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I see these a lot out here in thrift stores. Vintage and more recent, even a few of the novelty flavor. They seem pretty nice, albeit conservative. I did pick up an ancient "matte" silk (what's the proper term for it?) tie that struck my fancy. A little history. Weaves Ralphie and Brooks Bros into the mix.
First pic here. Linen jacket, argyle socks. Canali pants I thrifted, I already had tailor adjust length, are they too long still? If you're going crack on it about Monday Night Football, it's already been done, ha, so you'll have to come up with something more original.
Thanks for getting my back.I do enjoy the diversity of opinions here. including those of the vocal, rigid minority who hate Chinese made anything, polyester, fusible and square toed shoes. You guys made me realize I do have choices, and don't have to waste money making bad ones.Speaking of groupthink, I'm off to post my first WAYWRN pic. No black pants, either. Wish me luck, heh!
+1Love these threads where people discuss the "meta," esp. SF vs real world.Guilty as charged on fused suits and black trou. Trying to root the polyester out of the closet -- it's mostly left in some cotton blend shirts from my pre-SF time that I haven't yet purged. But guilty as charged on that, too.
Someone who is colorblind?
HEY NOW the 257, $208 shipped. Nice trick. Now I have to choose to either pull the trigger and hit "OK" or keep the peace in the house, heh
+1. I think he needs a belt with the suspenders to complete the look. And a massive BlackBerry on a big fat vinyl belt clip.
What does that usually cost? ThanksAlso, just a general question & comment on the overpricing of "Designer" stuff at thrift stores: Here in the northeast, what I see on "designer" racks in the front of the thrift stores are just nice examples -- sometimes new with tags -- stuff from garden variety mall stores (Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Jones -- sometimes polo sometimes not) while Loro Piana,, Brooks Bros, Canali, Zegna, Brioni, Santorelli...are left in the general...
So I just posted 8 coats to thrifter trading post thread. Zegnas and Brioni I bragged on last week...I took one of the 4 I scored to my tailor and am getting it altered, but they were a little bigger on me than I first thought and...well, while I dearly love the one I'm getting altered, make an offer for swappage on the others. Brooks Bros 42R coats I mentioned earlier this week here...shot, measured, posted. PM me to swap! Let's make a deal!
I have 8 jackets for trade. My measurements: Coat: Chest 20; Sleeve 24-25; Shoulder 18; Length 31 Pants: 32 waist (30 length, so that or longer) Shoes: 9D Shirt: 15-32 What I'm looking for: --Non-CBD sport jackets (I love the houndstooth BB here, sad it's too big!) but will consider pretty much anything in = quality brand in my size (38R)...cashmere sport coat I'd love! --Anything Golden Fleece or Brioni, CBD or not. --cashmere sweaters (M/38-40) --Harris Tweed...
New Posts  All Forums: