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Hi kids, I have heard there's been some rumors of my demise, so I'll give you the drive-by update, heh: I'm still alive. My thrifting obsessions persist, but family and work has sapped my time, after jamming hundreds of store visits into a couple-three years, well, we all have to pay the piper, don't we? Plus my closets are stuffed. It was hard at first to throttle back, but it gets easier, heh. OK, that was a lie. it doesn't. When I do surface in our favorite dens of...
Ha ha Ha? Is I'm not really good with math. It was close to one third retail. A tenth and I would be doing other things than posting here… To myself
Have not posted in forever I have been getting bowties and pocket squares Combining them with otherwise staple coats and white shirts and khaki colored wool pants for Business meetings Today at a trade show in Orlando, I had some free time so I hit the etro outlet as well as Neiman Marcus and Barney's You guys would kill me if you knew what I paid for this set of gitman brothers, Alexander olch, Barney store brand etc. ties and pocket squares… But let's just say it was...
Apologize if someone else has posted this WSJ story about how this woman built a $240M company in 7 years starting with what we do....livin' the dream. It's kinda inspirational...
PSA to New England peeps, exhibit on dandies & history of sartorial whatnot at RISD ... ending soon ... be sure to hit the Savers in Providence and Warwick when ur down there!
I did not thrift these Versace sheets. However, I do wish Spoo had put these lovelies on the Scavenger Hunt list. Deion Sanders, Jr. not included.
Like Eazye I have been away, mainly spending my rare spare time pursuing vinyl records with the same OCD style we do clothes. I have way too many clothes and I need to do moar closet clean out before I get moar clothes...... But I must post this $37 buy freshening up the shoe lineup for tthe fall L to R older cole haan bragano Italy x2, fratelli Rossetti suede x2 These were all barely worn and were topy'd
I have spent that much at a Maxx on a few items in one purchase (i.e. PRL Alpaca-Wool sportcoat being the biggest ticket item...and it was 75% off retail)
AHHHHH! There goes the neighborhood
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