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AHHHHH! There goes the neighborhood
GANGSTA+1If there's one person on this thread who can cut through the crap and tell it like it is...it's Mainy.OKWTF was that?
Technically it's a jpg but whatever
SHOUTS OUT to Nataku. Watch Winder + Paul Stuart knit silk summah tie are THE BALLS
PS the 1965 Roy Clark album is mint and is the BALLS for you guitar fiends
freakin A I forgot to look u up when I was in Da Black Swamp last week (Archbold) to bury my dad. It was on my list. We will hang next time I'm in town, which has been 3x in the last 5 months. Long MF'n drive from New Hampshire, let me tell u that.OK, the Thrift Gods have been smiling on me like few other times in my career this week. Instead of boring your asses with the brain dump, I submit Rubinacci coat and my first Belvest. Oh, and Italy Polo Camel Hair and vinyl...
I wonder what the VICE people would think of Spoo and DM7. Da gangstaz of thrift
great effin story. This is the stuff I do with my thrift proceeds, but not with cars. With other stuff that would normally get me killed by my other half if I weren't using proceeds from flipping through SPoo...and dipping into the grocery fund...
So I've been amassing vinyl at thrift stores across 8 states along with clothes. May have to start a blog. Fascinating music-cultural stuff those stacks reveal. Hard not to buy some records out of pure intellectual curiosity (i.e. "What the fuck is a ZITHER? Do I have to invest a buck to find out?") You can unicorn my ass but I swear I found some fanatstic Polo bench made in Maine tassel loafews I'm gonna wear all summer until they turn into pulp. Oh, and a Rubinacci coat...
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