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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver smashingly fresh with sexy on top!
Johann Bach George Handel Beethoven Schubert Tchaikovsky
For a first looks damn good! I think your posture made some pics look a little shaky and the fabric is "first suit" fabric. Overall you look good. I see guys with 3500.00 suits on that don't look as good as you in this suit. And, what money can't buy, you have youth...that's what haters hate and can't re-create. The second from top pic is the only pic you need.
Short answer: Yes jackets are getting shorter and slimmer.
SOMEONE PLEASE!!! Find a closeup picture of the glasses Richard Burton wore in the movie "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" Saw a film clip this morning in the wake of Elizabeth Taylor's death of him/glasses in the movie and thought they were GREAT.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE cool. i have a tough one. tell me what frames towa tei used to wear. or give me a similar make or a bespoke maker who could do this. I think the top line of this frame is a little flatter than yours but the opacity of frame (I have this finish) softens the lines a little. Color does a lot to embolden or soften the look.
I don't do the Racks, Off 5th, or Loehmans anymore. I just sit on a perch and watch the stuff before it leaves the main store at lowest mark down. It is in better shape and when it first gets to the clearance store it is at the same price as the lowest main store price. They started peddling those outlet store labels/lines and decreased the deals that I would find from the merchandise direct from main store. They sprinkle some main store merchandise throughout the...
Sartorialist's soft shoulder:
Natural shoulder from Sartorialist:
Better Sartorialist picture of padded peaking shoulder:
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