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Excellent question!I asked myself that before posting. Basically, I'm only one size, most stuff doesn't fit me. I can only go to some stores in a small region, so if there truly is "competition" it's in a very small region for a very limited number of garments.But mostly, SF is a community that has given a lot to me in just half a year. This is one way I can give back to the Voxes and Spoos and J's etc (and you) who tirelessly post answers to all things sartorial. Thanks...
I'm not a pro, I'm still learning. Would love some ideas from the pros who have gone before me. I'll start with a few things I've learned from SF folks and by my own mistakes: Follow the money: Thrift stores that have the most well-off donors have the most Canali, Zegna, Golden Fleece, J. Press, Loro Piana, Brioni, HF, and other top end brands. Go to those cities/neighborhoods and hit every thrift store there. I envy you if you live near a town with an Ivy League...
Truth be told -- or rather, my opinion be told -- STD's fountain pens are gaudy and overpriced. Better made pens that write way better can be had for much less. They put out a heck of a brochure, though.
When you can tell imported polyester from domestic just by feel, without checking the label, you're most of the way there. Then, coronation.
This weeks scores included a pair of Brooks Brothers/Loro Piana labeled charcoal wool pants in my actual size for $5.99 at Savers in very lightly used condition.
Suck or not? Or somewhere in between? Thanks all
This has been discussed ad nauseam on SF (just ferreted out 3-4 threads last week in SF's pinpoint-accurate search system that always gives you exactly what you want, hahhahaha...) and the grand majority of posters say: Steam. If not, retire the tie and move on. Don't iron, you'll ruin it b/c the folds are not like pants pleats, they are less crisp and ironing = flattening = ruining. If you like the tie a lot or it has sentimental value, send to Tiecrafters....
I have to recommend Bernhardts. I have a red dial Sea Shark myself. Fred Amos is a hero among the Poor Man's Watch Forum set, who are every bit as insane about watches as SF is about clothes. I got mine off their recommendation and I love it. Fred Amos is a folk hero over there... http://www.bernhardtwatch.com/index.php?id=31
Quote: Originally Posted by anginaprinzmetal mine are true to size +1
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman How come you don't know who made this tie? There's a label on it. Because when you Google what's on the label, the only result is this thread. I have never seen that with any brand of clothing. I am willing to believe I am misreading the cursive, ha! Google pilot error happens. With me, sometimes, at least. Compagnia Della Seta seems to be a somewhat obscure brand. Perhaps it's related. I'm buying...
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