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I am getting a heavy wool yellow houndstooth DB polo suit I thrifted a few weeks back from the tailor today. First one I reunited and purchased, myself.It was separated and thanks to this tricks others have posted on this thread...the pants practically got off the rack in and walked to me themselves (wait til you see how loud it is, I have no idea where I can wear this thing)THere's one other thing to add to Klobber's list I think of: It's more income for the store to sell...
The little Spoo inside everyone's head says "keep." Everything.Except the stuff you're convinced to send to Spoo.
Or tell a fart story.Sounds like that would be a thread unto itself in the new sub category.
Sad to confess, I've done that. Not often. The one thing that gets me...Cart People. Specifically Cart People who decide to have the Cell Phone Therapy Session on my time, in my aisle. I can tolerate most everyone else. You do that when my lunch hour is ticking away, you could get gassed.As for that other trick (leaving 3-4 polos at the end of the rack with, oh six inches of open rack around it to draw attention)...guilty as charged.
The "How to win friends and influence people" thread shall includeNew ways to say "Dude, chill, I won't be bird dogging those Gap jeans you want" without being rudeTechniques for not groaning loudly/swearing at the people who keep arguing with the cashier after their credit card's declined and check's refused."Inspiring" Fart Guy in next aisle to leave the store.
CIrcling back on the shirt haul from yesterday, just...thanks for all the messages and even if we didn't make a deal (I was overwhelmed with way more offers than shirts I had to swap, believe it or not) I appreciate everyone's interest. After a while I got real brief with the PM replies, heh, so I wanted to say here...thanks. I'm going back tomorrow to that spot en route to work, comb through every single shirt again, maybe there will be more. If nothing else, I know...
Solicitation or brag or whatever, doesn't matter.Let's not kid -- it isn't easy to lose weight, no matter the system. I lost 57 a decade ago (and have put on and taken off that last 20 at least 3 times since, ha).You put in the work, and got the rewards. Well done. I hope you can sustain that weight loss over time. Ain't that -- in the words of the immortal Prince -- a bitch, Bob.
Actually, you can, they're completely detachable.Can't imagine why any woman (these are women's shoes) would want them. MAybe it's a British thing. Or RL thing.
Still working on the bench made RL's, but progress so far: Before: After: Comments? What should I use to get the color back to even on the toes or it is what it is? These are C&J, right?
Thanks for the feedback (I'm sure there's more to come, heh), + or - !Still a bit shy on this picture sharing stuff but I gotta just suck it up and just...go. This what I wore to church today; I may change jackets for my son's piano recital this afternoon. It's real-world, as opposed to something I dreamt up for the pic.Yes, I am perennially gaining and losing the same 20. Ugh.Any of you, when it comes down to "as pure of a thrifted/discount store/outlet clearance outfit...
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