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+1. I think he needs a belt with the suspenders to complete the look. And a massive BlackBerry on a big fat vinyl belt clip.
What does that usually cost? ThanksAlso, just a general question & comment on the overpricing of "Designer" stuff at thrift stores: Here in the northeast, what I see on "designer" racks in the front of the thrift stores are just nice examples -- sometimes new with tags -- stuff from garden variety mall stores (Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Jones -- sometimes polo sometimes not) while Loro Piana,, Brooks Bros, Canali, Zegna, Brioni, Santorelli...are left in the general...
So I just posted 8 coats to thrifter trading post thread. Zegnas and Brioni I bragged on last week...I took one of the 4 I scored to my tailor and am getting it altered, but they were a little bigger on me than I first thought and...well, while I dearly love the one I'm getting altered, make an offer for swappage on the others. Brooks Bros 42R coats I mentioned earlier this week here...shot, measured, posted. PM me to swap! Let's make a deal!
I have 8 jackets for trade. My measurements: Coat: Chest 20; Sleeve 24-25; Shoulder 18; Length 31 Pants: 32 waist (30 length, so that or longer) Shoes: 9D Shirt: 15-32 What I'm looking for: --Non-CBD sport jackets (I love the houndstooth BB here, sad it's too big!) but will consider pretty much anything in = quality brand in my size (38R)...cashmere sport coat I'd love! --Anything Golden Fleece or Brioni, CBD or not. --cashmere sweaters (M/38-40) --Harris Tweed...
I've adapted. At first, was a little lost.
+1 on nonsynthetic blends. Found a Saks tartan viyella tie at a goodwill for a buck that is very cool
I think you're referring to Lauren by Ralph Lauren, which is outlet/Marshalls/TJ Maxx diffusion, no?
Well put, Doc. I am wearing a Hickey-Freeman Italian silk knit today and have gotten roasted by a couple of the old dudes here in the office who said they haven't seen one like that since 1985. Gotten a couple compliments on it, however, to balance that out! But to answer OP's question, that's a segue: I'd never have considered a knit tie, silk or otherwise, but H-F outlet had a hell of a sale a couple weeks ago and there were two of these silk knits (one yellow, one...
sweet brioni score, simon! So I hit a haunt I hadn't in a while this noon and there was a motherlode of Brooks Bros Golden Fleece and some 1818...suits and jackets. In 42R, way too big for me. I don't usually scoop stuff not in my size but I did get 2 jackets and a suit for y'all WIll be posting pix or at least a link to pix in thrift trading forum soon, probably Friday if anyone wants to swap. Just nice stuff, excellent condition. If anyone's interested, PM me. I'm...
+1I got an ll bean one in blue at the outlet in town marked down to $30 from 100-something...in this heatwave, that and a linen jacket have been go-tos
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