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Yes, once you got yourself measured, wore the test shoe for a while and are happy with your last, long distance is no problem. I got most of my shoes from them by sending photos and descriptions of what I look for. Works out for well. Once in a while I drop by and say hello and eventua´lly discuss some small changes on my last.
Thanks, A bit background: V&S are from Baden Baden, a small but very mundane German town at the outskirts of the black forrest. Generally that means they have probably a different average customer than cleverley so the shown lasts differ in shape as well. They have a good understanding of ones taste and adapt last shapes to it. Got some spectators and Derbys from them which are really nicely sleek and elegant which is really difficult on my foot due to its size of 50. V&S...
Boots from Vickermann & Stoya Cordovan and Bordeaux Suede
Hi, Iris is defenitely a good pick. The Woman -Nani- who runs the shop with her husband is a punk with blue hair and so on. Therefore she knows that not everyone wants to look like the typical singaporean. The shop has a fidel group of fans who are probably the most sartorial people in town. Nani and Jeff know and mostr importatnt understand their taste and make pretty good things for them. I have bought some quite unusual things there myself and they really adapted to...
Thanks for your advice so far. I won't change my tailor because it's kind of the only one in town. I fully trust they know how to correct but I'd like to independently educate myself because I can then in future talk more precise with them. The missing pocket is my wish btw. I don't use it at all. I'll post something from the next fitting. Cocteau
Hello everyone, after having read geralds threads showing his tailors work, i gave it a try and commissioned a suit. at the moment were half way through the process and there are things I´m happy with and others Im not yet contempt with though I have a good feeling were going somewhere. My suit is a peak lapel single breasted suit with a rather classical cut. The pants are supposed to have pleads, be high waist and drop straight in the front and the back. The jacket is...
This is what I'm looking for. If you have a few more of these, I'd love to browse through. Maybe I can use some just as a starting point and discuss how to adapt it with my tailor. (going to be iris in Singapore) does anyone remember a thread to this topic? I'm sure there was one a few months ago
Thanks for your reply. Since I work in the tropics, I don't wear a jacket in everyday life. Therefore the trousers must work without. That's why I'm so skeptical about the very high rise cuts.
hello together, I am collecting photos of wider cut trousers with pleats to show them to my tailor for reference. I aim for a couple of pants with a patterned cloth and the elegant fuller cut of older times. I found a couple of sketches from the 30s here but the trousers looked like being pulled up almost to cover the chest. Once there was a Thread to this topic and how this look could be translated into modern times and what's needed to make it work. I could not find it...
Quote: Originally Posted by bullethead i have a size 14 and i wouldn't do mto on any shoe without first knowing if the last works for my particular foot. Thats for sure. But before spending 1000 bucks on a plane ticket to visit the next size 15 EG shoe to try it on, wherever in the world it might be located (if it exists) I´d like to have an Idea about what last I´m interested in and what might be right for me. Pics anyone?
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