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Excellent job. Fascinating
Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done after the holidays. We knew this day would probably come sooner than later, because they've been barely afloat for so long. But damn. Will miss browsing your Brioni ties and coats and other gems among the racks of semi-respectable stuff and downright dreck. It says Syms is in Chapter 11, too, so apparently, stick a fork in them as well
Inspired by my lucking into my first ever pair of shell cordovans last week in my first thrift visit in months...I played hooky from work today and cruised down to Connecticut to my favorite haunts on the hunt for more shell. None of that to be found in my size. Got a bag full of cashmere sweaters for wife and kids but nothing of note for me (and damn, these were prime spots I've gotten great stuff before). I'm thinking my closet's so full I am getting just too picky for...
Vintage Nettleton's
Thought this was an interesting USA Today piece on how diffusion works -- and balanced in the reportage. I have found some excellent stuff at Marshall's, but as has been posted elsewhere by others, my experience is that it's better when the Marshall's is located in an affluent town. APologies if this was already posted.
Nettleton's from a store I hit on occasion that happens to be the closest to a certain Ivy League school. I had never heard of the brand but with the 40 nails per heel, glove leather interior and the 54-layer leather sole...was pretty sure it was something special so I brought them home. Then I looked them up here at SF, confirmed their pedigree (Web was out on the BlackBerry, for some odd reason). Cross posted to the Nettleton's thread (are they shell?) but I thought...
How's this (click for bigger image, I think)? Thanks.
sorry for the long-lost bump but I found some tremendous nettleton's can you tell if they're shell (markings?)
so the one tie I had that needed some serious help, a Canali thick woven silk job, I couldn't get the wrinkles out despite the ideas posted here. Light ironing, heavy steaming...lots of long hanging...would not fix. Rethrifted. The other tie with a couple weird creases at the point, a Bloomingdalies printed silk...good to go Lesson: Bad wrinkles: Don't bother. Not so bad? take your shot.
I see it's been unlocked. Much appreciation, gent(s)
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