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Your description of the Chaps tie cracks me up. Good luck
In all seriousness, I typically see these referred to as "[BRAND HERE] Zegna Cloth" or something close. Like you might see "Daniel Cremieux Loro Piana."
"Senior member" status means 100 posts. If you saw the moronic crap I've been posting on Creepy Sartorialist thread, you'd understand quickly that "Senior Member" in some cases can translate to "more wasted time than normal people."Just sayin'.Also, there's this:Those pants and suit aren't Zenga. They're Zegna. Spoo could you verify?
I have been experimenting with tie wrinkles (literally every trick in the SF archives) and most of the time just leaving it hanging on a tie rack for a month gets out most if not all wrinkles in all ties.Have not had great luck on the really wrinkled ones -- either the wrinkles come back or (gasp) too much pressure and the tie flattens, permanently. I have a good steamer that gets the wrinkles out of everything else I've thrown at it...but ties not so much.Am reading...
So on my Moygashel Irish linen tie, I've found a couple of interesting details: Rooster in the '70s made ties of Moygashel Irish linen. The dude behind Rooster has done a lot with RL and Nautica and Burberry since. And my tie isn't a Rooster. So I'm back a square one. But, there's gonna be some interesting back-story to it when I dig a little more, I'm sure.
yay! My eyes are deceiving me less, it seems.Almost -- almost! -- got suckered by a "Borelli" suit today, but thanks to the ones who came before on this thread...I wasn't a sucka.
NICEI got my one and only pair of shells (Nettletons) at a thrift...for somewhere south of five bucks. It's way out of the way (90 miles) but I am going back Saturday en route to visiting a pal...also found gator loafers (Cable & Co, but still, topy'd and great for lunchtime walks when one doesn't want to wear better shoes he'd put on for the office in the morning).Congrats. Finding shell at a thrift might be the best application of the
hahahaha I would have considered it but the coat was too long. I have avoided odd jackets until this week, that Canali I got is too fine and fits too well.
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