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Hi - do you have further details?
42.5 for sure. I'm a 9.5UK in CJ 337 and EG 82/888 and take a VASS 43
PMs replied
unqilo for socks, amazing
Some of you might like this Its an ad campaign that features the Sapeurs of Brazzaville – men who are farmers, taxi drivers and labourers but get dressed to the nines outside of work. The Sapeurs live by a moral code, where style and attitude counts over occupation or wealth. Pretty interesting back-story too of the movement originating in London and Paris and off to their colonies over the years Here is the 90” ad: http://youtu.be/B-3sVWOxuXc Here is the 5 mins short...
25% off MJ Bale XMAS25
Get him paired up, please! I cant wait that long.
They resoled some of my Church's recently and did a cracking job
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