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http://www.malfordoflondon.com/ SALE20
Congrats TBM, Smooth!
Friends and family were told (i'm neither of those but a buddy was), i don't think it was announced publicly.It was above the store on level 6
Is was at their Soho store (453 Broome and Mercer) yesterday 10-12Suits were $125Shoes $60Jackets $125 - 150Ties $10Trousers $50
Anyone else hit up the Warehouse sale in NYC yesterday? Pretty solid pricing for suits, and not a bad selection for those 38-42
Went for the boot, ended up with walt trousers in 36 but cancelled purchase
Sorry, should have made it more clear - i'm extremely happy/keeping them
I thought i got a merino jumper, but I got Walt Trouser Golden Brown 34
Who has the hookups for the Epaulet bot?
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