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Quote: Originally Posted by bearback i might be interested. what is your normal waist size? are these selvedge? I tried to PM you but it says you don't receive them. Sorry, I will look at my PM settings. I am a normal 32. These ARE NOT selvedge.
I got a pair of 31 X 32 Made and Crafted Levis (leather Brand patch) bought at Barney's New York. These were worn every weekend for a month. They will not stretch to what I need. I will trade for a pair of Levis Rigid Selvedge, dark indigo (with double XX mark) 32 X 34. They can be worn similar to my wear, but not/never washed!
I believe that BB will be a complement line to the Faconnable line that is featured in the store. If you noticed, Hugo Boss came on board in the same manner two years ago. Joseph Abboud was a brand that came and went in the late 80's and 90's at the Nordstrom chain.
Yes...this is a Bay Area drawback. The east and south and Chicago area all have their sells and outlets. The closest we have, are the outlets near Palm Springs and San Diego. High end apparel on sale is not 'round here. Barney's is having a warehouse sell in New York right now. We are left out of their cold.
Don't morn your old life when you can make a new one. Don't stand with one leg in the past and another leg in the future while you just stand there pissing on today. Once you know a new and better life you will not miss any of it. Nor will you regret the past or wish to shut the door on it. C'mon guys...I know you are out him the way.
Good thread, good info. I'll search for the "best Trad crewneck Tee" post.
I had to fire this maid who totally ruined 3 of my Malo cashmere sweaters!! I had also told her to NEVER machine dry my Raleigh Jeans.
My dryer came with a flat insert that is for drying sweaters and other items that don't need to be beat to death in the drying cycle. I simply submerge item in HOT water and allow to dry on flat surface..
Prague +1 Get out of the city. But, the old buildings are really beautiful.
Love em. I never buy a shirt dependent upon the sleeves being button or french cuff. I find knots to be liberating. I always have a knot that fits the situation/coordination. BB sells them loose.
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