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Not the best, but maybe get you thinking about it: "maximize" "utilize" or, to cheat, "increase utilization" or something along those lines
I haven't been on a real job interview in almost 10 years. My job switches have all been as part of a team, so no interviews were required. Do people still carry their resumes in those leather portfolios? I heard some 20-somethings recently talking about taking thumb drives on interviews and laughing about someone they saw with a portfolio. I thought maybe the interviewing environment has changed.
Can I wear a wool navy blue sport coat with these cotton pants? [[SPOILER]]
As far I can tell from reading this thread OP got a hole nailed into his shoe and is being blamed because he requested the tap.
I thought propercloth was decently regarded around here. I made my first order a little while ago and am waiting for it to arrive sometime in the next few days. I plan to use the certificate for more if the fit is right and/or after any needed adjustments.
One other thing- never discuss your salary with your colleagues at your level. One of you will leave the conversation really disappointed. is running a deal right now where you can get a $100 credit at for $50. If you're not a member and ask for an invite you don't even need to wait for the email from them, just log in with the username and password you enter when you ask for the "invite"
Isn't it a little bit like asking why a Picasso charcoal sketch costs so much when you can buy a whole ream of paper and a box of charcoal for a few bucks?
Look for ebook versions of "Financial Modeling in Practice" and "Financial Modeling using Excel and VBA". edit: you went to NYU, professor Damodoran's website has great spreadsheets:
If he's above you and trying to get you fired, I wouldn't confront him on it. It's not really your place to do it and no good would come of it. He's probably widely hated already. Film him and put it on youtube; there's no way anything bad would happen
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