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I stumbled upon a couple of Tom Ford Puffer jackets. The price is great but you know, it is a kind of too-good-to-be-true. This seller has various colors of the same...
Can anyone help identifying manufacture of this Peal & Co tux shoes?,default,pd.html?dwvar_059H_Color=BLCK&contentpos=33&cgid=0522
Hi, I was wondering which maker made this RLPL suit. Could anyone help identifying it? From what I saw from other pictures, Saint Andrews put a white tag inside a pocket. So, I guess this is Caruso made. Thanks in advance.
I ordered two shirts. I remember that the minimum was four but they are temporarily offering two minimum order.
I never went to Cego for ordering custom shirts. I went there for RLBL shirts alterations. To my surprise, I saw a skinny asian guy whose new custom shirts fits him beautifully. I am also an asian guy and I know how hard it is to find the right fitting shirts in the US stores. I immediately asked him to measure me. It was like order-at-first-sight. That was funny because I did not have enough cash with me to deposit. Carl kindly offered me second fitting since my home is...
One tip for Korean translation is that you may get better results by translating Korean to Japanese first then translating Japanese to English. Lots of people try to translate Japanese anime into Korean and also English. Because of that, Google has more data between Japanese and Korean, also between Japanese and English. Japanese can be used as a bridge between these two extremely different languages.
"This shoe has rounded last unlike Crockett & Jones, while both of them are from England. ... blah blah blah ... - I just noticed that Crockett shoes are rounded last by default unlike other British shoes. Except the 348 last, all the lasts are not pointed." I'm native Korean speaker but non-native English speaker. You may need English-to-English translation.
Thanks for all the replies. He has very good feedback but I decided to return. I've never seen a RLPL Polo Shirt in retail. So, I can't tell if it is a legit or not. What made me to return is that the tag cannot be accidentally found in the office unless it is cut somehow.
The listing says it is NWT. The seller responded me that he found a tag from the polo shirt in his office yesterday. That's weird, too. The tag is bonded so that it won't fall without cutting it. @RedDevil10 Thanks for your input.
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