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Would anyone know where to find a supplier for fabric that is similar that shown in the picture (jacket) ?
I live in the middle of nowhere - quite lovely, actually - but as a result it is incredibly hard to locate and procure certain items such as kick-ass awesome green POW suiting (fabric such as that shown in this photo). Can anyone suggest a quality supplier who might have a similarly coloured and patterned fabric?
Fantastic - thanks! I'm going to investigate further. If anyone has a picture of a jacket in a similar cloth please post it
Like the title says, please help me identify the maker of this jacket - or one similar - so that I can stop obsessing over it. Thanks !
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I feel that the type of material is secondary to overall look of the square. Remember that the square is a bit of "icing on the cake" - it's not the whole cake - therefore it adds a bit of flair (overstated or understated) but shouldn't be too over-thought. I suggest trying a variety of materials, colours, patterns, etc. to get a feel for what is best for you. Realistically a pocket square could be made out of any scrap of fabric, so you needn't spend ridiculous sums of...
Late to the party, but here's my $0.02 : Yes, I always wear a pocket square (unless it just doesn't feel right in a certain situation - and you'll know when that situation arises because it obviously just won't feel right) I'll wear with a suit and in any situation whereby I have a sport coat on - tie optional At first I was super self conscious about wearing a pocket square but eventually it flipped and now I'm super self conscious if I don't! I have collected a ton of...
WTB: TRICKER'S green commando BOULTON brogue - 9.5 / 10 US sizing.
I had a vintage Harris Tweed that was half-lined; it was perfect! Sadly the fit wasn't quite right and was even worse after I had a marginal tailor "alter" it - so I had to get rid of it. I'd say go for it.
I'm lost - Is this a "package deal" $245 for both pairs combined, or individually?
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