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Shirt up off the darker color in the tie. For instance, in this pic your shirt is paired off the lighter color of the tie. Allow the tie to be the lighter hue of the ensemble. The lighter shirt with the tie leaves you looking a little pale. Or, just stick to lighter ties in warmer weather and lighter color suiting, sport coats, etc. I like your sock color.
Why is everyone so impressed with the artists that are propped up for us to love? Most of the artists we hear and are provided to us by the big corporations, are "built" to impress us. Our current tastes are forced on us. Most mainstream artists don't possess great voices. Let's search out and find new and exciting talent for ourselves.
Yes, they COULD HAVE won. he he
Belts and straps allow a person to lift "overload" weights and movemenst. Overloading is a "principle" to gain muscle. There are other principles to gain muscle without overloading and stressing joints and ligaments. Why would a person interested in the type of fashion discussed in these forums need to be over-muscled.
Double Monk-strap are in overload production right now. Appreciate your single Monk-strap shoes which are less casual (IMHO) than double Monk-strap.
Here we go!
this is a little better picture. the bridge treatment is what I like.
This is not the best picture but can anyone find me a copy eyeglass frame the driver in Bullitt was wearing?
...and thank you!
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