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yeah quoting is wonky at the moment but Nataku, my closet is slowly being taken over by Orvis stuff. That and getting picky on the eBay is what I'm spending all the spoils of your and spoo's auctions on... They don't have French cuffs, they don't have a lot of "non sporting" stuff, so there's only so far one can ride the Orvis train. But between this outlet (and the barbour across the parking lot) and the mothership in Manchester VT I've gotten so much great stuff...
I love the Orvis outlet. When they are having end of season blowouts. Everything in the bagwas $19 each. [[SPOILER]]
I posted that thing live from the store rack as a joke and we went through the trade motions after 3 thrift threaders persuaded me it was worth doubling back and kopping. You actually make it look presentable. Well played.
This is pro advice.The Huntsmans I found were orphan jackets at first and I was really really bummed -- not for the flippability or tradeability, but just when you find something nice like that you grieve in general that it was separated...if you're a clothes dork like me, and if you're poasting here, you'd better be hahahaha...and there they were, 4-5 racks away, together, just like the coats were paired in the coat section. Was not as successful with a corneliani found...
U R always a gentleman and treat people well here. Karma will reward.Seen Huntsman discussed here but refused to believe it existed in the wild. Until [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Both owned by same dude. Not having measured I'm going to guess a 40R-ish. The pant legs are long. Must have been 6-0, 6-1ishJust a general comment: These Robert Graham shirts are spreading on racks like e. coli at Burger King.
+1Cannonball is great (love the stuff with Joe Z on the Wurlitzer!!!!!)and I like the Miles Quintet Prestige records...I have most of Miles' recordings but this is my fave track, I can just listen to it on repeat all day...nice collar too -- that guy knew how to dress, didn't he
Nordstrom?Spoo sometimes returns some things I send him...(i.e. it looked good at first but when it comes pre-listing photo time he sees the giant rip we both missed at first, distracted by the Versace shiny stuff embedded in the fabric hahahah)...tagged with the LuxeSwap ID tag.Those go str8 back to the thrift store, tag on.So this isn't the only example out there. If you find one...look over the garment very closely, it's probably there for a reason.
What victim card? You invented this for your argument and now we have to defend ourselves against this invention. Screw you.And I don't understand where you get off saying straight white males are the only group capable of being bigots. Prove that one, I'll be impressed. Did you even notice who set off this debate before you put fingers to keyboard?Sounds like YOU are playing this supposed victim card. Oppressed white guys, man we got it so hard in this crazy world....
Holy shit. You're right. I THOUGHT I'd read the whole thing when I posted.What a train wreck.Sometimes I have no class on this thread, or I post after a drink or six. Or I have an avatar with...just saying It's hypocritical for me to call out people for rudeness or going off the rails in their wordings. OR many other sins of political incorrectness.The gay thing, however, is different. Please accept this.I believe this Titanic of an Internet argument was headed in the...
I stay off the forum for a day and this busts out?+1 for realz.Applause to rayxlui as well for taking the stand.Love seeing thrifters showing leadership in this matter, which isn't the case everywhere on SF.Guess having our thread frequented by a lot of college kids/recent grads ain't completely bad hahahahahaha.
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