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Try Tom Ford, that is where JT has been getting a lot of his clothing lately.
Go with a light blue shirt, dark brown tie and dark brown shoes. The shirt and tie you have look bland with that suit. The shoes are too casual for the suit. Get some dark brown dress shoes with leather soles.
I have seen long and short sizes on Yoox but only for Armani sport coats and suits. Good luck with other brands.
Try Jeremy's on 2nd Street near AT&T park. Not a Thrift store but prices almost as low as one for high end clothing and shoes. Some goods are store returns, some are slightly damaged.
They have their first call sales (40% off ) in December and June and last call sales (50 - 60% off) in January and July. They also have one day or weekend sales from time to time. They send e-mails and mailings in advance of these special sales.
Interested in 34 waist in browns, grays, blues.
I bought a Leonardo brand suit in Rome, Italy about 10+ years ago. Made in Italy and decent quality.
5. It is cheaper to put in a metal button on jeans and it can take the rough use jeans usually get. Dress pants have a "flap" of material because it looks better and the finishing on dress pants is nicer than jeans usually. 6. Low rise dress pants are common but every designer and/or manufacturer is different. You really have to try them on to be sure.
I think this is a brand that is from Italy. I bought a Leonardo brand suit in Italy 10+ years ago and it was made in Italy. Decent quality.
1. Bottom of the pants fits over boots, like cowboy boots or work boots, etc. Usually boot cut is for jeans. 2. How high or low on your waist or hips the pants fit. 3. Yes. 4. On jeans the fifth pocket is usually a small coin pocket above the right front pocket. 5. Not sure what you mean. If you mean where the front zipper is, some dress pants have buttons but most have a zipper.
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