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Reality check on a Gucci tie found today at Savers. Fake, or real?
I have found all the thrift stores loaded this month. I thought it was because no one thrifts around Christmas because they don't have time and got presents, anyway, and were busy with holiday stuff...didn't even think about getting those tax breaks for calendar 2011.I couldn't believe seeing the Savers loading dock 2 days after Christmas...overflowing with furniture and toys and other goods like I'd never seen before, so the tax argument makes total sense.As far as my own...
also...is it just my neck of the woods, or can you all pick off decent BB ties at thrifts for $2-$5 any day of the week (i.e. you leave ties behind that you'd either never wear or have in similar colors/patterns already?)
we have a bunch of Racks that just opened up (I work with someone who used to work in distribution for a vendor who supplied Racks, and she says they open in pairs and threes at minimum, but love fives and sixes in a region) in Boston area...I find their prices more than Syms but there are some major bargains if you watch the clearance rack closely (Santoni pants, ties, etc...but...just clearance...the rest is outlet or worse prices)
reid roth: My ruler's longer than yours.
Michigan Planner: This is an interesting point, coming from a Marine (thank you for your service). Combat boots, with gel insoles, I find to be the best fit for walking long distances. I get them $20, surplus. They are narrower and because of all the eyelets, I can lace them exactly as tight/loose as I wish depending on sock. Today's big boots (wide, fat rubber soles, insides stuffed with a little thinsulate or a lot of fuzzy junk) just don't fit right and either tire me...
You MFers and your Marshall's talk! And I mean that in a very nice way. I come on SF last night, mostly minding my own business. I'd been to a thrift, picked up a couple shirts, a couple pairs of PRL leather-sole, buckle-strap loafers (one mexico, one USA, they both Simichromed and Meltonianed up to nearly new!!! great for under $10 total for both pairs)...and a tie. I'd never heard of the brand but it seemed like a very well-made cravat and lo and behold, a Luciano...
I walk 3 miles a day at lunch, typically in my dress AEs, Florsheims, Santonis, and even nettletons. I also go to medical trade shows and for kicks sometimes put a pedometer on to see how far I walk in a day (4-10 miles, thanks for asking, ha). This is all concrete walking. Some shoes perform well, some are not. A few of them will hurt the tops of my feet under the tongue after a long walk, some my big and little toes. My theory: Has to do with the width & your foot...
Excellent job. Fascinating
Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done after the holidays. We knew this day would probably come sooner than later, because they've been barely afloat for so long. But damn. Will miss browsing your Brioni ties and coats and other gems among the racks of semi-respectable stuff and downright dreck. It says Syms is in Chapter 11, too, so apparently, stick a fork in them as well
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