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I know this was posted a while back.Every time I see Stafford now, I laugh. But I'd also like to add...Towncraft. Towncraft.Where's all this Club Room riffraff coming from? Macy's, I think. And Croft & Barrow...
Also, hit my other local K&G today and scored two pairs of H-F Italy cords, a pair of Italy silk-linen pants, and a silk-cotton Italy sweater for $44-something. That's better than some thrifts, for new. One pair had a $250 original retail tag. Hit those clearance racks, gents. Some steals to be had.
I guess I was referring to garments that possess the label on this page, which is one maker of Donegal Tweeds. I see them occasionally, but never in my size.http://www.murphyofireland.com/donegal-tweed-jackets.php
Elsewhere on SF, Donegal and Harris tweeds get high marks. Those aren't the only ones that are good, but you see so much tweed at thrift stores that's my "filter"...unless it's a really soft tweed from one of our go-to labels (RLPL, BB, etc), which I've seen. I did pick up a tweed that was simply labeled Sak's Fifth Ave that I liked the tan color... That reminds me, I am looking for the classic black-white herringbone pattern Harris Tweed jacket in 38R; if you see one in...
Dude. Thanks for this tip.Hit one of my K&Gs (reading mass) and it wasn't quite that good but tucked among a ton -- and I mean a ton -- of what appeared to be crummy Chinese "Hickey" diffusion sub-ordinary streetwear...I found H-F mainline Italy chinos, medium gray Italy linen trou, a dress shirt and an Italy wool sweater. $59 - $5 smartphone text coupon (text "save" to 79999) so it was 54.90-something. Fifteen bucks a pop.Well done.
too much sleeve showing on those?
Big fan of 1/2 price Weds. I got a couple cashmere sweaters for the kids last week, a big angora/mohair sweater for my wife that she adored, and some other assorted goodies last week at mine (nothing exotic for me, I'd picked it over well previously, hah!) for less than $10. IF you're picky, that is the best thrift store deal anywhere.
Hey, I got a BB main line coat that fits (unlike the ones I scored last week for the trading post) like a glove today and a Talbott tie...but also a Daniel Cremieux Dillard's Loro Piana slimmer fit suit that's almost spot on size, pants and all, but I'll need the sleeves let down a half inch or so. Question: The Cremieux is fused, probably? Are they, typically? I'm still having a hard time figuring out for sure, what with the pocket liner and all those layers of fabric in...
I see these a lot out here in thrift stores. Vintage and more recent, even a few of the novelty flavor. They seem pretty nice, albeit conservative. I did pick up an ancient "matte" silk (what's the proper term for it?) tie that struck my fancy. A little history. Weaves Ralphie and Brooks Bros into the mix.
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