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So, in all urban legends there tends to be one grain of truth among the lies. I've read the Wikipedia and official histories of Florsheim today and also went through a couple Google Books but I couldn't find any reference to this little gem in an eBay auction description: "Condition: Brown scotchgrain leather shoes. V-cleat heel. Sole and heel both have alot of wear left, you might want to get rubber heels put on though, I have had some near faceplants wearing my v-cleat...
I was talking about David Stern, hahahaha but yours is all right, too. Thanks for the knowledge.
Love the avatar & agree with its statement! Why do you like shark/what do you wear them with, typically?
Apologies if this has already been discussed (just point me to the thread please), I haven't seen anything here. This auction says...shark? elephant? Or is it calf and the listing is a typical scam? Also, they seem to look kind of...wrinkly and ruined, as if they were stored at the bottom of a river for a while. Is it just the photography, or the fact that there's no feet in the shoes when the pictures were shot? If this is a rare and desirable hide, what are the...
I hate it when they to it to an otherwise awesome shirt (i.e. Zegna, etc). I have successfully removed staples...sometimes.
Luck's been running thin lately but some musings: 1) Ever try Etsy for shoes? I think eBay for some individual sellers is getting hard to use (because of fees, etc) so there's quite a little culture sprouting up over there. Bought some old-skool Lizard Aristocrafts and vintage, lightly used Kenmoors this week. Gotta select "vintage" category to see anything, though, which is counterintuitive but real. Some of the prices are definitely way above thrifting but...check it...
Many of the sentiments expressed so far (i.e. in the sea of schlubs surrounding me in the office, you get respect and sometimes even admiration when you put effort into your dress -- even in the very casual office environment) I completely agree with. Since I found SF and totally changed over my wardrobe, I feel more comfortable & confident in my own skin. And this week at our annual meeting I won the Super Bowl of internal awards at my company (650 employees.) It took a...
this makes sense, thanks
Like this: ANd what's the deal? Is it a "U.S. D" as we know it today but when these shoes were made, "B" was an older standard with which some wearers would be familiar...or something like that (i.e. they're U.S. B's but Nettleton's were sold in another country where "D" was an equivalent?) Thank you.
Code still works. Well, at least in my shopping cart this AM
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