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What? DId I misread this?
Dude. NICE
Nah, it's more like...at some point, your closet gets full. Then you must start upgrading, because you don't stop thrifting. Ever. But when your closet is full of BB and BR, there's nowhere to go but...up. The turnover begins anew.Or you could be smarter than some of us (uh, me) and aim high to begin with. Costs a lot less.
Half price day at SA en route to work. Did OK. I ran into a couple brands I am not very up on: Kilgour, French, and Stanbury navy flannel pinstripe. Coat fits perfectly; pants I didn't try on but preliminary examination says they're pretty close. Ties: Rivetz (vintage Boston label -- some of these are excellent, some aren't, but this is a good one), Lorenzini and BB Makers. Also my first Robert Graham shirt -- which is also the first with french cuffs for me. First one...
BTW, if you've never read this WSJ article on Loro Piana, it's cool.“As long as they sell the finished product for a high enough price, they can use our name,” said company co-chairman Pier Luigi Loro Piana over lunch and an Australian sauvignon blanc at the Modern in New York. “They cannot be too cheap because our fabric is always at the top of the line.”Now that doesn't mean that everything with the LP label is "worth picking up," but as a rule of thumb I don't care who...
I've been to your thrifts in Rochester. I'm buzzing down the NY Thruway and thinking, "Hey home of Hickey Freeman!" so I went to the mothership and thought that was cool, and hit your thrifts. DIdn't see no Oxxford there, ha! Didn't find anything there! However, the people were very nice, I was noticing.
I am curious...how come I've never seen Oxxford in New England, NY, and PA thrifts? I've seen J Press, Canali, Brioni, Gucci,Kiton, H-F, Borrelli, RLPL, Versace/Etro/T&A and E Marinella ties, Golden Fleece, a lot of English top end brands, etc...but never Oxxford. Is it that no department stores out here carry it and ergo there's nothing to thrift? Do Bostonians and New Yorkers lean toward English and Italian brands? Literally have never seen one Oxxford anything. And...
what was this guy's size, again?
I am getting a heavy wool yellow houndstooth DB polo suit I thrifted a few weeks back from the tailor today. First one I reunited and purchased, myself.It was separated and thanks to this tricks others have posted on this thread...the pants practically got off the rack in and walked to me themselves (wait til you see how loud it is, I have no idea where I can wear this thing)THere's one other thing to add to Klobber's list I think of: It's more income for the store to sell...
The little Spoo inside everyone's head says "keep." Everything.Except the stuff you're convinced to send to Spoo.
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