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A few ideas for Ireland. Ring of Kerry, Dingle peninsula, Rock of Cashel, Muckross House, Trinity College in Dublin, Killarney, the pub in Dublin owned by Bono of U2. Look at Rick Steves site for more ideas. Barneys has one that is similar for $150 from Isaia
There is a Stefano Ricci Medallion Pattern Navy/Teal tie on the Neiman Marcus site that is very close.
I like Gravati shoes. Very good quality and very Italian style. They mold to your feet after wearing them a few times. The peccary leather on those shoes is great. I would wear those with a suit as I think they are a classic style but I am not 30 anymore.
Try Tom Ford, that is where JT has been getting a lot of his clothing lately.
Go with a light blue shirt, dark brown tie and dark brown shoes. The shirt and tie you have look bland with that suit. The shoes are too casual for the suit. Get some dark brown dress shoes with leather soles.
I have seen long and short sizes on Yoox but only for Armani sport coats and suits. Good luck with other brands.
Try Jeremy's on 2nd Street near AT&T park. Not a Thrift store but prices almost as low as one for high end clothing and shoes. Some goods are store returns, some are slightly damaged.
They have their first call sales (40% off ) in December and June and last call sales (50 - 60% off) in January and July. They also have one day or weekend sales from time to time. They send e-mails and mailings in advance of these special sales.
Interested in 34 waist in browns, grays, blues.
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