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I asked for a price on the custom fit Levis at the San Francisco store and they quoted me $750.00. Said the fit would thereafter be retained in their custom fit data base if I were to ever buy another pair.
These 1922 501XX LVC's should shrink nicely
1922's 501xx LVC $60.00 bucks. Got the Steel Toe Thoroghgoods last month.
Picked up a pair of 1922 LVC 501xx today at new San Francisco Levis store location on Market St. $60 bucks!!! I can't believe it. Only 4 more styles till I have the full LVC 501 line, yipee!
Lessons are learned for another season but we will win at Oracle
Massive? Tom Platz massive, Rock massive or just 25" to 28" massive like me and a lot of people? Look for them. They make em.
Sooooo, I had an Epiphany or did I? Why are there back pockets? I mean.. if I just bought the slimmest wallet to carry only the ID and (1) card with a $100.00 bill for emergencies and I have only the slimmest cut jackets and pants and I don't want any bumps or bulges ruining my silhouette why buy pants with back pockets? I don’t put wallets in them or any other item. I carry that slim wallet in the front. But why do we have them and what purpose do they serve? I used...
Yeah, but I am the Douchebag that actually answered the Douchebage's, douchebag question. Can't I get the damn douchebag gift certificate for my douchebag answer this douchebag's, douchebag question regarding douchebags wearing douchebag appropriate Red Wings shoes?
Hi, You can stretch for width not length.
In keeping with the posts 1036-1039, I offer a few words. I am a person who needs a little more room in the thighs. I have always settled to go up a waist size to satisfy my thigh needs. I love my 1947 LVC's and thought long and hard before choosing them over a pair of l955's. Today I took my 1947's into the SF Levi's store for darning on the inside upper thigh area. I am bummed that I won't have mine back till Wednesday. But, last night, I took a chance on a pair of...
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