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I have been experimenting with tie wrinkles (literally every trick in the SF archives) and most of the time just leaving it hanging on a tie rack for a month gets out most if not all wrinkles in all ties.Have not had great luck on the really wrinkled ones -- either the wrinkles come back or (gasp) too much pressure and the tie flattens, permanently. I have a good steamer that gets the wrinkles out of everything else I've thrown at it...but ties not so much.Am reading...
So on my Moygashel Irish linen tie, I've found a couple of interesting details: Rooster in the '70s made ties of Moygashel Irish linen. The dude behind Rooster has done a lot with RL and Nautica and Burberry since. And my tie isn't a Rooster. So I'm back a square one. But, there's gonna be some interesting back-story to it when I dig a little more, I'm sure.
yay! My eyes are deceiving me less, it seems.Almost -- almost! -- got suckered by a "Borelli" suit today, but thanks to the ones who came before on this thread...I wasn't a sucka.
NICEI got my one and only pair of shells (Nettletons) at a thrift...for somewhere south of five bucks. It's way out of the way (90 miles) but I am going back Saturday en route to visiting a pal...also found gator loafers (Cable & Co, but still, topy'd and great for lunchtime walks when one doesn't want to wear better shoes he'd put on for the office in the morning).Congrats. Finding shell at a thrift might be the best application of the
hahahaha I would have considered it but the coat was too long. I have avoided odd jackets until this week, that Canali I got is too fine and fits too well.
In the past I have coveted a vest paired with a suitcoat at SA...bought the pair and gave the coat back to the cashier as "my next donation"
It's actually a pretty nice tie (thick overall, featuring smooth silk) for a fake -- lots of effort was put into it, in contrast to other garbage I see -- but nothing would surprise me.More pixels for Spoo:
So, this thread recently hipped me to Ricci ties and lo and behold...the SA had one. And a couple other keepers. More on that below.First I want to show you a couple recent sweaters I picked up. Alpaca (I have discovered, since I started SF and the thrifting thing, that I have an alpaca fetish -- keep your mind out of the gutter, Digmenow, hahahah -- it's like cashmere to me) and a heavy wool Corneliani cardigan I got on the Spoo-inspired Marshall's runs of a month or so...
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