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I had been a die hard transitions lens kinda guy but not any more. My new pair of specs is the OP Deacon model with translucent grey-ish frame and I put in the slightest pink tint with harmful ray protection. I am really loving them. I know the frame has been around a while but the finish of these is like nothing I had seen anywhere else and I have had my eye on these frames for a year at least. Pardon the pun.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan What about this article is right-wing? And if it is right-wing, should we hide it? Maybe have a separate forum for left and right, so one side doesn't have to see articles that conflict with their own ideology? Or, you could realize that in a Current Events forum, you just might be exposed to different ideologies, and get over it. The thread is not an objective statement of fact. ...
The more prolific these new pop up threads become, the more I am convinced this is Style Fox Forum. Instead of filing these under Current Events, Power and Money wouldn't Dumb Threads be better categorization?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman You know, the black plague killed one half of the world's population back in the day. One half of the worlds Caucasoid population is more exact. And again, it is that population that is hearing footsteps. Can't we just all get along?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Sorry to the OP highjacking this thread, but I had a burning question (not worthy of a new thread though). What do you guys think of Testoni shoes? I have the opportunity to get a new pair for $150, quality looks good, but online I have no way of telling. If they are not at least AE quality, they go back and I hate returning stuff. +1, let me know what you think of Testoni. I like Testoni and...
I have long been a fan of Ferragamos (30 years) but I am finding more love for models from Alden and Santoni. I am finding that I am more drawn to models than makers. I just bought Sebago hand sewns for summer; putting away my Ferragamo suede Diegos from fall/winter and currently wearing my Santoni double monks and Gucci Horsebit loafers with my rolled cuffed khakis. Life is good.
Wait till June sell at Bloomies. Got mine there last year for 32 bucks. I got the yellows. They also had a chocolate. Brooks Brothers sells them on line all the time in Black...yup...99 dollas!
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM No, no alts. The man didn't speak any english, but said something like "buttons have holes, why?" I said "It's a handmade suit, of course there are working buttonholes. I just want a wet cleaning" THAT should have been your sign to quickly back out the door with your suit in hand. Anyone who has never seen working sleeve buttons on a suit is from another planet. I am sssssooooooo sorry for you. If all the...
Okay...posting is officially closed. Thank you all your suppressed generalizations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 So you want him to wear a $3000 suit to a fucking night club, so people can spill drinks and possibly vomit on it? Not to mention the skanks with daddy issues who'll be clawing at it. Awesome advice. I am advising him on dress. He is the one who wants to wear a $3000 suit to a fucking night club, so people can spill drinks and possibly vomit on it. He also wants skanks with daddy issues who'll be...
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