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Many of the sentiments expressed so far (i.e. in the sea of schlubs surrounding me in the office, you get respect and sometimes even admiration when you put effort into your dress -- even in the very casual office environment) I completely agree with. Since I found SF and totally changed over my wardrobe, I feel more comfortable & confident in my own skin. And this week at our annual meeting I won the Super Bowl of internal awards at my company (650 employees.) It took a...
this makes sense, thanks
Like this: ANd what's the deal? Is it a "U.S. D" as we know it today but when these shoes were made, "B" was an older standard with which some wearers would be familiar...or something like that (i.e. they're U.S. B's but Nettleton's were sold in another country where "D" was an equivalent?) Thank you.
Code still works. Well, at least in my shopping cart this AM
I remember shopping for church clothes in the 1970s wen I was a little kid, my dad thought well of them.There was either a Kuppenheimer (no "House of") store in the mall or one of the anchor stores carried it. He liked this brand, Hart Schafner and Marx, and H-F as I recall. In his world, those were the higher end of what was available when we went clothes shopping. Like, a notch or two above Sears and Penney's and Elder-Beerman in his mind.
I have to say, Sandersons are a tremendous shoe. The stylings on these...well, I can't wear them with everything. However, the build and fit are very good.
This is what I was looking for. Good info, much appreciated
thanks -- are they marked such, anywhere? Or is this just common knowledge? Or, better yet, are there a couple telltale details that give it awaY?
How can I tell manufacturer when browsing at stores? Thanks.
+1.I wear a 9D and my first AE thrift store find was a pair of grayson tassel loafers, which pinched at widest part of my foot. Confused me a lot. I started experimenting with half-sizes up and down, and none of them fit.After a while I realized it was just AE, they vary in width from style to style. I still am a solid 9D in most brands, and most AEs. But some AE 9Ds won't fit.Also, I think that when you're getting into this dicey business of used shoes (I too love getting...
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