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I have to say, Sandersons are a tremendous shoe. The stylings on these...well, I can't wear them with everything. However, the build and fit are very good.
This is what I was looking for. Good info, much appreciated
thanks -- are they marked such, anywhere? Or is this just common knowledge? Or, better yet, are there a couple telltale details that give it awaY?
How can I tell manufacturer when browsing at stores? Thanks.
+1.I wear a 9D and my first AE thrift store find was a pair of grayson tassel loafers, which pinched at widest part of my foot. Confused me a lot. I started experimenting with half-sizes up and down, and none of them fit.After a while I realized it was just AE, they vary in width from style to style. I still am a solid 9D in most brands, and most AEs. But some AE 9Ds won't fit.Also, I think that when you're getting into this dicey business of used shoes (I too love getting...
So I go into a TJ Maxx today and after passing on some Robert Graham shirts and a very nice PRL multicolor madras-y shirt with a blue striped oxford collar (sounds busy -- and it was -- but cool)...I ran into this lady, as Springsteen said in "Glory Days," she was walkin' in, I was walkin' out... ...and I double-take, she looks at me oddly, and I say "I'm sorry, don't I know you form somewhere?" She says "I'm Kelly Ayotte, I represent you in Washington in the...
Anyone who frequents this thread who is on 84 north of hartford owes it to himself to stop at the Salvation Army in Manchester, CT...might be the store where I've got my best stuff overall. Sadly, I only can hit it 2-3x a year. I once got a pair of heavy Filson wool pants there -- mint, unfinished length -- in addition to the good old Zegna, Brooks Bros, and other great stuff always there.Speaking of which, in addition to my Gucci tie I posted a couple pages back, today I...
Reality check on a Gucci tie found today at Savers. Fake, or real?
I have found all the thrift stores loaded this month. I thought it was because no one thrifts around Christmas because they don't have time and got presents, anyway, and were busy with holiday stuff...didn't even think about getting those tax breaks for calendar 2011.I couldn't believe seeing the Savers loading dock 2 days after Christmas...overflowing with furniture and toys and other goods like I'd never seen before, so the tax argument makes total sense.As far as my own...
also...is it just my neck of the woods, or can you all pick off decent BB ties at thrifts for $2-$5 any day of the week (i.e. you leave ties behind that you'd either never wear or have in similar colors/patterns already?)
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