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Oooof. I had to take a break there for a few months because life caught up with me. The things you miss.Dude knew his vintage everything, though, didn't he?He was anti-"a lot of stuff" as my memory recalls (and I'm sure the record shows)...I have not missed reading through his evening abuse of one poor poster or another.
Freaking great idea for a crowdsourced doc.I like the idea here about access control. What he said -- or set permissions so everyone can view but only experts can edit. Something like that.I am not an expert, either, but as your doc lays it out...if we find a label that has a date tag, we can add knowledge to the doc if not "the full range of years," a single year for a particular label.
You're going to move ahead of Frenchy soon. Dubious honor, ha! Where's Frenchy been?
EDITED: Oh, I see my unintentional double entendre. Ha!I write for a living, I guess "paying less close attention to my every word" is my way of kicking back at the end of the day.SHOES! If anyone wants to swap the SHOES!
Anyone know of that Italian suit brand, Rossellini? Any reviews? SF seems light on the info, which to me usually says "Low End."
speaking of which, on youse guyses recommendation, I picked up some very nice Mexico weejuns for the little lady...oxblood color 8N. Too N for her! If anyone needs a little Valentine's Day thrift find in that size...let's swap (will send pix if you need...I did the alcohol prep, Lexol, then Meltonian shine, they are keepers).
OK, after proudly posting that my willpower was strong for leaving behind odd suit coats...I caved. I've been on a hot streak at my favorite thrift and like a degenerate gambler, I keep going all in. Today's haul, 3 coats (one rossellini, one canali, one Hickey Freeman that will be dynamite once I hit it with the steamer...details below): Rossellini on left, Canali on right: Rossellini labels: OK. The Rossellini and Canali fit me, keepers. The H-F is up for...
Spoo, I have interviewed this guy Pat Morse for a story and gone to his shop (and he took me around the upstairs of his barn, which is loaded with trunks from 1700s-1900s.Worth a trip up north to visit and connect if you're really into trunks, he's an expert restorer (and probably an outlet for your finds if you're looking for that, too).While I am not into the trunk thing so much that I collect LVs, Morse inspired me to restore a Civil War era trunk deposited in my...
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