funnier note, I need your gents advice. So, there is a GW near my office and I've gottento know one of the workers there. We chat it up from time to time. I realized she has a crush on me. How do I know this? Well, other than body language, how she and her coworkers react when I get there, and her occassional "discreet" signs... I just know. Hah! She even gave me items at half price when I know she...
I leave the house sooner in the morning. I get more work done while at the office. I go to bed earlier. I eat healthier. I work out longer. I wear the scent she doesn't care much for. I wear the pants she says are too tight. I look at R almost X movies.
imho british cut top buttons close high with button spacing being farther apart. Italian 3r2 close lower as the button placements are closer to each other. Brioni and Battistoni are 3r2's that are prime examples of the narrower Italian button spacing. However, the top button is never to be closed unless the wearer is closing up due to the elements and in such case is scarfed as well. With top button closed and scarf in place you would be less inclined to say the top...
My humble definition of working hard: Working intensely...whether for a minute, an hour or a day. Intense work is hard work. Whether you do manual or mental work...I have done both as a primary profession!
Quote: Originally Posted by forex I don't know what is all this hype about shirts is but the only shirt that is worth buying from BB is the candy stripe OCBD,period. I will bet 249 for 3, when the single price goes to 88
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe Thanks for the Pavoni porn. I have an old one but never find the time to use it. I didn't mean "pipe wrench and channellocks" type manual brewing...I meant more like: http://www.bialetti.it/uk/catalogue/...asp?id_cat=197 http://www.chemexcoffeemaker.com/ http://frieling.com/products/coffee-and-tea-essentials/ ...type manual brewing...and the Aero-Press is pretty fast, in my most humble and WIRED opinion.
You guys kill me with the "my machine is better than yours..." Go manual: http://aerobie.com/products/aeropress.htm add: http://www.capresso.com/water-kettle...frothpro.shtml your morning will never be the same!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I've been feeling a tad ... ohhhh ... perverse of late; things around here have been too staid. And besides ... after standing in line behind five men in black suits ... oh the injustice. Why I should have been advanced immediately to the front ... especially when considering my naturally superior sartorial flair. Now that is REALLY an answer I can appreciate. "for it was in discord that I have found true...
On a further note...Black for a funeral suit is a little misleading and limiting for the use of a Black suit. I dress for a funeral given the circumstances. I have attended services where guests were asked to wear white. I have attended a graveside service in the summer where I wore a British Khaki colored DB suit. I buried my father in a Brioni cream toned two piece for a June service. A black suit is in a class of its own and I find enough uses to wear it 5-6 times...
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