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Apologize if someone else has posted this WSJ story about how this woman built a $240M company in 7 years starting with what we do....livin' the dream. It's kinda inspirational...
PSA to New England peeps, exhibit on dandies & history of sartorial whatnot at RISD ... ending soon ... be sure to hit the Savers in Providence and Warwick when ur down there!
I did not thrift these Versace sheets. However, I do wish Spoo had put these lovelies on the Scavenger Hunt list. Deion Sanders, Jr. not included.
Like Eazye I have been away, mainly spending my rare spare time pursuing vinyl records with the same OCD style we do clothes. I have way too many clothes and I need to do moar closet clean out before I get moar clothes...... But I must post this $37 buy freshening up the shoe lineup for tthe fall L to R older cole haan bragano Italy x2, fratelli Rossetti suede x2 These were all barely worn and were topy'd
I have spent that much at a Maxx on a few items in one purchase (i.e. PRL Alpaca-Wool sportcoat being the biggest ticket item...and it was 75% off retail)
AHHHHH! There goes the neighborhood
GANGSTA+1If there's one person on this thread who can cut through the crap and tell it like it is...it's Mainy.OKWTF was that?
Technically it's a jpg but whatever
SHOUTS OUT to Nataku. Watch Winder + Paul Stuart knit silk summah tie are THE BALLS
PS the 1965 Roy Clark album is mint and is the BALLS for you guitar fiends
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