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Sorry, for the super late reply. Yes, they canned it. The replacement product they have simply is nothing close to the big tease. It's much heavier, greasier product that leaves my head looking like a lead lump. Just terrible. Anything you could recommend to replace it?
Any thoughts gentlemen? This was the only thing that kept my long, wavy hair straight enough. It wasn't greasy, it smelled nice and most of all it was manageable. I'm down to all but a little dab in the last jar of what I have left... Suggestions? Thanks
Anyone could tell me where I could find this suit that Owen Slater wears in Boardwalk empire. Or the name of the style? I'm having a 30's themed birthday party for my 30th bday (go figure) and I'd really like to wear something special. Thoughts?
Thanks guys. I was just trying to be friendly. No harm in introducing and explaining yourself a bit. I did the whole film school myself. I feel I'm far from a jerk though. Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes I'm part of gilt groupe. There are a few nice finds on there here and there. I'll ve sure just to lurk around and see what's what.
Thank you. I appreciate your kind reply. As for the other guy, try doing what I do and having some sort of ability to write after 1 AM. Thanks again. I'll be sure to look around more.
Good evening gents. I'm new here. So I say hello to you. I'm a 28 year old Production/Coordinator/cinematographer looking to some day make it big. When I'm not shooting something or pining over camera lenses and such, I love to get dressed up for a day walking about in the big almost bottomless NYC. I'm new to making myself look the right way, but to not having a good eye for things. When I work, I usually wear jeans and shoes, for sometimes, I leave my production...
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